Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shubizz and Figlia's Holiday Giveaway

‎100 Shubizz Cake Towels to be given away! Like Shubizz and Figlia on facebook and share this photo on your wall.

Click here for more details.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wi-Tribe Speed whenever you need it

For bloggers like myself, an efficient broadband is heaven-sent. I have several prepaid sticks at home for contingency use in case my unreliable DSL connection conks out. Having different sticks is costly and expensive but I need to be online most of the time.

Boy, am I glad to witness the wi-tribe experience along with the other bloggers last December 7 event in which wi-tribe Telecoms Inc. introduced its auto-speed switching prepaid broadband with just one stick.

wi-tribe Telecoms Inc. has signed an agreement with Philippine Seven Corporation to make its Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid internet stick available in all Metro Manila 7-Eleven convenience stores for 995 pesos. Subscribers can also reload at the said stores for a minimal amount of 25 pesos.

Wi-tribe Telecoms Inc. represents a partnership between San Miguel Corporation and Qatar Telecom (QTel). It is the country’s only pure 4G internet service provider. 4G technology uses radio spectrum that allows for more data transfer in a given bandwidth than any 3G equipment or device. With more data transfer at a given speed, 4G network service providers can lower their costs and ultimately bring down the price to their customers.

Wi-tribe is now offering pure 4G Internet at 1mbps for only P598, 2mbps for P998 and 4mbps for P1,998, faster and less costly than any other offer in the market today.

It is partnering with 7-Eleven because the latter has a wide coverage in Metro Manila. It is by far the largest convenience store chain in the Philippines with over 650 stores

Mr. Jojo Vega, wi-tribe's Director – Consumer Sales, Retail and Business Segment, explained that wi-tribe is the only Pure 4G internet service provider who also offers prepaid subscribers the option to pick the speed of their access with their latest innovation.

The Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid Stick allows subscribers to surf at speeds of up to 6 Mbps or for as low as P25 unlimited a day at 512 Kbps. The Tri-Speed Pure 4G prepaid stick is available for only P995 at 7-Eleven stores.

Check out to get more information on wi-tribe’s 4G broadband plans or call 31-tribe today.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fun at The Wonka Imaginarium

Treat your kids to a larger than life attractions when you enter the Wonka exhibit win a minimum purchase of P100.00 worth of Wonka Products. This entitles you to a Golden Ticket that leads to a magical forest with giant bugs, talking trees and cool magic tricks from a pretty purple witch that eventually leads to the enchanted rainbow.

The Wonka Imaginarium is inspired by Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It runs at the Atrium, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza from December 1 to 4 and is made possible by Candy Corner.

Ricky Andres, President of Candy Corner Philippine informed us that the Wonka Imaginarium is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Candy Corner is holding this actvity in time for the holiday season. “More than just giving everyone a chance to get to know more about Wonka candies, our main goal is to give people of all ages a great avenue to feed their imagination and to find a different, unique activity for the whole family to share this Christmas,” he further added. A candy brand that uses licensed materials from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and its two movie adaptations, Wonka’s distinct packaging and colorful taste has propelled it to become Candy Corner’s flagship brand.

Bring the whole family at the Wonka Imaginarium and be happy with the enchantment!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Help a child become an e.Studyante

More than half of the the school children in the Philippines belong to poor families. Education is so expensive in the country that only a few families can afford to send their kids to private schools. The rest go to public schools that offer free education despite the long distances that they have to travel. This is especially true in far flung places. The simple walk to school in the morning can be an arduous journey for students who had to cross rivers, traverse mountain peaks, even go through battlegrounds just to reach school. And it doesn't end there. With the meager resources or lack of it, they had to contend with what school supplies they have available in overcrowded classrooms.

This the reason why Procter and Gamble (P&G) Philippines is setting out to make these students’ journey more worthwhile. Now on its 76th year, P&G is taking its commitment to education to the next level by providing technology and connectivity to Filipino students nationwide with its e.Studyante program.

Along with partner Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and Synergeia Foundation, the e.Studyante program will provide kids from selected schools with an XO Laptop from the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Association. The XO laptop is a rugged, low-power, connected laptop especially designed to make learning more engaging and more fun for students.

Students can use their laptops not just to learn but to share and connect with each other, with their communities and with the world - helping them all become an “e.Studyante.”

The goal is simple: Give out 1,000,000 laptops in time for P&G’s 100th year. And you can help.

“For children all over the country, the challenge of education begins even before they step into the classroom. Some have to wake up at the crack of dawn and walk miles through unpaved roads, through woods and rivers, just to get to school. We are doing this for these students. We want to make this journey worthwhile for them by giving them the tool that will place the world’s knowledge at their fingertips – through a laptop and internet connectivity,” said Chad Sotelo, e.Studyante Country Marketing Manager.

“But it’s not something we can do alone,” Sotelo added. “To help us reach our goal of 1,000,000 students, we would like to invite moms all over the country to support the e.Studyante program by buying P&G promo packs.”

