Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why I Want A Cyberya Minigosyo

After reading success stories of people who were able to make money within the comfort of their own home, I figured out that Cyberya Minigosyo would be a good way to start. It would surely provide me the economic support I need without taking much of my motherhood time. With Cyberya Minigosyo, my role as mother can be combined with that of a working woman.

Having a job then provided me with steady income to pay off bills and provide for all the needs of my family. While work meant extra money to spend on luxuries and being economically independent, it also has tradeoffs. It meant working on weekends, less time to spend with my little girl and leaving her in the care of a total stranger. I felt guilty on not being at home to look after her. My maternal instinct tells me to quit my job and be hands on mom.

After working for over 20 years in the corporate world, I have decided to avail of the retirement program when the opportunity presented itself. With a lot of time at home and less money to budget, I was then dumbfounded with circumstances that have changed overtime. The traditional way of earning money is no longer an option and finding a well-paid work that I can do part-time was really hard. I was at the crossroads. My life circumstances unsettle the foundations of everything I used to believe in.

From a working mother who is career-driven and economically independent, I am now a WAHM always on the lookout for freelance writing jobs. I have always written. I have contributed articles as early as in my middle school and well up to the time I retired. They say I have a gift of gab and the internet gave me the opportunity to express it like so. I have a passion for freelance writing and coming up with new articles each time fires up this passion.

Aside from writing and blogging, I have also discovered other income opportunities such as selling on online auction sites, doing medical transcription and affiliate marketing. The internet serves as an ever-changing arena for businesses and for a lot of people looking to earn money. Some opportunities lead to part-time endeavors while others can lead to full-time jobs and another internet success story. Hence, the income possibilities of owning a Cyberya Minigosyo is infinite!

As a prepaid internet station via PLDT DSL internet connection, this Cyberya Minigosyo can be set up anywhere. Internet connectivity is synonymous with social media presence and so “piso net concept” is a huge hit trending all over the country. Where else will you find an internet-rental service which will allow their customers to surf the internet for as low as one peso?

This innovative PLDT product is a good income generation opportunity for a start-up business for small entrepreneurs and housewives like me looking for way to augment family income. It easy to set up and doesn’t require technical knowhow, making it an ideal investment to venture into. Each Cyberya surfing package is composed of a computer set enclosed in a box equipped with a timer and a coin slot. Units can be strategically placed in a store so that customers who are waiting in line to make a purchase can go online for a few pesos.

Furthermore, Cyberya operators can rely on PLDT KaAsenso’s extended 24-month warranty and preferential after-sales support that includes hotline and carry-in repair service that will make Cyberya Minigosyo sustainable for entrepreneurs.

Cyberya Minigosyo provides a mini internet café negosyo which would reap high profits and unlimited income without the extra effort!

For more information, visit a PLDT Sales & Service Center near you. You may also “like” the PLDT KaAsenso Facebook page, and follow @PLDTKaAsenso on twitter for updates.

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