Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lactacyd brings fresh look and new dimension to Intimate Care

Last September 4, Lactacyd formally unveiled its latest range in a press launch held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, with no less than actress Anne Curtis.

The latest range of Lactacyd now offers more choices and distinct benefits that match the various personalities, lifestyles and hygienic care needs of today’s modern women. Made from natural and mild milk-based ingredients, lactoserum and lactic acid – Lactacyd’s unique formulation complements a woman’s pH while effectively helping to prevent irritation and problems caused by bacteria.

Celebrity icon, TV host and product endorser, Anne Curtis is no stranger to such demanding mix of shifting roles, both in reel and real life. According to the 29-year-old actress, every woman can still be at her best self amid hectic daily routines and lifestyles.
“Personally, I make sure to bring out my best in all performances, whether they are on television, film, and even in real life. To do so, I have to be always healthy and confident, and that includes taking good care of myself so I could be consistently on top of my game and focused in everything that I do,” said Anne, who has been Lactacyd’s endorser since 2012.

Lactacyd understands that every woman has distinct needs. That is why Lactacyd came up with a full range of feminine care that suits the different types of women best.

Like Anne, each woman needs a constant care partner to keep her fresh and clean all throughout so she can go with her everyday activities worry-free.
Lactacyd translates these via a full range of products that best suits every woman’s delicate hygiene needs:

Protecting - the classic variant that keeps itching, irritation and odor away via its delicate and caring properties

Revitalize - the feminine wash with Vitamin E and collagen ingredients to enhance skin softness, suppleness and firmness

White Intimate – a natural and safe lightening feminine wash that lightens the bikini area within 4 weeks

All-Day Care - formerly known as Lactacyd Fresh Radiance, for everyday protection and freshness

Cool and Fresh - which promotes cooling and longer-lasting freshness2 against heat and feeling of stickiness in the intimate area

Lactacyd’s new feminine care range celebrates the joys and gentle spirit of femininity that is unique and wonderful in every woman. With five variants to choose from, Lactacyd empowers all types of women to be the best kind of woman they can be.

Friday, September 5, 2014

LG Sakers versus Ginebra at the Asian Basketball Showdown

This September 9th, long-time basketball archrivals Korea's Changwon LG Sakers and local Ginebra San Miguel team battles it out at the Smart Araneto Coliseum. Global technology leader LG Electronics brings this epic face off in Manila, a first major sporting event in Philippine basketball history.

Korea’s LG Sakers leads the attendance rankings in eight out of 10 seasons of the Korean Basketball League (KBL), while the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel is one of the most-loved teams in Philippine basketball and currently holds eight Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) titles.

Korean basketball legend Shin Dong Pa is set to grace the event, showing his undying support and love for the sport. Hailed as one of Asia’s greatest basketball players, Shin Dong Pa would score an average of 30 to 40 plus points per game in the Asian Championships to rally his team to victory.

LG Electronics Philippines brings this epic match to its customers to let them experience first-hand excitement of watching both power teams play in court.

With the consumers in mind at the heart of every innovation, LG Philippines has opened the Asian Basketball Showdown to basketball-loving pinoys for FREE.
Interested patrons are encouraged to register via the LG Electronics facebook fanpage. After doing so, they can start redeeming their tickets from any LG Mobile concept stores in SM Megamall, SM North EDSA and Greenhills Shopping Center, as well as from Titan stores within Metro Manila from September 5-7, 2014. Registrants are requirred to present the e-ticket and 1 valid ID, and sales invoice or official receipt (if registered as an LG customer for patron tickets) upon claiming.

Visit or like LG Philippines facebook page for more information.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A refreshing wet shave from Philips AquaTouch

The rainy season is here to stay. And with excess humidity in the air, your skin needs a little extra moisture to prevent it from drying up. For men, this makes a wet shave an everyday grooming necessity during this time of the year.

“While a wet shave is traditionally done using a razor, a cutting-edge electric shaver can handle both wet and dry shaves,” says RJ Buenaventura, General Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

“At the same time, it saves you time and effort without compromising comfort and convenience.”

According to Pia Umayam—Business Development Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle, the rainy season is the perfect time for wet shaves, adding that a little extra moisture will go a long way in ensuring your skin feels fresh and smooth.

As opposed to a dry shave, a wet shave uses products—such as shaving gels, foams, and oils to provide extra moisture. While it may take a bit longer, wet shaves lead to much less skin irritation (especially during the rainy season).

Umayam narrates, “First, take a hot shower or wrap a hot, damp towel on your face. This softens the skin and allows your electric shaver to glide smoothly. Apply cream or foam then proceed to shaving circular patterns, while periodically rinsing the shaver under the tap to remove excess foam or gel.”

With the Philips AquaTouch wet and dry electric shaver, men can look crisp and clean while maintaining optimum skin comfort during the long, rainy days.

Your Choice

The Philips AquaTouch is designed with the Aquatec Seal, allowing it to be fully immersed in water. With a watertight inner body, liquids cannot reach its electronic parts. This feature gives men the choice between comfortable dry shaves or refreshing wet shaves.