Through the “e.Studyante” program, you can help give a child a laptop by buying specially marked P&G promo packs available nationwide. You not only save up to 40% on your favorite P&G products but you also help provide a child with a world of educational materials and fun activities that will inspire them to learn and achieve even more.

Participating brands include Safeguard, Tide, Pampers, Downy, Ariel, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Joy, Rejoice, Whisper, Olay, Gillette, Vicks and Ambi-Pur.

Helping those in need has never been easier. You can help make each child’s journey to school more worthwhile. Support the e.Studyante program and help gift each student with a brighter future! Isang laptop, mas malawak na kaalaman, mas magandang bukas.

RedoxFat Slimming Capsule Relaunch

RedoxFat Slimming Capsule was relaunched last December 1, 2011 at Wheatberry Bakery and Cafe. It also coincided with the contract signing of its newest brand ambassador Iya Villania.

RedoxFat Slimming Capsule Relaunch and Contract Signing with the unveiling of its newest brand ambassador Iya Villania. In photo (Left-Right): ALV Talent Circuit Inc. Talent Manager Arnold Vegafria, RedoxFat Endorser Iya Villania, ATC Healthcare President Albert Chua, ATC Operations Manager Carmelo Espiritu, and ATC Marketing Manager Kathleen De los Santos.

Miss Iya Villania embodies the lifestyle of Redox target consumers. She manages to stay in tip-top shape despite her demanding schedule as an actress, total performer, host, VJ and product endorser. As such, Iya is the best choice to be RedoxFat’s endorser.

Iya Villania, together with expert Guru Coach Chappy Callanta and wellness advocate Dr. Marthony Basco, gamely answered questions on how this new food supplements can help better lives. They discuss its health benefits, citing Iya as an example.

RedoxFat Slimming Capsules has seven times more L-Carnitine than other leading brands- an amino acid known for fat breakdown and muscle development. As a naturally occurring amino acid which plays a vital role in the metabolism of fat, it functions as a transporter of fatty acids into the mitochondria, the metabolic furnace of the cell.

Benefits of L-Carnitine are numerous:
Heart Conditions - less likely to suffer a subsequent heart attack or experience chest pain and abnormal heart rhythms
Effects on Diabetes - L-Carnitine improved glucose disposal
Kidney disease and Dialysis - Because kidneys produce carnitine, kidney disease may lead to the deficiency of carnitine in the body
Effect in Male Infertility - Improves sperm quality. Treatment of varicocele, a major cause of male infertility
Weight loss supplement - Reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass, and reduces fatigue.

The capsule is made even more powerful with Green Tea extract that assists in weight loss, lower cholesterol levels, and release energy channels.

This supplement is all 100% natural and had passed the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) quality control standards.

One blister pack of RedoxFat has 30 capsules and should be taken as a dietary supplement. One can take 2 to 3 capsules a day, after meals. RedoxFat Slimming Capsules is available in leading pharmacies and wellness centers nationwide.

In addition to RedoxFat Slimming Capsules, ATC has a comprehensive line of healthcare supplements in softgel form: Aloe Vera, Calcium with Vitamin D, Coenzyme Q10, Fish oil, Evening Primrose, Garlic Oil, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Grape Seed, Lecithin, LiverMarin, Lycopene, Glutathione, Royal Jelly, and Spirulina.

For more information on ATC Healthcare products, call 749-4542 or 743-5183, or visit You can also drop them a line or two at

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smart Parenting Magazine's Meet and Greet Event

Last November 29, the editorial staff of Smart Parenting magazine, welcomed a bloggers and some of its selected readers to the Smart Parenting Meet and Greet event at the Ballrooms 1 and 2 of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

The afternoon opened with a talk by relationship coach Aileen Santos, who emphasized on the value of words and labels that parents put upon their children. These words are so powerful that is directly affects the self-worth and motivation of kids even at a young age. Using hurtful, negative words when we speak to our children tends to stick out in their minds so they end up living up to what we often label them.

Ms. Santos' example on the amazing experiment conducted by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto was a very informative one. The experiment on the effects of positively-charged and negatively-charged words on the crystalline formations made on both clean and dirty water clearly illustrated on what words can do to human beings. Her talk on "How to Raise Successful and Happier Kids with the Power of your WORDS" was an eye-opener for me.

She also shared a study done by Marau Emoto and his water crystals experiment. The results are really awesome. The highlight of the program is wherein mommies were grouped together with some SP staff for a 45-minute Focus Group Discussion, the aim of which is to solicit insights on what we would like to see more on the magazine and the website. I think the given time was so short because our group's discussion was so enlightening. All the mommies seated at our table gave a lot of suggestions and wonderful comments.

The SP team was composed of editor-in-chief Mia Fausto-Cruz, Managing Editor Nikki Constantino, Art Director Jenny Inumerable, Senior Staff Writer Rachel Perez, Editorial assistant Maika Bernardo, Associate publisher Melody Lalata, Publishing Assistant Teeffany Go, Managing Editor Lei Sison and Staff Writer Stephanie Esguerra,divided themselves among different tables and facilitated discussions on what moms like myself love about Smart Parenting. They solicited comments and suggestions on what we'd love to see in the upcoming issues and on how to further improve the magazine.

