Friday, July 20, 2012

Hair Fit for A Queen

In summer 2011, I made an appointment with an unknown beauty shop after getting a groupon online for a cut plus free hair color accent. I have decided to have my hair cut short to be able to feel the summer breeze and change my looks for the season.  There wasn't any customer
in sight when I walked in.  It should have told me not to frequent an empty beauty shop!

I always stay on the safe side so I was excited to ditch the long hair.  It proved to be a bad decision.  While seated,  I kept praying that the stylist knows what she was doing.  My hair was a mess!  The natural curls that used to give me more hair volume now causes my hair
to look stiff and fly in all directions.  After the ordeal,  it dawnedon me that not all hairstylists are created equal.

Since then I decided to grow my hair back and sport the same hairstyle for a long time. since it manages to hide flaws like my thinning spots and grey strands when my mane gets set with hairspray applications.

I would like to go to BND Hair Gallery Salon after reading the rave reviews of Juan Manila Express

I wish to get an up-to-date hairdo from BND Hair Gallery Salon that would make me exude youthfulness and vitality.  I'm sure that BND
can come up with a new style that makes me look younger while addressing my hair flaws.

BND Hair Gally Salon specializes in precision and designer cutting of hair. Beng Nogara Manuel brings with her 11 years of extensive knowledge and creative ability in the salon business with expertise in fashion hairstyling and makeup.

I care about my appearance because I value and respect myself.  And I do believe that a great look lies in the cut!  With the right cut, I can look much better with confidence.  

Let me win this BND queen treatment, Juan Manila Express and Social Plus Magazine!

Las Pinas City holds its 7th Water Lily Festival

The sun was up and the creativity was high at the Water Lily Festival held on July 19 at BF Resort Village's Carnival Park Covered Court in Talon 2, Las Pinas City. It provided the awesome backdrop for the ultimate celebration of the locality's truimph in overturning the once aquatic nuissance to a profit-generating livelihood raw material that benefits 500 families in 20 barangays. 

The water hyacinth that used to choke Las Pinas' Prinza River and hinder the rushing flow of water were collected and dried under the sun. The dried water lily stalks are then woven into baskets, trays, slippers and other export-quality ornamental items. Not only did it solve the river problem, the water hyacinth basket weaving enterprise of the Villar Foundation under former Congresswoman Cynthia Villar now provides a sustainable livelihood for most of Las Pinas constituents. The rewards were notable that it won a UN award for Best Water Management Practice. According to Adelfa Palabrica and Melba Chavez of Barangay Talon 2, both basket weavers, the festival gives everyone the physical vitality to continue on and exceed what Las Pinas City has already achieved. Don Torres, who used to be worked in a private export organization before becoming Villar Foundation's trainor, believes that the Water Lily Festival brings people together to work towards a common, noble purpose. “Through this festival, we are able to help the water lily weavers to market their products by showcasing them throughout the day-long festival, from the beautiful gowns of the contestants in the Miss Water Lily and the costumes of the street dancers to the decorations of the boats in the fluvial parade,” said Villar, whose name has become synonymous with water lilies and green social enterprises.

Water Lily Festival showcased Filipino ingenuity and talent. There was Fluvial Parade, Street Dancing Competition, exhibit of handicrafts and hand weaving. The street dance showdown was truly amazing with water lily incorporated into the colorful costumes and choreography. The musical performances of the Las Pinas National Highschool Drum and Lyre, Gintong Lahi, Manunugtog Kawayan, Las Pinas Science Highschool etc. made this merrymaking activity such as a hit among the audiences.

It was also the culminating activity for the Miss Las Pinas Water Lily 2012 search, in which contestants were dressed in fabulous, innovative gowns created by both aspiring and noted designers such as Noli Hans using the water lily.

Queenierich Rehman, the reigning Miss World 2012 who also hails from Las Pinas, joined Representative Mark Villar, Congresswoman Cynthia Villar, and Miss Las Pinas Water Lily 2011 winner Daphne Cortex in the celebration.

Highlights of the festivity were the announcing of  the Fluvial Parade winner, Pamplona 2 as street dancing champion and Lyra Velchez as the reigning Miss Las Pinas Water Lily 2012.

To get updates on the Villar Foundation or on Las Pinas City's undertakings, please follow Congresswoman Cynthia Villar on Twitter and on Facebook.
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