Saturday, April 5, 2014

Affordable, quality items for Moms and babies from Babyworld

Having a baby is very exciting event every parent looks forward to. All moms want to provide the best for their babies. Mothers evaluate nursery products for its safety standards and quality.

With a wide variety available in the market today, parents are on the lookout for a brand that stands out in terms of quality and affordability. There are"low-end" with "low-quality" baby products selections abundant in the market, but the latter should not always be the option for most families. Risking your baby's health in using cheap, substandard products is never any good just because parents are trying to save money.

As such, anticipating and preparing for all the baby’s needs before childbirth can be stressful , especially for first time mothers.

Hilton International Philippines through its registered brand name of “BabyWorld”, had been providing a wide array of baby products exemplary both in quality and affordability for 20 years now. Since Hilton International Philippines started in 1993, this local company has continued on to provide the best line of baby products that meet safety standards. Some of these baby wellness products include:

• Baby hangers, pins, and diaper clips • Disposable Baby Bibs – Provides soft and absorbent, water-resistant backing that is convenient to use. All you have to do is dispose after use. Every pack of 6 costs P69.75 and a travel box of 20 is priced at P249.75 • Disposable Multi-Purpose Change Mats – It is an absorbent layer, leak proof liner & water-resistant backing product that can be used to keep babies safe from unclean surfaces. Every pack of 4 multi-Purpose Change Mats costs only P69.75

• Disposable Nappy Liners
• Disposable Nursing Pads – This ultra-thin, polymer, star-dry lining provides super absorbent contour for a natural fit. It comes in boxes of 12’s at P99.75, 24’s at P189.75 & 36’s at P269.75

• Bath Tub
• Blankets
• Cotsheets - Available in 3 different sizes with the suggested retail price of P249.75 (22” X 15.5”) , P289.75 (24” x 16.5”) & P439.75(35.5” x 23.5”). • Feeding Bottles
• Peristaltic Nipples - Made from 100% safe materials as it is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, these silicone nipples have innovative non-leaking anti-colic vents. Every pack of 2 costs only P89.75

• Feeding Dishes
• Kiddie Rider
• Baby Cushion Potty Seats - Made with soft padded, hygienic PVC, it is ideal for baby toilet training. It fits the budget at P329.75 & P489.75 for potty seat with handle support.

• Puzzle Mat
• Rattle
• Teether
• Wash Cloth & Bathrobe

All mothers and moms-to-be want the best product for their bundle of joy. And Baby World’s complete line of affordable, good quality products can give what all moms desire their little ones. Baby World commits to offering the best lifestyle for babies at budget friendly rates.

Baby World products are available in all leading department stores, supermarkets and other baby specialty retail shops nationwide.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Yale launches Digital Door Locks

A revolution is taking place in the world of home security and ASSA ABLOY through its consumer brand, Yale, is leading this change. The “World’s Favorite Lock” Yale is the brand behind innovative locks such as door locks, padlocks and digital door locks as well as safes, door handles, alarms and much more.

It provides products that offer the most convenient way of opening doors while keeping security as its outmost priority.
Mr. Alok Gupta, Business Head of Digital Door Locks at Assa Abloy, is confirdent that YALE's digital locking technologies can keep anyone's home safe and secure 

Yale digital locks, a member of the ASSA ABLOY global brand, bring keyless convenience to your door and keep your home secure at all costs. Yale unveiled its digital door lock offerings during the product launch at EDSA Shangri-La last April 2, 2014.

Yale digital locks uses a variety of digital locking technologies such as fingerprint, RFID card, and/or smart/touch PIN code. Each lock types offers an immediate door opening solution and adds simplicity to your home's lifestyle.

Yale digital locks as the following features:

• Yale Keyless Digital Lock lets you unlock your front door by entering a simple code. No need for keys, you just have to keep a PIN number in your head. You can even create a temporary code to give other people access to your home when you want to and delete that code afterwards.

• The digital locks are equipped with a locking mechanism that prevents entry even by those who have regular access to the lock.  Majority of the locks can register to up to 20 fingerprints.

• Low Power Consumption - Unlock your door up to 10,000 times with one set of 4 x AA batteries. Batteries are changed every 12 months.

• Low Battery Warning - A warning light comes up to reminding you to change the batteries when it reaches critical level.

• Emergency Battery Connection - In cases wherein the battery goes flat, you have two battery contact points that fit a standard 9V battery. You can place the battery there and power the lock temporarily to enter your pin.

• Outdoor Weather Resistant Keypad is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and is also equipped with IP protection.

• User Codes and Settings Remain programmed in the Lock even if Batteries are depleted..

