Saturday, April 2, 2016

Power Up with Megawatt Pizza, Chicken, and Burrito

There is a new chowdown joint in town and it is called Megawatt.  Its name reflects its powerplant  theme,  which revolves around solar panels, industrial look and feel. This solar-powered restaurant has its tables designed like solar panels.  The restaurant staff members are garbed in blue overalls and hardhat.

With the success of Red Baron, the owners wanted a new food concept to venture into. And since one of the partners happen to own 21st Element carwash business, they decided to open the Megawatt pilot branch within the LG2 Carwash Station’s compound.

I was invited to try out their electrifying dishes which revolve around Tex-Mex cuisine popular in the state of Texas.

The word Tex-Mex (coined from Texan and Mexican), is rooted in the state's Tejano culture.  It  describes  a culinary fusion of American cuisine and Mexican cuisine, deriving from the culinary creations of Tejanos.

If you want to go on a Tex-Mex  food trip, Megawatt is menu features a hodgepodge of  pizzas, pastas, burritos, fries and hamburgers.

We were served Nacho-Rizo (P 158) and  the Megawatt Platter (P 285) for appetizers. Nacho-Rizo is a  hefty platter  of nachos, longganisa bits, and shredded cheese. The longganisa of course was the best thing to have on a plate of cheesy nachos! Megawatt Platter was equally satisfying as well with its Crispy Fries, OHM-nion Rings, Mozarella Cheese sticks, and Chicken Nuggets mix.

Next came in Chicken and Chips. It taste good. The flavors from the 12 secret seasonings and spices really do make this classic chicken dish so great. The crisp French fries complements the crunchiness of battered chicken pieces.

For an easy grab-and-go meal, Burritos are a good option.  Megawatt has 6  burrito recipes for you to choose from,   The wide range of flavors include Vegan Pesto (P 185),  Breakfast Longganisa (P 208),  Pork Kimchi Burrito (P 215), Szechuan Seafood Garlic (P 235) and Roast Beef (P 245).  I had Roast Beef and it was good.  The tortilla was packed with tender beef strips, paprika-flavored rice, mushrooms, corn kernels, and served with sour cream, creating a burrito perfect for  my tastebuds.

They also have 29 Karat Surf and Turf Burrito (Meltique Steak with Edible Gold Cream) on the menu which is priced at (P 810).

Pizza options include hand-tossed and crispy-thin selections.  The   Megawatt Ultra Premium Pizza is a crispy thin delight foie gras and truffle extract in 5 cheeses.

Cheese Cheese Cheese Pizza (P 315)  combines Feta, Sharp, Cheddar, Gruyere, Parmigiano, and Mozarella. The crispy-thin flatbread was a perfect blend of the six cheeses. It was bursting with flavor.

I also got to taste the Seafood Garlic Pizza (P 315).  This hand-tossed pizza has Scallop, Squid, Shrimp,  and Fish in special sauce.

Rice meal options include Fisherman's Catch (Bangus Belly), Spicy Beef and Lamb Roll plus the Chunky Angus Tapa.  The Angus Tapa meat was tender and succulent.  The owner told us that they use Meltique beef for the dish.

Megawatt also offers a handful of  Hamburger creations.

Megawatt has something to offer to all members of the family.  Check them out for an electrifying dining experience.

Megawatt – Pizza, Chicken, Burrito
 41-A N. Domingo Corner Valencia Street,
Quezon City
Phone (02) 501-2987
Open from 11AM to 9:30PM

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Sony BRAVIA 4K HDR TVs launch in Manila

Sony Philippines launched its newest line-up of televisions in an event dubbed as Infinity held in Shangri-La at the Fort last March 30, 2016. BRAVIA 4K HDR TV models X9300D and the X8500D were unveiled in partnership with Heima, a well-known Home and Lifestyle store in the country.

