Friday, January 22, 2016

Wonder Photo Shop opens at Nuvali, Sta Rosa

Do you love snapping photos? It is a pity if the photos just stay in the image galleries so you should contemplate on setting free the enslaved images trapped in your smartphones and digital cameras.

FUJIFILM Corporation revived the habit of printing photographs when it launched its photography and printing store originated in Tokyo. And after the highly successful launch of pilot Wonder Photo Shop in the Philippines at the Ayala-UP Town Center, Wonder Photo Shop opens its second branch at Nuvali, Sta Rosa, Laguna.

The famed photographic brand is the first Japanese producer of photographic films since 1934. Gone are the days when photographs were made by exposing light sensitive photographic film and using chemical solutions to develop the image but the company has survived.

FUJIFILM Corporation thrived even in the era of digital photography by diversifying into other markets and focusing on the user experience.

Wonder Photo Shop is a one-stop boutique and learning center that offers an array of products and services. It even has a Selfie Studio, where customers can delight in taking and printing complex photos. The Wonder Photo Shop embraces the so-called selfie generation and brings back excitement to the art of photo printing by giving it a fresh, young, trendy take. Consumers can manage their digital photos with ease of viewing, transferring and editing at the Wonder Photo Shop.

Their printing services come with high-quality professional paper, complex prints and photobook service. They offer various strategies for digital preservation. Scrapbookers have the option to personalize photo books or go for traditional photo albums. Customers can print on different materials like glass, cork boards, sintra boards, wood boards and canvasses. This part-store, part-print center, and part-workshop hub provides laminating and mounting services.

Their Wonder Print Station (WPS) kiosk printer provides a variety of quick photo printing. This self-service kiosk works with iPhone devices to get you instant film prints from any picture stored in your gallery. Andriod users have the option to download WPS application to have their smartphone images printed easily. WPS kiosk can also print digital photos from a flashdrive.

They sell photo accessories such as washi tapes, fancy photo albums, photo frames and stickers. They also carry Fujifilm Instax and digital cameras.

With the Wonder Photo Shop, the task of printing memories becomes a communal activity where everyone we hold dear can take a part in. So go and visit them soon for all your printing needs.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Catch The Game’s Afoot at OnStage

This January, put your detective hat on as Repertory Philippines brings the devilishly funny murder mystery The Game’s Afoot to the Philippine stage.

Written by Ken Ludwig, this wicked comedy play follows Broadway star William Gillette, who is known for his brilliant portrayal of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

The Game’s Afoot is set in 1936, in the castle home of famed actor William Gillette. Gillette has been shot in the shoulder while on stage at New York’s Palace Theatre. Recovering, he invites his castmates Felix and his wife Madge plus Simon and his new wife Aggie to his home to spend the Christmas holiday together. That’s what Gillette want all the “suspects” to think as he plays Sherlock Holmes for real.

There has been a series of mysterious deaths lately, the most recent is that of a door man at the theater. And Gillette aims to expose the killer before he strikes again! Hilarity ensues as each one accuses one other of murder when one turns out dead on Christmas eve. And the solving and committing of several murders and attempted murders begins!

When you think you've figured out who the bad guy is, you will start to question yourself as the plot takes an unexpected twist!

The Game’s Afoot will be staged until February 7, 2016 at Onstage Theater in Greenbelt 1, Makati City. Ticket prices ranges from P 418 to P 836.

For more details regarding The Game’s Afoot, call Repertory Philippines at 843-3570. You may also purchase tickets through TicketWorld at 891-9999.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Crizal Eyezen™ keeps your eyes protected as you stay connected to the digital world

In this digital age, being connected online has become the norm. The internet allows unlimited access to whatever information that fascinates us. Getting online have become the most convenient way for us to entertain, work, learn new things, or socialize. It is major contributor to everyday living that our life has been so dependent on it. The internet is a must for everyone.

Multi-Screen users

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you check your cellphone for messages and catch up on email before you even get out of bed?