• Yale digital locks are equipped with alarm systems for security against burglary. Some models are even equipped with fire alarm system. The digital locks automatically open in case of fire from inside as soon as the temperature increases to more than 60-degree Celsius.

Yale digital door locks offer the following benefits:

• No more forgotten/lost keys or rummaging inside your bag or pockets for keys
Yale digital door locks offer keyless entry so you don't need to search your entire bag or all your pockets for the key to open it. You also don't need to worry about forgetting or losing your keys. Some models have a fingerprint scanner while others have RFID card scanner or electronic PIN code touchpad. High-end models offer two or all entry options.

• No more locking the door manually
These new digital door locks have a system that automatically locks the door when you close it. This eliminates the risk of forgetting to manually lock the door every time you enter or leave your home.

To know more about Yale digital door locks, visit

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Miss Philippines-Earth 2014 Kicks Off at SM

The beautiful Miss Philippines-Earth 2014 candidates took over SM Megamall Supermarket and its Event Center to show everyone what "beauty for a cause" is all about.

All participants are physically beautiful and environmentally knowledgeable, setting a legacy of beauty and responsibility. The candidates place a strong emphasis on environmental protection programs,and SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and Savemore Market serve as platforms for Miss Philippines-Earth 2014 in spreading awareness on environmental issues.
Beauties for a cause join the M.O.B. 
This collaboration is a healthy boost to Sm's pioneer campaign for reusable bags, Join the M.O.B. (MyOwnBag), which encourages shoppers to ditch plastics in favor of reusable shopping bags. The delegates serve as ambassadresses of the SM Greenbag, by encouraging more and more shoppers to choose to reuse.

Hand-in-hand, the partnership between the SM Food Retail Group and Miss Earth is expected to continue to bring Filipinos closer to a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

The delegates will take on SM's Cooking Challenges at SM Faireview's Supermarket and Hypermarket on April 11. The girls are scheduled to do good deeds on Easter Sunday. Moreover, they will be joining in the 5-day Sale at SM Hypermarket-San Lazaro and SM Hypermarket-Bicutan on May 2 as part of green initiatives promotions. Their environmental protection campaigns culminates with the grand coronation night on May 11, 2014 at the Mall of Asia. Arena.

Unilever releases Pureit® : the lone water purifier in the market that meets US EPA standards

Press Release

Unilever Philippines has launched its newest and largest water purification brand, Pureit®, starting with the Excella, a unique, non-electric water purifier that converts tap water and even untreated water into guaranteed clean and safe drinking water.

Pureit® Excella uses Unilever proprietary technology to provide safe and clean water. Made with high-quality food-grade plastic, it purifies water in four stages: a 'microfibre mesh', a 'compact carbon trap', a 'germkill processor' and a 'polisher'. The result is clean, drinking water "as safe as boiled water without the hassles of boiling".

Pureit® Excella is the only non-electric water purifier that meets the microbiological safety norms criteria of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the regulatory body with the most stringent standards for safe drinking water all over the world.

Safe drinking water: a global concern

In developing countries, around 80% of diseases are water borne. According to United Nations (UN) estimates, over 884 million people, including 16 million Filipinos, have no access to clean and safe drinking water.

In 2010, UN declared that “access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation is a human right essential to the full enjoyment of life” and one of the Millennium Development Goals is to halve, by 2015, the proportion of population without sustainable access to safe drinking water.

In response to this global challenge, Unilever set out to provide access to safe and affordable drinking water to millions of people, through in-home water purification. Unilever technical experts across global research centers in the United Kingdom and India worked with technology partners, government bodies, and scientific and public health institutions to develop Pureit - an effective and affordable solution that provides access to safe, clean drinking water.

Today, Pureit® helps protect more than 45 million lives, and is the world’s largest selling in-home water purifier brand, creating a global footprint across 13 countries including India, Brazil, Mexico, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Nigeria and Kenya.

Pureit® in the Philippines

The Department of Health reveals that waterborne diseases remain a severe public health concern with about 4,200 deaths and 770,000 cases of illness each year from water borne diseases. According to a Philippine Human Development report, one in every five households in 24 provinces gets water from unsafe and questionable sources.

This explains why most Filipino households do not trust tap water for drinking. Surveys report that more than 50% of urban Filipino households buy expensive drinking water from water refilling stations. Meanwhile, roughly 20% of urban households boil water taken from the tap, an expensive and risky practice.

“Central to Unilever’s mission to make sustainable living commonplace all over the world, we are launching Pureit® to provide Filipino families with access to guaranteed clean and safe drinking water, as certified by both international and local health institutions like the Department of Health and the Philippine Public Health Association,” said Brian Duruin, Pureit® brand manager.