Picture this: The sides are lined with gold, giving the TV set an elegant, artistic touch. And when you mount it on the wall, it has the effect of “disappearing into the wall, leaving nothing but picture.” But what we like most about it is the cable management system, which keeps those twisted wires out of view and makes it hassle-free to clean.

Sony Philippines, proving its intent to deliver a TV set that will suit any room, partnered with home and lifestyle store Heima to design diverse showrooms featuring the new Bravia TVs at the launch held in Shangri-La, Fort Bonifacio. “It was easy to incorporate the Bravia TVs in each design given its slim frame and cable management feature that made styling the home interiors a breeze,” said Heima co-owner and marketing director Bong Rojales.

Be thrilled with the unprecedented detail and color of the BRAVIA® X83 TV with 4K resolution. You enjoy a world of apps and online content with this Android TV.  This TV gives access to  high-definition titles Google Movies which you can buy and watch from the Play Store.

The Bravia Android TV touchpad remote has been designed for an environment where you will need to swipe and click more that enter channel numbers. This is an easy way to navigate the Android interface of the TV and even though there is a traditional remove in the box you will not be using it much. Plus, there is the option to connect your smartphone or tablet to the TV and use it as the main input device

Sony has specially designed its One Flick Remote Control to snuggle into the palm of the hand. This device offers a quicker means of navigation and search than your standard TV remote.  The One Flick also features a microphone which can be used to search for apps and content.

This is a smart television in every sense of the term, but being Android it does not have to tout that bit — smartness is implied in Android. So it lets you add apps, set favourite shows, toggle between multiple sources, mirror or stream content of all types from other smart devices and even play in 3D.

TORAYVINO™ purifier for a 99.99% Bacteria-free Drinking Water at Home

Do you drink tap water?

Moms like me would agree that having safe drinking water af home is essential for optimal health. While preparing the healthiest and most nutrient-dense food for the family is important, it only ranks second to sourcing the best water options.

Water makes up 70% of our body weight and we need water for proper hydration on top of transporting nutrients to essential systems of the body. Hence, forming a habit of drinking a lot of clean water on a daily basis is beneficial. Safe drinking water in the household should be our top priority.

 Sometimes, water sources do contain hundreds of chemicals and impurities that  affect your health plus the taste, color and smell of your water.  Water filtration then becomes necessary so that none of these are absorbed from the water.  Water filter systems  reduce a significant number of contaminants and improve the water’s overall quality.

Torayvino maybe your best water option on your kitchen counter.

TORAYVINO™ is a home water purifier series that combines Toray's developed hollow-fiber membrane and activated carbon technologies.

Torayvino compact faucet-mounted water purifier is a filtration system from Japan that could eliminate disease-causing bacteria such as amoebiasis, cholera, and diarrhea, among many others.  This easy-to-use faucet water filter system removes the widest range of contaminants.

A spigot attaches near sink for easy use. The water filter is compact enough to fit in an individual’s palm, but works perfectly at filtering out chlorine and other substances that might bring about any untoward smell, taste, or turbidity (color) in your water.

 To top it all, essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals that are naturally found in water are retained as water  undergoes a stringent filtration process.

Torayvino produces 99.99% bacteria-free water through a 4-stage filtration system: impurities bigger than 465 microns, such as rust, sands, sediment and particles are removed in the ore-screen stage. Those bigger than 114 microns impurities that couldn’t be removed by prescreen, will then be taken away in the second screen. The granular activated carbon strongly removes residual chlorine, harmful chemicals, and bad odor; while the hollow fiber membrane precisely removes contaminants in the 0.1um unit such as bacteria, rust, turbidity, coliform bacili, microorganisms, and microscopic impurities.

As the water passes through the granular activated carbon, it efficiently removes residual chlorine, harmful chemicals and bad odor. Finally, the optimal hollow fiber membrane structure removes contaminants larger than 0.1 micron, such as bacteria and other microorganisms, rust, turbidity, and microscopic impurities. Such technology, which is likewise used in dialysis machines and artificial kidneys, provides low elution and high flow rate of water.