Umayam points out: “Remember, not one is better than the other. Wet shaves are just suggested for rainy days, whereas dry shaves are better suited for the less humid months of the year.”

The Philips AquaTouch is optimized to perform with gels and foams to enhance skin comfort. Its flexible shaving heads adjust easily to facial contours, allowing for a soft and smooth glide.

This electric shaver lifts hairs to give a comfortably closer shave, and it has precision blades that cut even the shortest hairs—a particularly useful feature for men with stubbles.

Easy Maintenance

“The Philips AquaTouch is quite easy to maintain,” describes Umayam. “A Quick Rinse system lets you clean it under the tap or even use it while you’re showering.”

The electric shaver also boasts optimum energy efficiency, as it comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery that maximizes the number of shaves per charge. Umayam remarks, “It can be fully charged in eight hours, so it’s always ready to go.”

To top it off, the AquaTouch is backed by a coveted two-year guarantee from Philips to ensure prolonged years of service.

Buenaventura finishes, “If you are looking for a shaving experience that is a cut above the rest, the Philips AquaTouch is the ideal choice for you. It is the perfect grooming companion throughout the year.”

To know more about the products, log on to or check out the Facebook page at

You can also call their customer hotline at (632) 6679000 if you are within Metro Manila or 1-800-10-7445477 if you are outside Metro Manila.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Friggies for Optimal Health

Are you a fan of juicing? Friggies, a new social enterprise from the countryside, is now ready to offer juicing with a new twist as the juicing craze continuous on in the metro.

After months of testing out its products at the “Bahay-Kubo” booth at the GK-Enchanted Farm in AngatBulacan, and joining a series of food bazaars including a trial weekend market, Friggies is now inching its way into the mainstream market with the official launching of its website and roll-out of delivery service in Metro Manila area this month of September.

Friggies, which came from the words FRuIts and veGGIES, will be the emerging juice company among the pool of social enterprises such as Human Nature, Theo and Philo, Bayani Brew, Golden Egg, Plush and Play, First Harvest and Gourmet Keso to name a few. They support communities by sourcing their raw materials from GK-Enchanted Farm and cooperatives from around Bulacan, as well as other local farms in the country. Though still being in incubation stage, Friggies has been duly incorporated last June 19, which signifies that it’s about to make a name for itself.

The company draws inspiration from its founder, Frederick Espiritu, who sees Friggies as the culmination of his own personal journey of healing. He became a strong advocate of natural health after recovering from Hyperthyroidism that he had for more than 5 years. Since then, he has always been passionate of sharing this experience to inspire and help people deal with their health challenges. But it was after losing his father to cancer that became the biggest turning point in his life, and eventually paved the way to Friggies.

“I made a vow to myself that I’d do anything so that no other son would bear the same pain of losing his father to cancer,” said Fred whenever asked about the story behind Friggies.

On a lighter note, it actually came as a joke to Joey Lee, a close colleague and fellow natural health advocate, when Fred approached him one night at the office and asked if he’d be willing to start their own company.

“Fred told me that we will build a company that’s going to be bigger than the biggest coffee company in the world. And I was laughing while asking how we’re going to do that,” Joey happily recalled.

A month later, Fred also called in Lisamari Policarpio, another previous colleague of them to join and complete the team.

“After leaving my job, I was looking for a business opportunity to support my family while being handson raising my daughter,” Lisa shared on what convinced her to join.

“And Fred used to bring juices in the office and shared them among us. So when he said we’ll be making those juices for our products, I knew it has potential,” She added.

Previously Telecom Engineers, the trio is the unlikely team to put up the juice company Friggies. They presented the idea to GawadKalinga in one CSI night sometime November 2013, a regular gathering of social entrepreneurs at EF-Café. The proposal was approved and on December of that same year, Friggies had its selling debut during the Countryside Christmas Fair.

It was a humbling kick-off experience, since Friggies was able to contribute a significant share on the proceeds for the Yolanda relief efforts. They were also delighted by the reception of the people who tried and bought the ABC Juice, which was the prime and only product back then.

Today, Friggies has four variants of cold-pressed juices to offer. After the ABC Juice, the company now focuses on coming up with juices made only from locally-sourced and organic produce. It’s interesting to note that each juice variant has a character. For one, the TM Juice was named after the founder of GawadKalinga, Tony Meloto. The AID Juice, is a functional drink that was specifically mixed to combat inflammation, hence the name Anti-Inflammatory Drink.

Their version of the green juice is quite special, because consumers get to choose the green veggies that will be mixed in the juice. Friggies aims to educate and raise awareness among its consumers the value of taking care of one’s own health. So they came up with the idea of juicing together through a fun and learning experience.

Friggies also introduced another product line Smooggies, which means ‘Smoothies by Friggies’ and it’s what they recommend to people opting for a meal replacement.

This is what sets Friggies apart from their counterparts that plainly offer juices for detoxing, fasting or cleansing. Instead of having 1-day, 3-day or 5-day cleanse, Friggies juices and smoothies are to be incorporated gradually into a regular dietary regimen until we are able to stick to a healthy-habit that eventually becomes a lifestyle.