This simple get-together of mommies and the Smart Parenting Team ended with a raffle draw in which most of the attendees snag giveaways from Smart Parenting and its valued sponsors.

I was happy to be given the chance to know the powerful women behind this parenting magazine. Thanks to Smart Parenting for a wonderful, enlightening afternoon meet up.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OFF Lotion's Top Moms Tea Party at Lemuria Restaurant

Mommy Bloggers and their kids were an invited by Off Lotion and Nuffnang Philippines last November 26th to be part of the lucky few who got a sneak preview of the Top Mom Website Launch at the Lemuria Restaurant in Horseshoe Village, Quezon City.

OFF Lotion's own parenting website via officially launches on Dec 9, 2011. The website aims to help most parents in child-rearing especially those who are first time moms. Topics are diverse and includes in-depth information on health-related issues, education, proper discipline, etc.

Ms. Suzi Entrata-Abrera facilitated a short forum among the attendees. Resident parenting expert and pediatricians Dr. Anna Vasquez and Dr. Empress Villapando will help parents tackled child-rearing problems that have been raised during the event. They shared invaluable advices.

Both doctors will be sharing more tips and advice to moms via the online community, TOP MOMS.

So join in the said website now for winning tips, exciting contests, and parenting info.

Thank you OFF! and Nuffnang Philippines for a wonderful Tea Party!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Win Revlon Colorstay lipsctick

Two (2) lucky followers of Marie's Thought will have a chance to win her choice of a Revlon colorstay lipstick -

205 Blissful Honey
240 Baby Peach
250 Tender Pink
265 Raspberry Mousse
270 Pink Delight
275 Lush Orchid
330 Smoothest Wine

Contest runs until December 20, 2011.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Diana Stalder event at Tutuban Mall with Diana Menezes

Diana Menezes is a Brazilian model/actress who came to be known in the Philippine show 'Eat Bulaga'.

This Brazilian beauty teamed-up with Mrs. Dina Stalder, owner of Diana Stalder Clinic - Philippines, in bringing out the best skin care solutions to the Filipinos.

Diana Meneses and Steve " Tibo" Jumalon of Pinoy Big Brother were present at the Tutuban Mall show, together with
Blanktape Mandangan!
Diego Bandido gamely posed with the invited bloggers after Tutuban Mall show.

See related Diana Stalder anniversary celebration at SM City Lucena

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SmartMoney Shop Spotting

At the Smart Money Shop Spotting event last November 12 held at the SMART Jumpstart Center, SM Megamall, Mike Palacios of and Havoc Digital Inc. discussed the internet revolution in the last ten years. Internet is data and
content driven that it opened up opportunities for us. Nowadays, it is cheaper to launch products online and take advantage of the social media applications according to him.

Hazel Custodio of Smart Communications, on the other hand, tackled the pervasiveness of mobile payments and transactions due to the sales growth of mobile phones.
Smart Communications alone has 1.5 million broadband subscribers which
translates to a high number of customers doing P2P transactions via

Smart Money is a virtual mobile wallet that you can use to accept payments from your customers. In partnership with BDO, you can ask your customers to send payment for purchases at any BDO branch, SMART Store or SMART Money Center! Better yet, they can pay you by using their mobile phone through a direct transfer of funds.

Smart Money hopes to deliver
funtionalities in PasaPera, prepaid reloading, bills payments and
online shopping.

SMART Money is a mobile wallet that you can use to accept payments from customers. Your customers can now pay you for purchases at any BDO branch, SMART Store or SMART Money Center! They can also pay you just using their mobile phone through a direct transfer of funds.

SMART Money is a powerful and useful tool for online entrepreneurs and everyday shoppers.

The event ended with the awarding of Php 50,000 SMART Money cash to the best voted online shop in SMART Money’s Online Shopping Directory, a four-week online sellers’ contest that started October 10. And the winner was ASIAN VOGUE SHOP of

It was chosen as The Most Favorite Online Shop.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Batangas Bulalo Supersized Challenge

Batangas is known to have the best-tasting bulalo because of the
quality of cattle that abound in their province. Most people travel
to Batangas just to satisfy their cravings for a delectable bulalo

Last November 4, SM Hypermarket held its Bulalo Supersized Cook-off
in an attempt to bring together the bulalo cooks and set a new record
for Batangas City by serving the most quantity of this delicious soup
at the same time and finding the best tasting one since exceptional
cuisine isn't made in an instant.

Two reknowned chefs--Aries Cueto and JunJun Borlan Jr. plus SM
Hypermarket Assistant Manager Jun Lozada made up the panel of judges
for this competition.
It is amazing to find different variations of bulalo in one setting
prepared by Hot and Cold Cafe, Ginazel Catering, Tapa Kalderate Atbp., Le Elegancia, Siemen's Canteen, Place of Mine Catering, Restaurant El Torro, Lutong Bahay and by Karlos Place.