State-of-the-art purification technology

Pureit® Excella turns potentially dangerous tap water into a fountain of health by purifying water twice, giving users complete germ protection.

The first level of purification consists of three simple yet valuable layers of protection where water initially passes through the Germkill Processor that disinfects the water of almost all bacteria, viruses and germs. Next, it passes through the Advanced Microfiber Mesh that filters out precipitates such as visible and invisible dust and dirt particles, as well as metallic impurities. Lastly, the Carbon Polisher removes pesticides, chlorine, and odor from the water, before it goes to the second level of purification.

The second level purification is performed by the Micro-charged Membrane, which further purifies the water by removing any remaining parasites or bacteria—assuring families of protection against diseases. The end product is clear, fresh, and natural-tasting water that’s free from harmful agents.

As a tabletop device, using Pureit® Excella also eliminates the hassle of buying expensive water from water refilling stations and the associated risk of contamination through unclean containers or storage rooms.

Pureit® Excella is an innovation that addresses one of the biggest technological challenges of the century -– that of making safe water accessible and affordable for millions of people. Pureit® Classic Model has a maximum capacity of 18 liters---a capacity of 9 litres in the top chamber, and another 9 litres in its bottom, transparent chamber. Pureit® Excella provides water at a cost of less than 7 pesos/liter.

Visit for more information.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Etude Princess Run 2014

In celebration of mothers and families, Etude House Philippines is holding a fun run dubbed as “Etude Princess Run 2014.” Bonifacio Global City roads will be colored pink as runners will be wearing pink singlets on May 25, 2014 at 5am.

Female participants are encouraged to wear pink tutus as they hurdle 3K, 5K and 10K categories to make this event a fun, bonding activity for everyone.

Part of the proceeds of this pink fair goes to One Chair, One Child #UpuanParaSaKinabukasan Campaign of the YesPinoy Foundation (chaired by actor Dingdong Dantes) in partnership with the Lifeline Foundation. The One Chair, One Child Campaign aims to raise funds to buy school chairs for around 3,000 student survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, who go to Estancia Central Elementary School in Northern Iloilo.

For In-store Registration, go register on or before April 15, 2014 and claim your #EtudePrincessRun Race Kits at the four participating Etude House Boutiques:
Eastwood Mall
SM Southmall
Glorietta 3

Online registration is also available via

Cosplayers registering for 3k will get Php 100 off the registration fee (No Singlet included in Race Kit).
Cosplayers must be in their costumes on the day of the event to enter the race.

ETUDE Princess Run
34th corner 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio Global, Taguig
May 25, 2014

For more information visit‎ You may also follow Etude House Philippines on Facebook via‎

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Refresh Summer with NESTEA beach 2014

Now on its 17th run, NESTEA beach 2014 promises to be the biggest, most refreshing summer as it hits the shores of boracay this May 1 - 4, 2014!
Celebrate the four-day Labor Day Weekend of Play, Party and Chill like never before!
The NESTEA Beach official launch for 2014 was held at Antel's Best Western Hotel in Makati City. The pre-party was a perfect summer event with a pop-up beach experience of Play, Party and Chill in the metro! Food and cocktails flowed throughout the night. There was even a massage area wherein guests were pampered!

It was a really a fun evening. Much like a teaser of cool, exciting experiences that people may expect from NESTEA Beach this coming Labor Day Weekend.

A lot of prizes were raffled off. The event culminated with the awarding of top three prizes to Nestea Pool Plunge participants who were applauded the most. Peter of Commuter Express took home a Lenovo tablet as grand winner while Justin was awarded with a roundtrip Air Asia ticket, as a close second contender.
NESTEA Beach 2014 promises to bring out the fun in everyone. It kicks off with the NESTEA Plunge Party at the Tides Roofdeck Pool & Solstice Sun Lounge on May 1, accompanied by entrancing beats from some of the hottest names in the local party scene like DJ Ron Poe, DJ Nina Saputil, DJ maacoy and DJ Jessica Milner. This year the best of the best come together for the 17th NESTEA Beach Volleyball competition. 24 teams will compete against each other on May 1 -3 at the Boracay Beach Chalets at station 2. At the same time, summer activities like Paraw sailing, seaside massages and beachfront Frisbee games will happen at the same time, with a chill station to be set up at the Crystal Sand in Station 1.

The biggest sunset Yacht Party in the island set on May 2, will take the crowd to new heights with stopovers at the different Boracay destinations. NESTEA Beach partners with Republiq to bring two of the hottest DJ's in the international music scene, Cedric Gervais and Steve Aoki to celebrate a refreshed summer at the Epic Bar in Station 2.