“Healing is a journey. Juicing is a lifestyle,” as Friggies tagline would suggest. “Our body heals through detoxing and cleansing. The purpose of the juices and smoothies is to help our body do them. Healing does not happen occasionally and optimum health is not something you can only have for a day or a week. It’s our innate gift, we are constantly healing and health is a way of living,” explained Fred on his personal views.

“Juicing is supposed to be an amazing experience, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you should not eat anything for days to benefit from it. We are trying to take care of our body, not impose some kind of punishment by starving ourselves. Healing takes place when our body feels that it is loved. This is what we hope people get from Friggies, to feel that they are loved,” Fred added with a smile.

Their website, will be launched this September 6 and celebrated as they join “Belly-Sima”, the first ever artisan and gourmet food fair happening at Glorietta Activity Center in Makati, where free taste of Friggies juices and smoothies will be given.

Friggies Online Store is one the main pages of the website, where consumers can easily place their orders and securely process payments. They have key partners to cater the delivery of the juices and smoothies right at your doorstep or wherever you’d prefer, all throughout the week.

Another major site feature is its blog section, where everyone is invited to share a story, be it a juicing experience, a vacation trip one recently had, or the things we are passionate about. Truly, there’s a lot more to Friggies than what meets our taste buds. It’s as if we’re just having a taste test of what it has to offer. And the best is yet to come.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Marriott Hotel Manila Reigns Supreme at the Philippine Culinary Cup

At the recent Philippine Culinary Cup (PCC), dubbed as the annual competition “where the best meet to compete” and the only continental competition endorsed by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), Marriott Hotel Manila’s of team of culinary and pastry chefs garnered the most number of awards compared to its hotel counterparts. After four grueling days of competition at the SMX Convention Center, PCC’s roster of WACS-accredited judges happily awarded the team of Marriott Hotel Manila with 4 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals!

Those who brought home the gold were Chefs Rej Casanova, Jae Louise Cortiñas, Francisco Santiago, and Sarah Mendoza for the Dream Team Challenge; Chefs Prince Patino and Rej Casanova for Sous Vide; and Chef Joal Albert Garfin for the Chocolate Pastry Showpiece and Chef Francisco Oliveros for Fantasy Dessert.

Silver medalists were Chefs Oscar Gutay and Christopher Saquing for the Young Chefs Challenge, Chef Jimmy Manalo for U.S. Poultry, and Chef Michael John Fauni for U.S. Pork. Bronze medalists who followed suit were Chefs Brainard Vito, Jaime Lagunday, and Erwin Marquez for the Filipino Cuisine Challenge; Chef Maxine Cornista for the Quick Fire Salad; Chef David Socrates for Wedding Cakes; Chef Mary Joy Cueto for Dress the Cake; and Chef Joana Paula Tiglao along with Marty Santiago who both won for Pasta.

Spectators and fellow chef competitors from various establishments have always witnessed how Marriott Hotel Manila continues to prove its culinary mettle at the PCC. Noteworthy is not just its sheer number of winnings but the fact that it is able to beat its own past remarkable achievements. Indeed, why settle to be better when one can be the best? Passion for perfection is the distinct mark of the chefs of Marriott Hotel Manila. From the hotel to the culinary arena, they have exceptional ideas, remarkable taste, and seamless performance.

Philippine Culinary Cup Special Set Menu

And since only the best dishes are served to its guests, the chefs of Marriott Hotel Manila are sharing the glory of gold medals by offering these dishes at Cru Steakhouse this month of September.

Diners who prefer a la carte are off to a good start with the Slow Cooked Grouper (squid ink crepe, tomato pepper relish, compressed apples, and saffron kaffir aioli) for P990. For the main course, order the Sous Vide U.S. Angus Beef Tenderloin (kaffir-corn puree, truffle potatoes, and port wine sauce) for P1,950; or choose the Pan Roasted U.S. Angus Beef Flank Steak (smoked goat cheese, vegetable ragout, cauliflower truffle puree, wild mushroom stuffed rigatoni pasta, port wine ox tail jus) for P1,650; or opt for the Sous Vide Halibut Fillet (tomato pepper relish, corn shrimp crepes, squid ink kataifi crisp, and smoke-infused hollandaise sauce) for P1,850. Cap these with a divine dessert of either Banana Crème Brulee (chocolate ganache, almond walnut crumble, and cream cheese icing) or Dark Chocolate Maracaibo Mousse (vanilla custard, orange gelee, hazelnut crunch, and salted nut crumble) for only P400.

For a delightful 3-course dining experience, the Philippine Culinary Cup Special Set Menu is also offered at P3,150 for the Sous Vide U.S. Angus Beef Tenderloin, P2,950 for the Pan Roasted U.S. Angus Beef Flank Steak, and P3,000 for the Sous Vide Halibut Fillet. Enjoy these exclusive gold medal dishes, meet the pleasant award-winning chefs, or revel in both.

To know more about Marriott Hotel Manila, visit, or follow and Twitter @marriottmanila.

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