It was a feast to the eyes as well as palette as we partake of the different bulalo dishes served that day.

After a long day, two groups were announced as winners. The judges have chosen Le Elegancia's bulalo entry as the Best Tasting one.

Lutong Bahay, winner of The Most Number of Bowls Served Category came up with 165 cups of Bulalo servings. The category winners took home 25,000 worth of SM gift certificates along with a plaque of recognition from SM Hypermarket.

This successful bulalo cook-off challenge is the second
leg of SM Hypermarket's Supersized Challenges immediately following
the Sisig cook-off in Pampanga which served a whooping 1,775 plates of

The Cook-off is one of SM Hypermarket Master Chefs components other
than the cooking marathon and kitchen makeover events. Watch out for
the Bibingka Challenge in Cebu this November 18th.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Diana Stalder Event at SM City - Lucena

Having a great, younger-looking skin doesn't require a fat wallet to make it a reality. Truth is, with more people constantly on the
search for age-defying and flawless-looking skin, choices abound. And
with these choices come possibilities that would suit anyone's budget.
When it comes to a safe, value-for-money, top-quality skin whitening
products, it doesn't get better than Diana Stalder by Dermaline.

As October 2011 marks Diana Stalder 15th Year Anniversary, Diana
Stalder Philippines celebrates with a series of mall tours and
contests for all ages.

Last October 30, SM City Lucena's activity center was jampacked with
audiences. The funny antics of Diego Bandido (Yes FM, LSFM DJ),
Cheska San Diego (NBC, DZRH DJ) and Chris Tsuper (Love Radio DJ,
commercial model) drew in a huge crowd to the Diana Stalder event.

The program opened with fun, trivia games on Diana Stalder products. The
Lucena crowd gamely joined in the stop dance challenge, where each
couple was asked to dance with as they keep a Diana Stalder soap
nudged between their foreheads.

They even had a 'Skin Police' contest wherein two girls were spotted, handpicked from the crowd and given diana stalder gift packs as prizes for having healthy skins.

If you are trying doubly-hard to get back your skin's glow, Diana
Stalder has the tried and tested dermatological products to suit every
skin type and need. These diversed skincare solutions were showcased
by Diana Stalder image models on stage.
And the program wouldn't be complete without the songs numbers. I
specifically love the 'Evanessence' duet number by Diego Bandido and
Cheska. There were celebrity appearances by Yayo Aguila and Derrick Monasterio as a treat to the mall viewers. Yayo Aguilla did her Buttercup song with the hosts at the later part of the program.

Individuals were also reminded to take advantage the Anniversary Blowout on Diana Stalder Signature Soaps at P15.00 each on the day of the show.

Watch out for the next series of activities as Diana Stalders searches
for 10 Most Admired Educators of Lucena and Diana Stalder Image
Models. They also launched a dance contest where the youth bust their
moves and strut their way to stardom. Please call 09332714793 for more details.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tupperware celebrates 45 years of Nurturing Families here and abroad!

I was invited to attend the Tupperware Brands party last October 29th courtesy of Working Mom Magazine promo.

They gave away stacks of prizes and freebies in celebration of Tupperware's 45th anniversary

Tupperware's spill-free and durable modular system makes life easier
for me and my family. I love the fact these robust-made containers
comes in a variety of colors and contemporary designs that will suite
any occasion at home, school or work. I practically grew up using
Tupperware since my mom has a huge collection. Now, as a homemaker
and mom to a 7-year old kid, I have come to love the brand and have
accumulated my own lot of these plasticwares over time. Since
Tupperware only uses high food-grade plastic materials, I am always
assured that my daughter's food wares from milk bottles, training
cups, toddler bowls and even playtoys have no adverse chemical effects
on her.

Moreover, organizing my refrigerator and kitchen becomes easy with
Tupperware. I consider Tupperware to be my handy-dandy time
management partner. Finding food stocks to use comes easy and food
stays fresh and crisp for a longer time. Tupperware really makes it
better to make foodhandling, preparation and serving my family and
friends a worry-free activity!

Like them on facebook or visit their website to get updates on what's new and hot from Tupperware Brands Philippines:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

on Web Hosting and Promotional Coupons

With more and more people getting online today, a good website hosting
becomes a necessity. Many institutions use computers as website host
so that they can provide product/service details to their clients and
potential customers. Website hosting allows organizations and
individuals to make their own website accessible via the World Wide

There are free web hosting services on the net and there are paid
providers offering it as well. Personal web site hosting is usually
an inexpensive, free service offered by many internet service
providers (ISPs) to their subscribers. Individuals may also opt to
get web page hosting from alternative service providers. Business
website hosting is normally charged a higher fee.

The types of hosting provided by web host service providers vary on
the requirements of its customers. Some of these are Email hosting
service, Shopping cart software, Pastebin, Blog hosting service, File
hosting service, Image hosting service and Video hosting service.
Thanks to the growing popularity of online shopping, self-publishing
has become a way of life to create awareness increases market
distribution. It is a good marketing tool in itself.