A Torayvino faucet-mounded water filter could provide up to 1,500 liters of purified water. That’s about three to five months of regular use for a household with four individuals. After that, you need to change the cartridge only.

 Torayvino MK303 retails at P1,980 while the cartridge costs P1,380. This means clean and safe drinking water costs only P0.92 per liter, as opposed to about P1.85 per liter from water-refilling stations.

Torayvino comes from a company called Toray Industries, Inc. Established in 1926, it has presence in over 20 countries (including USA, UK, China), with some 46,000 employees. It has a 66 percent market share among faucet-mounted filtration systems in Japan.

 Torayvino Water Purifier conforms with the Japan Industrial Standards and is also certified and approved by the Philippine Department of Health. It is distributed in the Philippines by Moduvi, Inc. and maybe purchased from True Value and All Home.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Goodness Right In The Middle

Filipinos love to eat. That is a proven fact. The delight of eating has always been part of Filipino culture. Time or location is irrelevant to Filipino certified food lovers worldwide. May it be in the middle of breakfast to lunch or lunch to dinner, Merienda is always something that hungry Pinoys look forward to.

Merienda is for everyone. Goldilocks, the country’s number onebakeshop, recognizes that grabbing a bite several times during the day is essential for Pinoys. And so it offers MOREyenda meals to satisfy any merienda cravings.

Those looking for a savory treat can gorge on Fried Lumpia, while the ones with a sweet tooth can go for Ginataang Bilu-Bilo---each priced at only P 50. There is Dinuguan Jr. with the classic Goldilocks Puto (P 55) for those looking for a mix of both sweet and savory.

Grab these MOREyenda meals at any Goldilock’s branch nationwide.

Follow Goldilocks on Twitter or Instagram at @GoldilocksPH for more information. You may get updates on the Goldilocks Facebook page or from the official Goldilocks website at

Monday, March 28, 2016

EGGciting Easter at ‪the ‎B Hotel Quezon City

We joined in B Hotel's Easter Party last Sunday, along with fellow mombloggers and their children. Kids and kids-at-heart were in for a surprise as we stepped inside the B Hotel Grand Ballroom.

B Hotel seemed to have everyone covered in their barnyard themed Easter Party! There were several stations for kids and adults to enjoy.

At the left side of the stage was a mini petting zoo.  There were rabbits, chicks hamsters and a pair of lovebirds on display.  It was a huge hit among the children!

  These animals were eventually given  away to  lucky participants who were able to answer the animal trivia questions correctly.

My daughter had a great time at the facepainting and glitter tattoo booths.

There were games, raffle draws and a Magic Show to keep everyone entertained!

 They even had  craft activity set ups for  guests.   Each kid was given an activity passport to complete which in turn will be exchanged for a goodie bag of treats.  My daughter couldn't contain her  excitement as she started working immediately on hers.

At the Gymboree booth, they engaged toddlers in a trial class. Activities in the class included singing, doing art crafts, making bubbles and other Gymboree signature activities.

The playdough area on the other side of the Grand Ballroom was popular among the young children as well.

Dads and teenage boys outwitted each other at the hilarious "Chubby Bunny" game.

The traditional egg hunting activity was held at the last part of the program. The kids were divided into 2 groups and the younger ones were the first to go on the scavenger hunt. They filled their brown bags with all the plastic eggs they could find. Some are filled with assorted candies while others that are decorated with Toy Kingdom stickers entitled the kids to win 1 of the 10 special Toy Kingdom packages. The 2 huge ones entitled its finder to an overnight stay at B Hotel!

B Hotel made everything perfect and unforgettable from the beginning to the end of the Easter party celebration.