Join in the NESTEA festivities!

Iconic Dance Groups reunite for Neurobion®'s Neuropathy Awareness Campaign

Neurobion® reunited iconic dance groups Universal Motion Dancers, Sex Bomb Dancers and The Maneouvers at the Neuropathy Awareness Movement launch at the Trinoma Atrium yesterday.

The reunion concert featured dance icons Wowie de Guzman, Joshua and Jopay Paguia, who know all too well the importance of being able to move freely without the threat of pain. They rocked Trinoma as they performed demanding routines they were known for in the 1990's and early 2000.

Dancing is one of the greatest expressions of the joy of living. And since dancers operate in a very competitive environment, there is a higher incidence of overuse injuries among them given the numerous repetitive dance movements. As such, some experience nagging discomforts such as numbness, tingling sensations and body pains.

Pain in the hand, arms and legs caused by nerve damage is called Neuropathy. This medical condition can leave you feeling numb, making it difficult for you to function properly. Neuropathy afflicts many Filipinos as early as their mid-20’s, and so Neurobion® aims to raise awareness on the symptoms and effects of nerve damage through one graceful move, the Neuropathy Awareness Movement.
It is clinically proven that Neurobion® balanced formulation of nerve nourishing vitamins acts at the root of these problems (Tong HI, Influence of neurotropic vitamins on the nerve conduction velocity. Ann Add Med Singapore, 1980 Jan; 9(1) 65-70).

Each tablet of Neurobion® can help maintain healthy nerves, promote efficient nerve function, and reduce pain in the hands, arms and legs caused by Neuropathy.

With Neurobion®, you can keep these symptoms at bay so you can move freely, perform at your best, and feel the joy of living again.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Luis Manzano is Sensodyne's “Say No to Ngilo!” Campaign Advocate

Luis relies on Sensodyne to get over his pangingilo anxiety. “When I started using Sensodyne, it made a big difference in my life! Now I get to enjoy all my favorite drinks and eat my favorite food. No more pagtitiis, no more pangingilo!”

According to Dr. Fernando “Andy” Fernandez, DMD, FPCOMS, President of the Philippine Dental Association, “9 out of 10 Filipinos suffer from sensitive teeth or pangingilo."

"Most of the time, people ignore and endure pain caused by teeth sensitivity. When the nerve to a tooth is irritated, the toothache pain sometimes become unbearable that they do not get to enjoy their favorite food and drinks. As a dentist, I am concerned with how pangingilo affects my patients’ lives,” he added. “This year, I am renewing my commitment to fight against pangingilo. I am saying ‘No to Ngilo!’ Let’s all take part as we build a stronger force against sensitive teeth. It is time for every Filipino to “Say No to Ngilo!”

Sensodyne, in collaboration with the Philippine Dental Association (PDA), is embarking on the advocacy to fight against sensitive teeth through the “Say No to Ngilo!” campaign. This remarkable commitment extends beyond a mere information campaign and toward proactive efforts to improve oral health care in the country, including the help of 2,000 dentists who have committed to the fight against dentine hypersensitivity through educating their patients on proper oral hygiene and using effective tools to combat pangingilo.
“GlaxoSmithKline, through our brand, Sensodyne, has provided solutions to Filipinos for sensitive teeth. Sensodyne is the number-one sensitivity brand in the market, and most recommended brand by dentists for pangingilo. In GlaxoSmithKline’s commitment to make every Filipino sensitivity-free, GSK launches Sensodyne sachets for only P 10 to drive accessibility and affordability for the solution to pangingilo.

“The Philippines is the first country in the world where Sensodyne is introducing the sachet format. This development is also significant because GSK is confident of the Philippines as an important emerging market, and this will definitely encourage more Filipinos to proactively manage their sensitive teeth and say no to ngilo,” says JeoffreyYulo, Consumer Healthcare General Manager, GSK Philippines.

Sensodyne, from the multinational pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline, offers provides clinically proven relief and daily protection for sensitive teeth. Sensodyne toothpaste product range include different active ingredients. Potassium Nitrate in its best depolarizes the nerve and protects it from firing to progressively reduce the pain of sensitivity. Sensodyne Rapid Relief contains Strontium Acetate that helps prevent the flow of the fluid within the tubules that would otherwise cause the tooth pain. Sensodyne Repair & Protect has the advanced NovaMin® breakthrough technology which is scientifically proven to help repair sensitive teeth by forming a tooth-like layer over the exposed dentine to help repair and protect its sensitive areas.

There is comforting and effective solutions to teeth sensitivity. Whether your sensitivity to cold/hot food is chronic or infrequent, Sensodyne will be able to help alleviate toothache pain.

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