There are several things to consider if you are paying for a site.
You should always check on the bandwidth being provided. Do not be
misled by the promises of unlimited bandwidths. Almost all commercial
web hosts advertise unlimited bandwidth. Ask details on how much
traffic your chosen package allows since traffic requirements will
grow as your site becomes popular. Look for unlimited disk spaces and
superior round-the-clock technical support seven days a week. Is your
provider technically competent to fix problems when things go wrong at
the most inconvenient times? Does it provide email addresses at your
own domain or multi-media services for streaming media?

Make you that the provider you choose takes the time to give you the
VIP attention that you deserve.

Another way to grow sales is through the use of promotional codes. It
is an effective promotional tool in building consumer loyalty to a
certain product or brand. A company may combine use of promotional
coupons with seasonal gifts so as to take advantage of consumers who
are buying more during holiday seasons. Coupons promote the purchase
of more than one pack of the same product line. Most food
manufacturers and stores rely on this scheme to beef-up their market
share and sales.

Using promotional codes and coupons are a great way to save on
purchases. Some retailers allow consumers to combine coupons to get
maximum savings possible. More often than not, shopping online can be
much less expensive than purchasing from the store.

Blog post courtesy of Alma, who writes for a promotional coupon blog
catering to World Soccer Shop and World Rugby Shop. Check out the
latest 1 and 1 special offer code and midphase

Samut-Sari's Blogversary Blowout

Join in Samut-Sari's Blogversary Blowout for a chance to win these prizes:

· Diamond Peel + Vit. C Infusion (Valued at Php2450) from Samut-Sari
· Pure Beauty Line Set (body lotion, body scrub, body butter, hand lotion) from Earthling Gorgeous
· Mary Kay Satin Hands Cream from Shop Till You Drop
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Top commentators may also win these:

· 1st PRIZE – Manila Bay Cruise, dine and unwind for 2pax from The Gimikera (Valued at P1100)
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· 4th PRIZE – Leaves Furano Top from Circles and Dots
· 5th PRIZE – Mommylicious Shirt by Shopping Spells

This giveaway is made possible by her sponsorsgiveaway will not be made possible without the help of her sponsors:

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Contents on November 30th and is open to all Pinoys worldwide.

LadyMishel's Twinkling Beads

Join in LadyMishel's Twinkling Beads giveaway by doing the following tasks:

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Giveaway ends on November 24, 2011 and is open to Philippine residents.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bioessence celebrates its 17th year with a bang!

Bioessence has gone a long way since Dr. Emma B. Guerrero opened her
initial clinic in Davao offering skincare and slimming treatments.
Now with 51 branches nationwide, Bioessence Philippines' President and
CEO invites you to join in this month's celebration of its 17th year
in making lives beautiful.

Take your skin break from smoke, stress and sun and celebrate with
Bioessence as they slash a whooping 50% off on selected premium
services. Offer is good until end of October 2011. Prettify and
indulge in these pampering treats for a chance to win designer bags,
jewelry etc. for the duration of Bioessence's anniversary promo!

In the "17 and Loving It" bloggers event held at the Connecticut,
Greenhills branch, invited guests were given the chance to try two
treatments of our choice after a guided tour of their facilities and a
briefing on the services they offer.

I went in for a Facial with Diamond Peel plus a relaxing Back Massage.
Bioessence's efficient therapist cleansed my face and neck with
soothing hands. Next, she started pricking the whiteheads and
blackheads with expert hands. After the diamond peel, I was treated
to a facial massage with vitamin C infusion. It was left on for 10
minutes for the vitamin to seep into the skin. I so love this
heavenly facial treatment! My acne-prone, sensitive skin felt smooth

The back message was equally rejuvating as well! While on it, I was
given tips on how to starting getting into the groove to lose weight
and tips on padding meals by Ms. Cha Sampang, Bioessence's Training Consultant. Fat can be a real confidence killer in the bedroom!

I am grateful for having experienced Bioessence signature treatments!

I walked in with my skin flawed. And walked out a fresh face and
looking fabulous! I had a smooth youthful skin without its age.
Thanks to Bioessence for a such a wonderful 'ME' time!

For inquiries, call 0918-8BEAUTY now! You may follow them on twitter
@bioessenceph or on facebook for promotions and product updates.

