Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lancaster New City is your ticket to a Smart Value of Living

As a kid, you probably included “owning a house” someday in your bucket list. Now, you have a stable job and keen on settling down, so why rent when you can have a home of your own at Lancaster New City? While renting appears to be the first real estate experience for most Filipinos after moving away from home, buying a house is a more appealing choice since it is less wasteful than paying rent to a landlord. Little by little your hard-earned money pays off your dream house!

When your neighborhood is not as appealing as it used to be and your family's security has been compromised due to nuisances, theft, or vandalism, it may be a wise decision to save up money and purchase your first home.

Similarly, opting for a housing loan is better than renting. The property forms part of your estate once your loan is paid off. Your children will inherit your estate when the time comes.

Less than 20 Minutes from SM Mall Of Asia and NAIA, Lancaster New City is a 1000-hectare real estate development that spans across Imus, Kawit, and Gen. Trias Cavite. Lancaster New City has everything to entice you to plan on living there permanently. Everything is within reach when you are living at Lancaster New City!

Alice Townhouse (Lot Area: 40 sqm)

Lancaster Square, Church of the Holy family, St. Edward Intergrated School and Clubhouse for your complete living experience

There is a 700-hectare commercial center within Lancaster New City. Lancaster Square is conveniently situated within the community to cater to the local population's shopping and lifestyle needs. Your kids can have a fun time bonding at the Kid's Playground (located at the back of Lancaster Square) while parents complete their necessary purchases.

Or the whole family may opt to bond over a swimming activity at the Clubhouse instead. The Clubhouse has big swimming pool for your children and guests to splash into. Measuring 406 sqm, its kiddie and adult pool can accommodate up to 250 heads. It stylish benches and umbrella sets provide the perfect resort ambience for the whole family soak the day away. For adrenaline rush, sporty neighbors can enjoy a game or two at the covered basketball courts. A different level leisure truly awaits Lancaster residents!

St. Edward Integrated School provides quality education to your children from preschool to highschool at reasonable rates. A Catholic learning institution, St Edward Integrated School is under Consultancy with La Sallian Schools Supervision Office.
Kid's Playground at the back of Lancaster Square because Lancaster New City values your kids'  laughter

You can drive around Lancaster New City at different times to see how safe the area is. Better yet, ask existing neighbors what it is like living there and how secure the neighborhood is. You won't be disappointed. Lancaster New City is equipped with round-the-clock security system.
With its close proximity to Metro Manila, Lancaster New City community gives families more time to bond. It is interesting to note that Lancaster New City has its own transport terminal.

Lancaster New City has 9 stylish house models for you to choose.  Each one is designed to suit your lifestyle and your growing family’s needs.

At Lancaster New City Cavite, you get a feel of where you want to live for the rest of your life! It lets you delight in owing a real estate property and in enjoying a blissful life with its myriad of amenities that offer fun and excitement for the family!

Looking for a home should be exciting and fun. And Lancaster New City will be able to get you the best deal. It offers you the chance to own a great house through bank financing.

Lancaster New City promotions are available upon request..

Cheers to a good life at Lancaster New City!

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