In today's increasingly-technological society, people are now engaging in digital behavior called "multi-screening". A typical multi screen user spends more or less 7 hours and 24 minutes on the screen daily. Of that time, 34% is spent on mobile phones; 33% on TV; 23% on laptops and 10% on tablets. Consumers balance their time between smartphones, tablets, PCs and televisions and this multi-screen use behavior is being readily being adopted everywhere. It has quickly become almost the default for most of us notwithstanding that these electronics are emitting a dangerous blue light that is negatively impacting our vision.

Essilor's Crizal Eyezen™ Protection

We need eye protection since we spend so much time on gadgets. With this in mind, the global leader in ophthalmic lenses, Essilor introduces Crizal Eyezen™. Crizal Eyezen™ lenses are designed to replace ordinary prescription lenses or to assist occasionally the ones who usually do not need glasses, when viewing their digital devices. They exist in three (3) different optimizations according to the type of screen most used and the age of the patient. It features three revolutionary technologies—Eyezen Focus, Light Scan™ and W.A.V.E Technology that work in sync to relax the eyes from all digital stress and protect against harmful blue light.

Eyezen Focus Technology helps relieve the eye’s focus when using digital devices and reduces eye strain in ultra-near distances or for reading small characters by giving an extra power in the lower portion of the ophthalmic lens.

Light Scan™ Technology is a unique light filtering technology which protects eyes from the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.

W.A.V.E Technology eliminates lens distortion for sharper, clearer vision at every distance and better vision even in low light.

“Crizal Eyezen enhances the digitally connected lifestyle of the millennial generation” says Essilor Philippines general manager Dr. Emelita Roleda. “While ordinary glasses help you see the world, Eyezen enhance the way you live in it. With clearer, sharper vision, you can connect to the digital world better, while getting protection for your eyes at the same time.”

Crizal Eyezen™ is just one of the many technological innovations of Essilor. People’s visual needs will change as technology continues to advance and Essilor ensures that these needs are always complemented through its constant technological innovations, innovations that aim for people to see the world better.

Get your Crizal Eyezen™ lenses in clear or Crizal Transitions at the leading optical shops nationwide. Don't settle for regular eyeglass lenses when you can have Crizal anti-reflective coated lenses. Crizal lenses are the best performing lens you can buy to do away with reflections that cause eyestrain and fatigue.

Do visit for more information.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

British School Manila EYFS & KS1 holds Christmas with the Aliens play

Christmas cheer celebrations at The British School Manila commenced with the staging of ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ by Nikki Lewis last December 3, 2015.

What happens when aliens crash on Earth at Christmas time? A group of school children rehearsing their Christmas play retells the nativity story to these alien visitors in an enchanting play! Year 1 and 2 children's many weeks of rehearsals and hard work finally paid off! The children captivated the audience with their fantastic acting and rendition of great songs such as “Where am I?” and “A Star Kept Shining”.

It was a well-endowed beautifully set play. The Main Hall was transformed into a festive theater. Nursery and Reception children were twinkling stars, dressed in spangly silver and gold. They entertained us with their wonderful performances of the traditional Christmas Songs ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’, ‘Little Donkey’ and the ever popular ‘Feliz Navidad’.

It was a spectacular way to begin the festivities at BSM culminating in the rapturous applause at the finale. BSM’s youngest children in school not only sang beautifully and looked amazing in their costumes but they also delivered their lines with confidence and panache---a testament to the practice and hard work put in by the students guided by their teachers to get to this level of performance. The EYFS and KS1 production reminded us all what Christmas is all about: bringing everyone together regardless of our differences.

British School Manila also had its Christmas shop open all week for the children to buy their families and friends gifts for the holidays.

About British School Manila

The British School Manila (BSM) is a highly-regarded co-educational British international school established in 1976. It upholds British education system high standards and takes full advantage of the multi-cultural setting in both the faculty and the student body.

At present 900+ students aged 3-18 are on BSM’s roll and 35 nationalities are represented. British children make up 33%, Filipino 22%, Canada 9% , Australians 8% and American 6% of the total population.

British School Manila (BSM) is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and also a member of The Federation of British International Schools in Southeast Asia and East Asia (FOBISSEA) and The Independent Association of Prep School (IAPS).
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