Visit their website at

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Giveaway Palooza

A lucky follower of Style and Soul will win these items:

Celeteque skin care products
Human Nature spray
Nivea "Express Hydration" sachets
Ory Spa solid perfume
Garnier "Light" sachets
Kojic Soap
Swatch gift items
Red Mango's limited edition bowl
Memo wallet
Cebu Pacific purse
Proactive Solutions beauty kit
ETC Glam Camp's eco bag
Lipton "Yellow Label" tea supply
Wheat Grass drinks (in different variants)
FArt (Fashion Art) mini eco purse
School & office supplies from: National Book Store (notebook, pens, cases), Mang Inasal, Smart HTC, Toys R Us, T.O.P.S
Gift certificates from: Sparkle free massage, Galileo free math/english enrichment classes, Lay Bare free waxing, Avira antivirus protection card, P3,500 from Creative Voices

For this chance to win, you have to:
1. Follow Style and Soul on GFC.
2. Like Style and Soul's facebook page and comment with your name and e-mail address

Check out the giveaway page for more chances to win. Contest runs until October 31st and is open to local readers.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A passion for Soccer or Rugby

A lot of people are now into sports with the popularity of Philippine National Soccer Team Azkals and the Philippine National Rugby Union Team Volcanoes.

Soccer, also known as association football, is a popular game of the foot played by two teams with 11 members each. Team members try to advance or force a round ball into the opposing team's goal marker to effect a score using body parts other than the hands and arms.

Rugby, on the other hand, is a continuous game played by kicking, carrying and throwing an oval ball by teams of 13 to 15 on each side. This football game was named after the Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire, England, where it originated in 1820s.

Why scour the malls for stylish soccer and rugby gears when you can do your purchase at the convenience of your home? The world soccer shop offers a wide selection of authentic soccer shoes, jerseys, shirts and every merchandise imaginable for soccer players, teams or enthusiasts. It is where you can find your favorite team and where you may immerse yourself in the soccer world with its reasonably-priced items that
makes it perfect for wise shoppers.

Now if you want to explore a wide and diverse line of rugby apparel and merchandise, the world rugby shop is the best legitimate site to explore.

During store payment processes, discount codes can be applied to save you money. Promo vouchers or gift codes can slash your purchases up to 30% off.

There are many sites that entice you to buy by offering great prices and shopping convenience. Purchase only from legitimate sellers you can trust that has straight-forward instructions on how to go about item returns. You would want to make sure that the goods you buy gets to you without any headaches. Getting that merchandise you paid for is the most exciting part of your online purchase. So wise up and turn your passion into reality!

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Indulge in Dominos Pizza now!

The world leader in delivering delicious, fresh and hot pizzas right at your doorstep, DOMINO’S PIZZA recently opened its fourth Philippine store at SM Center Las Pinas last September 30th.

The Domino’s Pizza Las Pinas City grand opening commenced with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Mr. Tong Hong, President and Managing Partner of Domino’s Pizza Philippines and Las Pinas Councilor Hon. Renato P. Dumlao , followed by Fr. Gio's blessing of the store, scooters and its friendly crew.

Las Pinas dwellers can now indulge in Domino’s Pizza’s best-sellers: ExtravaganZZa, MeatZZa, Double Decker, Pepperoni Feast, Hawaiian and Domino’s Deluxe flavors. For adventurous palates, the exclusive Potato Pizza and Margherita are sure to be real treats. Also a must try is the sin-free Shrimpus Pizza and satisfy your cheese cravings with Domino’s Cheese Mania.

Complimenting the goodness of Domino’s Pizza’s piping hot pizzas is an exciting variety of pastas and side dishes to boot. Domino’s Pizza also serves Buffalo Chicken Wings, Meaty Bolognese Spaghetti, Creamy Alfredo Spaghetti, Cheesy Bread, and the Choco Lava Cake and Apple Crumble Dessert Pizza for your sweet tooth. All that, plus the excellent customer service that Domino’s Pizza is known for world-wide.

Domino’s Pizza has more than 9,000 stores in more than 65 countries with over 175,000 employees and 2,000 franchisees. As The Pizza Delivery Expert, Domino’s Pizza is the master of pizza innovations that have become the benchmark of industry standards. Domino’s Pizza introduced the fiberglass pizza box case and has made improvements on the corrugated pizza box. Domino’s Pizza exclusively uses its patented Heat Wave technology, which is the reason pizza lovers the world over get to enjoy fresh, hot, and delicious Domino’s Pizzas all the time.

With the opening of Domino’s Pizza stores in Makati, Pasig, Alabang and Las Pinas this year, Domino’s Pizza Philippines now contributes to Domino’s Pizza’s worldwide sales of over 400 million pizzas each year. Domino’s Pizza Philippines aims to gain ground throughout 2011 and in the next few years to deliver to more Filipinos as part of their expansion plan.

Give in to your pizza craving with Domino’s Pizza’s line up of appetizing pizzas that are sure to arrive at your doorstep in 30 minutes or less—or your pizza is FREE. Just call 576-3030 for delivery within Pasig City; call 754-3030 within Makati City; call 553 3030 within Muntinlupa City and now in Las Pinas City at 519 3030.

Visit for the maps, current promotions, and menu of delicious, piping-hot pizzas from The Pizza Delivery Expert, Domino’s Pizza.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Philamlife offers financial security

There is nothing permanent in this life. A happy, contented life may suddenly turn into mayhem in a flick of an eye. The life stories of Deorie Caraca and Connie Dizon made me realize that it pays to secure one's future.

