Friday, November 6, 2015

Global Innovative College Applies 21st Century Learning to Senior High School

The K-12 Education System implementation is now on its 3rd year in the Philippines and still, many people are not convinced about its relevance. The recent addition of two more years to the existing 10-year basic education curriculum. This means that students will not be accepted into 2016 college school year unless they finish grades 11 and 12.

With the new program in place, the Philippine education system is expected to be at par with international standards. The government sees it as a key to our nations development. The K-12 education system will benefit our future leaders.

With K-12, the focus in more on performance rather than cognitive skills. Students can acquire Certificates of Competency (COC's) and TESDA National Certifications (NC's) which allow graduates to acquire middle level skills that will in turn allow them better opportunities to be gainfully employed or become an entrepreneur.

“Senior high school will allow our graduates to meet the global standard requirement of twelve years of basic education. It will let Filipinos be globally competitive. Those who want to work abroad will not have to take additional state examinations or certifications and will receive commensurate compensation,” rationalizedEngr. Mike Tan, Global City Innovative College (GIC) President, during a meeting with a group of parent writers.

“It will still be like high school but with specialization. The curriculum will be geared towards the student’s interest. The specialization will be reflected in the student’s choice of tracks and strands. The tracks and strands offered at GIC prepares students better for specific college programs. So the students move up to the next level better equipped,” explained Dr. Gerry De La Zerna, GIC Chairman for Senior High School.

The track is similar to what we refer to as ‘course’ in college while strands are similar to what is called ‘major’ in college. GIC offers Academic and Tech Voc tracks. Under the Academic track they have three strands: Accountancy Business and Management (ABM), Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS). Under the Tech Voc track, they have two strands: The first is Home Economics which includes pastry and bakery production; food and beverages; and tour guiding and tourism promotions. The second is Information and Communications Technology (ICT) where they have animation, computer programming and medical transcription.

“GIC wants to play a role in the country’s new education framework and do our share in bridging the gap between the high school and the tertiary levels. We also see this as an opportunity to cascade our approach to education to more students,” related Mike. “We employ 21st century learning. We offer a kind of education that addresses the needs of students to thrive in the future. We teach timeless skills that will serve as a strong foundation regardless of what the future holds. This is done through holistic and innovative education,” he continued.

Students who enrol in GIC will have a unique 3D experience – discover, develop and direction. “We believe that these 2 years are critical yet confusing to a young student’s life stage. GIC’s 3D approach will help them discover their innate talents and gifts. Our unique enrichment programs for grades 11 and 12 aim to develop these talents and gifts by honing them with the needed skills needed for the 21st century. Finally, GIC will help them determine and focus on the direction to take for the important life choices they will make for their career or further education. This innovative approach will be rooted in the 21st century education framework and fully compliant with the requirements of the Department of Education,” Mike guaranteed.

Education the GIC way sounds really fun! Students will be thrilled that they will not be given assignments to bring home. “We want our students to do the assignments in school. We want them to be well-rounded and enjoy their social life and family life,” shared Gerry.

And there will be only four days of school. “The fifth day will be spent as immersion in their industry of choice. For example, if the topic is about interviews, we will let them spend the fifth day of the week going on interviews. We want them to get the experience so that when they return to the classroom, they will understand the discussion better. If it’s all lecture then everything remains abstract. They will not comprehend until they go through it. And the experience will make them remember better,” justified Gerry. The GIC teachers are industry practitioners who can provide real life examples and impart their experience from the field.

After graduating from Senior High School in GIC, students can explore three options. They can move up to college for higher studies and pursue the specialization track taken in senior high school. No entrance exam if they enrol in GIC! Or they can get a job armed with a TESDA certification (when applicable) of the chosen specialization in senior high school. However, with this, their chances of moving up will be limited to middle management positions at the most. Because companies usually require a college degree for promotion to higher levels.The third option involves starting their own business.

Know more on Global City Innovative College and its Senior High School program by visiting or calling 666-8881 to 82.

Global Innovative College
444 EDSA, Makati, 1211 Metro Manila
(02) 882 4242

Monday, November 2, 2015

Foodie Adventure at Splice Resto Bar

If you like to unwind after a day's work over good food and booze, Splice Resto Bar is a nightlife hub to dig into. Located at the bustling entertainment and lifestyle capital in the Greenfield District area, it offers affordable staple, comfort bar food and fancy fares that are satisfying to guests.

