Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Aster DM Healthcare inaugurates its first clinic in the Philippines

The biggest healthcare network in the GCC marks its entry in the Southeast Asia by setting up its first clinic in the Philippines with about P250M initial investments. Aster Medical and Diagnostic Clinic aims to benefit Filipinos with its brand of expertise and compassionate care across over 290 establishment that spans Qatar, Oman, India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Aster DM Healthcare was founded in 1987 by Dr. Azad Moopen. From what began as a small clinic outside Dubai, it has been steadily expanding over the last 28 years. It continues on to offer affordable healthcare in the geographical regions it serves.

"The global network of Aster DM Healthcare is unmatched globally. To date, it has at least 13,000 employees, 175 pharmacies, 75 medical centers, 14 hospitals and 4,000 beds around the globe," says Joyce Alumno, Aster DM Healthcare Philippines country manager. The medical conglomerate is set to expand to more locations in the Philippines in the next 5 years, bringing in strong medical teams managed with good systems, process, protocols and high standards.

"We have made an initial investment of P230M in the Philippines to build aa network of ambulatory clinics that will be synonymous with quality, affordability and accessibility. Keeping in mind the growing need for hospital facilities in the Philippines, especially for cardiac diseaases and cancer care. We hope to be able to extend our networrk from primary care facilities to secondary and tertiary care facilities in the future," states Alisha Moopen, Aster DM Healthcare Executive Director and Group CEO for Hospitals and Clinics.

Healthcare for Underserved Communities

"As an employer of choice to thousands of Filipino staff at Aster DM Healthcare, we wanted to give back to the community that is integral to our growth, success and quality," said Dr. Azad Moopen.

He affirms that the Philippine healthcare industry is facing similar challenges as India. Access to quality healthcare has been a burden in several densely-populated communities despite of the country refutation in generating a good number of world-class nurses, doctors and caregivers.

"The interplay between poverty and disease compounded by the burgeoning population and exodus of healthcare providers in the country creates a gap between the medical requirements and the availability of facilities to address these needs. We are here to provide healthcare service to the underserved communities...With the Philippines' unique geographicl layout comprising thousands of islands in the archipelago, the population will benefit greatly if we are able to bring healthcare into more homes for routine visits and basic medical needs. Aster is commited to staying at the forefront of such shifts in the delivery of healthcare."

Touching Lives One Nation at a Time via "Save the Little Hearts"

As early as 2013, Aster DM Healthcare had been giving free heart surgeries to underprivileged Filipino children. Its Dubai-based charity arm, the Dr. Moopen (DM) Foundation granted surgeries to 23 children born with congenital heart defects through the "Save the Little Hearts" program.

The Foundation's Country Representative, Joyce Alumno shares "Dr. Moopen hs recognized the plight of CHD kids in the Philippines. These children could have a bright future ahead of them and be good members of the society if only they re able to get life-saaving heart surgeries. And the Foundation---Dr. Moopen---would want to make it happen.

The Philippines' "Save the Little Hearts" program is a small step to begin the activities they planned towards enhancing the Filipino health and well being. DM Foundation aims to extend their charitable activities with a large gamut of services to promote wellness in the country.

With the formal establishment of the Aster DM Healthcare in the Philippines, more Filipinos are set to benefit from the employment opportunities it creates for healthcare professionals.

The Philippines is just one of the many countries where DM Foundation engages in charitable and philanthropic activities. DM Foundation also implements the "Save the Little Hearts" program initiative in African countries, Oman and India.

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Aster Medical and Diagnostic Clinic
G/F St. Francis Square
Dona Julia Vargas Avenue corner Bank Drive, Mandaluyong City

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Launch of the Ignite Bible Project Hope Journal

Last November 14, 2015, Dr. Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino launched the Ignite Bible Project Hope Journal at Powerbooks Greenbelt 4. The author is Nuestra Senora del Perpetuo Socorro Parish (NSPS) Biblical Apostolate Head and also the President of Eton International School.

She came up with this book to help Catholics iginite their passion for God's Word. Ignite is her contribution to her spiritual family, a fullfilment of her mission for evangelization.

The Bible is a Sword of Truth that guides us in our daily living. The Word of God gives hope. The Holy Scripture creates and sustains life. Hence, Dr. Tolentino saw the need for Catholics to have a personal revelation from God rather than relying solely on borrowed revelation from other people.

In Ignite, people can find out what God has to say on the different aspects of their lives, be it financial, spiritual, physical or personal career. Each day is a chance to pray for guidance and the conversion of souls. By using the journal in devoting personal time with God, readers get to reach a new depth of Bible reading and meditation.

Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Archbishop Socrates Villegas shares that the journal will greatly help catechist and youth ministries, teachers and educators, priests and missionaries, in their apostolic tasks, as the book is aimed at spreading love for the Word of God.

"This is new evangelization, a refreshing proclamation of the Word of God. Use Ignite and discover the joy of the Word of God and spread the joy of reading the Bible in our lives," adds Villegas.

Visit to know more about the Iginite Bible Project Hope Journal.
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