Connie's life turned upside down after she found out that she has cancer 7 years after she acquired an Excelife Gold Plan with a lifeline rider. Her insurance coverage provided her with cash for hospital and medical expenses upon diagnosis of cancer. She survived cancer and it now back to taking care of her business and her mom. Connie is one of the thousands of plan holders who rely on Philamlife.

Philamlife provided 8.17 billion total insurance benefit in 2010 alone. Don't let an unsuspected illness skyrocket you into the pits of bankruptcy or an untimely death of a love one put you in financial difficulties and future uncertainty.

It is good that Deorie's father and Connie opted for financial security that Philamlife offered. The death of her father did not deter her from pursuing her studies. Deorie is one of the 40,000 students who continues to benefit from Philamlife's education payouts. These featured testimonials show the benefits of having a Philamlife plan.

It is better to be able to say, "Buti na lang may plano ako", rather than "Sayang, kung may..." when a mid-life affliction strikes us. An insurance plan gives you choices on how to determine the course of your life and affect the lives of those you love.

Power of insurance campaign under "Anong plano mo? Usap tayo" theme line was spearheaded by Ms. Jessica C. Abaya. It reinforces mindset that "A life insurance for every Filipino family is more than just selling insurance. It is the realization of dreams with the right advice and the right plan."

Philamlife remains true to its promise by delivering its commitments to its planholders consistently. And in doing so, Philamlife continues to topbill the insurance ranks.

Ikaw, anong plano? Usap tayo.
Call a Philamlife Financial Planner now at (02)5282000

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I want a free pagerank shirt from Jehzlau Concepts

JehzLau Concepts is giving out free PR shirts and I want a large one for women. My blog is ranked PR1

This giveaway is sponsored by, an online store selling customized t-shirts.

Take a chance to snag one of yours! The first 20 persons to submit their entry will be qualified to receive a free tee!

Read the full contest at his blog.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Forever Living for a healthy, glowing skin

As the days pass by, weather, wind and pollution take their toll on our skin. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it really takes a beating.
How many times have we splurged on skin care products to keep our skin keep its smooth, supple, soft and elastic shape?

Did you know that we can fight back with Aloe Vera alone?

It is an amazing medicinal herb which has benefited mankind for over 4,000 years. Aloe Vera is a cactus-like plant growing in the warmer climates of the world and are described as succulents. Aloe vera is a very popular herbal remedy. The Aloe vera plant (also called Aloe barbadensis) is unique among plants for its importance in natural skin care and several special properties which we could benefit from.
Aloe Vera is used in many skin care products for its ability to stimulate healthy cell growth and repair damaged tissues. Aside from using it on the skin, it also provides our body with a tremendous source of nutrients with over 200 nutritional compounds and the following beneficial composites as well:
12 Vitamins (including B12)
20 Minerals
18 Amino Acids
Polysaccharides and Monosaccharides (increases energy levels)

Aloe Vera strengthens our immune system with the 12 Anthraquinones it contains. These act as natural laxatives, painkillers, and analgesics. Furthermore, Aloe Vera contains powerful natural antibacterial, antifungal and virucidal properties.

This is why Forever Living Products uses Aloe Vera as its universal base to almost all of its health and beauty products. And if you want that youthful glow forever, you should try out the Aloe Lotion/Moisturizing Lotion 4 fl oz. Aloe Moisturizing Lotion is excellent for face, hands and body, helping to counteract the effects of pollution and the environment. It replenishes lost moisture and restores the skin’s soft, silky feel. Once the lotion has been smoothed on and absorbed into the skin, makeup can be applied as usual.

This unique lotion has outstanding humectant and moisturizing properties. It contains Collagen and Elastin to keep the skin smooth, soft and elastic while maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance. Aloe is awesome for the skin and the more nightly treatments the better. So go for it. Natural herbal care for glowing, fair and healthy skin glowing skin.

Forever Living Products (FLP) only uses the kind of Aloe Vera plant that contains its greatest nutritional properties at 2 to 4 years of age and FLP owns the patented stabilization process of this plant.

I became quite fascinated with this almost mystical, natural healing plant five years ago as a herbal remedy for thinning hair. Soon after I also began to use it as an after shower moisturizer, for my face in particular. Skin tends to feel rather tight and dry following a shower. This became part of my routine and I haven’t looked back.

I liked the fact that it was natural, non-greasy and disappears in five minutes after using it. It keeps my skin properly moisturized without leaving any residue. I use it regularly in my bid to have skin looking years younger than my true age. I don’t know if credit solely belongs to aloe, heredity, or some combination, but my skin appears quite a bit younger than my age should dictate.