Last week, Splice Resto Bar invited us to savor the food that they offer. along with the other zomato foodies, I got to sample fares from their well-curated list of European-Filipino fusion of appetizers, pasta and main dishes.
Clockwise:  Parmesan Fish and Chips, Sriracha Butter Wings and Homer Doughnut Burger

Parmesan Fish and Cheese

For starters, we had Sriracha Butter Wings plus the Parmesan Fish and Chips. The chicken wings were a subtle version of the American buffalo wings they usually serve in a bar. I loved that fact that the Sriracha Butter Wings was rich in flavor and that the spiciness level is tolerable. Splice Resto Bar's take on fish and chips is also good. The dory remains deliciously moist under its crisp batter. The potato wedges that comes with it were prepared just right! It all tasted well that there seems to be no need for a dipping sauce.

I took fancy on their Homer Doughnut Burger. They used their own glazed doughnut instead of the usual burger bun. I love the blend of its thick beef patty, bacon, and Japanese mayonnaise. It was served with French Fries on the side.

I find that they are particularly strong on meat dishes. Their Beef Pares plus 8-hour slow-cooked Pork Belly variations are moist and tender. The pork belly slabs were really awesome. Splice gives you the option to choose from the rice variants (Italian, Buko Pandan, Dirty Rice) to go with your order. My favorite was the dirty rice (pineapple-flavored one).

We had Tequilla Mussels Linguine and Chicken Skin-Danggit Carbonara for pasta. I'm partial to cream-based ones so i took a liking for carbonara. The crispy dangit-chicken skin do really tastes at par with the usual bacon carbonara i'm used to. It was so good that I help myself to second servings.

If you crave for burger and a bit live music, this is the place for you. Acoustics and entertainment repertoire on late night hours do get their crowd going.

Splice Resto Bar
The Portal
Greenfield District
Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
Open Daily from 11AM to 2PM / 5PM-11PM

Splice Resto Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Wilkins Life Hacks to ensure Family Safety

Motherhood is a 24/7 job and as such a mom is always on the lookout when it comes to her family. Health and safety is a mother's top priority when it comes to her children. But when a working mom has her hands full of household chores and often struggles with time, kid safety is often compromised.

While the home is a place for kids to play and enjoy time with the family, accidents do happen. Home injuries are the primary source of a kid's accidental death to this day. There is no guarantee that the risk of injury will be totally ruled out as kids explore their homes.

I joined in Wilkins Distilled Water's Circle of Trust invitation for moms to a fun learning afternoon recently to discover lifehacks to reduce potential dangers and make home safe for kids. Every parent would agree that home is where children need to feel safe.

Here are the 10 Proactive Home Safety Tips that parents can take to keep children safe at home:

1. Scout the Territory. The first step is to take a child’s eye view of your home. Get down on your knees to see for yourself what’s within reach, what looks tempting, and what could be dangerous for your kids.

2. Cushion Sharp Edges and Soften Up Corners. Invest on furniture edge guards and corner protectors; foam pipe insulations for instance are easily available at hardware stores. When your child starts running around the house, you’ll be thankful you brought that extra protection.

3. Keep Window Cords Up High. Loop and tie window cords to keep them out of reach of children, but not too high that you can’t lower the shade all the way down. 4. Duct Tape on Power Outlets. Cover reachable openings with duct tape or band aid to avoid the risk of electrocution.

5. Keep Doors Unlocked. Prevent kids from locking themselves in the room by covering the latch. A securely taped cardboard would suffice for this.

6. Temporary Tattoo. When leaving the house, write down your phone number on your kids’ arms so that people could easily reach you if your little ones get lost.

7. Know your First Aid. Always keep a first aid kit handy, whether you are at home or traveling with your kids. Know the alternatives too. Here are some: for minor burns, vinegar can ease the pain and prevent blisters; paste made out of baking soda and water can maker splinter removals less painful; and coconut oil can prevent infection in small cuts and can sooth sunburn.

8. Monitor What They Eat. Always prepareclean, fresh and healthy food that is consistent with your child’s balanced diet. Make sure all ingredients and utensils used are properly cleaned as well.Kids might be hesitant to eat vegetables and fruits, but with proper presentation – lots of colors and shapes – you can be sure that your kids will finish their food.

9. Drink Only Safe and Clean Water.Moms’ most trusted and pediatricians’ prescribed brand is Wilkins Distilled Water. It follows an international quality control system and uses only state-of-the-art equipment in packing and sealing its products to ensure clean and safe quality water.

10. Emergency Master File for Your Circle of Trust. We all have our most trusted support group, people we know we can count on when it comes to taking care of our kids. Thisincludes grandparents, siblings, the best friend, yaya, pediatricians, OB/GYNS, teachers, among others. Keep their contact details and other vital information in one master file in order to reach them quickly in case of emergency.

For more info on how to keep your family safe, visit the Wilkins Facebook page at today.
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