Special thanks to Millie and the B Hotel staff for inviting us to a grand celebration.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Women Power – a New Epoch

The past 30 years have seen 2 female Philippine Presidents and 1 female Vice President. Now, as Sen. Grace Poe and Rep. Leni Robredo continue to top the political radar screens, many look forward to seeing these 2 lady legislators possibly occupying the two highest elective positions in the land at the same time, as Senator Osmena III has pointed out.

The transition to a new epoch is a near possibility, especially with the recent survey numbers of Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares and Rep. Leni Robredo. Llamanzares has had consistently strong numbers for some time. But it’s a different case for Robredo. Her numbers started at something like 1% to 4% when her vice presidential candidacy was announced but are now in the 20s.

The frontrunners in the Vice Presidential race – Senators Chiz Escudero and Bongbong Marcos – are now within striking distance of Robredo. Buoyed by the dramatic leap in her numbers, she now exhibits great confidence that she can, indeed, beat her two male rivals. There is still a lot of work to be done but Robredo and her volunteers – both women and men – now have good reason to be more than hopeful.

A Vote of Women

Election after election, and for most of its history, the leadership of the country have been occupied predominantly by men. Unknown to many, however, female voters have consistently outnumbered male voters, although by slim margins.

This development becomes important not only for the Bicolana lawmaker herself but for the country as a whole. Because over and above this demographic fact is the stark reality that the Philippines, regrettably, has not been able to maximize the positive potentials of having more female leaders.

It must be made clear though, that this is not a battle of the sexes. This is simply pushing forward and recognizing the need to harness the energy, the boundless patience and the innate creativity of women in the national quest for genuine societal change. We are teetering on the edge of a new epoch---a deeper commitment by the government to engage more women in positions of leadership.

What do the strong numbers of Llamanzares and Robredo's rise in the surveys suggest? At the very least, they indicate that a greater number of women now recognize that it's time for them to be even more actively involved in both politics and in the search for meaningful and lasting changes in their communities.

It may also be asked: didn't this already exist with the two past female Presidents? No. At least not in the context that people may have wanted, or expected. The fact is that our two female former Chief Executives both came from very influential and affluent families. Both of them also came from very political backgrounds.

On the other hand, Llamanzares, and especially Robredo are different. Robredo not only carries degrees in law and economics, she has also championed the rights of women in her province and worked towards community development – even before she entered public office!

This aspect of her past may be the reason for her recent strong standing. She has been able to show that political pedigree or one's money does not determine one's strength in the polls. This can also mean that the Filipina voter now puts more importance in what a person has already done and continues to do. Politicians usually like to talk about what they want, or plan to do. In Robredo's case, she talks about what she's already done.

It is reassuring therefore, that Robredo has actually been making her own contributions in this regard especially in her capacity as a lawyer. It also seems that people are looking for a new face in public service, for somebody with no background involved in a past marked with violence or corruption and thievery; or one with no record of jumping to the other side of the political fence for political expediency. They want an authentic, honest to goodness public servant who will do exactly that – serve. Less of the politicking; just concrete and genuine action.

Who do we see?

There was this photo of her waiting, alone, for a bus to her home province. It earned positive notice among a lot of people. This contrasted sharply from the image of the typical Philippine politician – riding in an expensive car, clad in expensive clothes, laden with jewelry and accompanied by a retinue of bodyguards,

This is something that the current electorate seems to be looking for in a candidate – simple, humble, unassuming. Possibly also capturing a positive public perception for her is her statement that she has no intention of pursuing the Presidency unlike her two main rivals – Marcos and Escudero. She just wants to focus on the job of a Vice President and put all her energy into it.

Robredo actually tried to stay out of the limelight, opting instead to defend the rights of women and the marginalized in the courtroom even as her husband gained national prominence for his style of responsive governance. She adopted a low profile while pushing for greater women's empowerment, through such means as having their own means of livelihood to achieve financial independence.

She is one credible, indisputable argument for having more women in positions of power in the government.

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