Forever Living claims to be the largest grower of Aloe Vera and the world’s largest distributor of aloe products. The company offers an array of products including Aloe Drinks, Nutritional Supplements, Bee Products, Skin Care for the face and body, Weight Management, Sonya Cosmetics, Sonya Skincare and Personal Care. The skin care line is quite extensive and includes Alluring Eyes, Alpha E-Factor, R3 Factor, Forever Aloe Scrub, Forever Marine Mask, Forever Epiblanc, Firming Foundation Lotion, Rehydrating Toner, Exfoliating Cleanser, Recovering Night cream, Facial Contour Mask Powder, Aloe Activator, Aloe Eye Makeup Remover and finally Aloe Fleur De Jouvence. Forever Living uses Aloe Vera in most of their products. Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to treat sunburns and other types of burns to the skin, as well as being traditionally used to heal other types of wounds. Experts agree that Aloe Vera can help slow the aging process – this is achieved through the antioxidant activity of Aloe Vera.

Forever Living Skin Care contains Aloe Vera, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
The Forever Living Skin Care line offers many products for eyes, face, body and lips. It uses Aloe Vera in their products, which do offer some soothing and healing benefits for the skin and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30-day return policy for those wishing to try the line.

Forever Living Products has combined all the benefits of aloe vera gel with the finest quality ingredients to offer you a range of natural personal care products that are second to none. From head to toe, our products have you covered with pure, stabilized Aloe Vera. From lotions and gels to shampoos and cleansers, look and feel your best with our complete Personal care line!

Try it now!

If you want to place orders or join an unlimited income opportunity which Forever Living Products also provides to millions of people worldwide, please feel free to contact -

Ryan De Ocampo

Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since I became a NetCitizen

The blogosphere is full of satire and just flat-out lies which prompts me to double check information I encounter especially when it is "too good to be true". Fortunately, I came across Nuffnang and it proves to be a reputable source to this day.

Becoming a part of Nuffnang community makes me happy. It’s a safe site in which hundreds of other people around the world share interests and participate in.

Joining Nuffnang is one of the best things that I have ever done in this online world. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed to stash a pair of tickets to the block screening of Cowboys And Aliens, starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford!

This is one hot movie that I will surely look forward to!

Talking about hot, did you know that Pizza Hut now offers Hot on the Dot Pizza deliveries? I love Pizza Hut. Your pizza will be delivered in 30 minutes AND hot (as indicated by the thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza) or your pizza is FREE!

My family and I love Pizza Hut. I suggest you try out their delivery and maybe get a FREE pizza in return! You just have to dial 911-11-11 if you want your pizzas Hot on the Dot!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A4tech launches its V-track Mouse

IT company AV4Tech redefines digital experience with the launching of their Vtrack padless mouse in a press conference last July 20 at the Edsa ShangriLa Hotel.

Its local distributor, Lenotech Corporation, announced the launch of their revolutionary optical mouse on the celebration of its 10th year in business.

Lenotech showcased the capabilities of the Vtrack mouse and its potentials. It really runs even on furs!

And it promises its users leverage in efficiency versus the regular mouse’s functionalities. It does away with problems of a standstill cursor while working on glossy, uneven or multi-color surfaces. It applies shorter light paths and offers high efficiency in power consumption.

With V-Track's cutting-edge technology, the mouse cursor is so precise that it can work on any surface. It is the first padless mouse ever!

With vertical incident light utilization, V-Track increases censor control through heightened precision in all critical surfaces including glass, textiles, carpets, furs, etc. The LED light is heavily reinforced and goes deeply into each point of the surface. The sensor then captures ever clear images and differentiates from each other, to lead the final vector value; and decides cursor direction and speed. It resolves the adaptability problems of traditional optical mice that are unable to work well on critical surfaces.

Elvin Cokai, Lenotech Corporation managing director, is confident that its cutting edge features that will surely revolutionize the way we all use the mouse. He promises that Lenotech is always on the lookout for more gadget additions that will benefits customers with the best technologies available in the market.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gelleesh's First Blog Giveaway

Join in the giveaway hosted by Gelleesh to win awesome prizes!

Uop for grabs are
(1) Ever Bilena Silkening Body Spray (How I wish)
(1) Ever Bilena Pink Water Body Spray ( Love Me)
(1) Wish Beach Babe Set with toe separator and nail brush
(1) Kawaii Lip Balm
(1) Watsons Moisturizing Lip Balm (Luscious Grape)
(3) Belle de Jour Forget-Me-Not Notebooks (Basics | Chronicles | Favorites)
(1) Freestyle Playlist Audio CD
(6) Discount Coupons (Ace Water Spa|The Spa|Celine|Evisu|Michelis|Red Box|Jelly Bean)

Contest runs until August 10, 2011 and is open to Philippine residents only.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cellnique Giveaway

Get a chance to win a customized Cellnique skin care set up to a $300 value at Lip Gloss Love Affair. Kelly is generously giving away Cellnique products to one of her lucky follower.

Mandatory steps in order to qualify
•Must be a GFC follower
•Must "like" Lipgloss Love Affair on Facebook by clicking here
•Must "like" Cellnique on Facebook by clicking here
•Must leave a comment on Cellnique's wall
a) saying Lip Gloss Love Affair sent you on over
to check them out
b) browse and include a product you are interested in

Giveaway ends July 11th
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