Tupperware celebrates 45 years of Nurturing Families here and abroad!

I was invited to attend the Tupperware Brands party last October 29th courtesy of Working Mom Magazine promo.

They gave away stacks of prizes and freebies in celebration of Tupperware's 45th anniversary

Tupperware's spill-free and durable modular system makes life easier
for me and my family. I love the fact these robust-made containers
comes in a variety of colors and contemporary designs that will suite
any occasion at home, school or work. I practically grew up using
Tupperware since my mom has a huge collection. Now, as a homemaker
and mom to a 7-year old kid, I have come to love the brand and have
accumulated my own lot of these plasticwares over time. Since
Tupperware only uses high food-grade plastic materials, I am always
assured that my daughter's food wares from milk bottles, training
cups, toddler bowls and even playtoys have no adverse chemical effects
on her.

Moreover, organizing my refrigerator and kitchen becomes easy with
Tupperware. I consider Tupperware to be my handy-dandy time
management partner. Finding food stocks to use comes easy and food
stays fresh and crisp for a longer time. Tupperware really makes it
better to make foodhandling, preparation and serving my family and
friends a worry-free activity!

Like them on facebook or visit their website to get updates on what's new and hot from Tupperware Brands Philippines: http://tupperwarebrands.ph/product_demos.php