Saturday, August 29, 2015

Golden Empire Tower

Looking for your space should be exciting and fun. Aside from the benefits of a good location, it's nice to see the amazing sunsets, different colors of the sky and revel in joy staring at the amazing blue bay from your window. It's a living art to have access to hard-to-beat views and Manila's finest harbor.

Golden Empire Tower embodies  most things you'd like in highrise residential condo living. This 57-storey residential skyscraper located along 1322 Roxas Boulevard, is the tallest building in the City of Manila, standing at 666 feet!

You will love the harbour bay views from your elegant 3-bedroom (average floor size of 188 sqm with price ranging from 18M to 21M), 4-bedroom unit (average floor size of 257 sqm with price ranging from 25M to 30M) or special 4-bedroom suite (average floor size of 333 sqm with price ranging from 39M to 40M). Having skylights in your luxury condo unit would be exciting. You can just look out on the city and watch these shows from the cool comfort of home!

Watching downtown yearend fireworks and 4th of July fireworks displays would be pretty amazing!

While skyscrapers are traditionally used for offices, people today are keen on living in a skyscraper. Other than the spectacular view, central location plus strong security, residents get to enjoy the remoteness from the traffic noise as well. If you can’t stay away from the noise then living above it would be a good alternative.

Golden Empire Tower boast of a fully equipped fitness center, sauna and private massage room, greens and mini-gardens, swimming pools, 832 parking slots plus roof deck has a night-rated helipad. Moreover, this Moldex Realty's flagship skycraper development is equipped with high-speed elevators with control panels that prevent changes to floor destinations in mid-ascent or descent.

Now if you like the idea of city centre living and would be happy to live in a high rise block for the amazing view, Golden Empire Tower would definitely be the best match!

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Golden Empire Tower
1322 Roxas Boulevard
Ermita, Manila

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Grand Riviera Suites

I have always looked forward to owning a condominium unit in a highrise building. Living in a skyscraper appeals to many because of the amazing views of the city it gives. And the Grand Riviera Suites does provide a spectacular view of the stunning Manila Bay sunset all-year round!

Grand Riviera Suites is elegant bay side living at its finest! This 55-storey, highrise condominium allows residents to watch the sunset over Manila Bay, making it a great fun place to live!

Well-positioned at the heart of the country's historical hub, Grand Riviera Suites lets you lead the lifestyle youve always wanted in a bustling city. It lies in close proximity to prominent museums, vibrant shopping malls, casinos, port area, international and domestic airports.

Well-known schools, universities and hospitals are just a stone's throw from this luxurious highrise residential abode making it the most popular shoreline area in the country. Moreover, offers Recreational and Security Features that are undeniably comforting, on top of the beautiful unobstructed view of the Manila Bay!

It features an Outdoor Swimming pool, Lap pool, Kids pool, Jacuzzi, Gazebo and a Garden.

Located along the magnificent strip of Roxas Boulevard and near the American Embassy, this skyscraper let's you enjoy city center living at its best with enhanced living spaces fit for urban living! Its pretty fabulous general design plus enhanced living spaces fit for urban living combine with a 3,000-sqm luxury, dedicated to recreation and relaxation facilities.

Owning a unit at the Grand Riviera Suites would truly make you feel magical as you lay in bed, look out on your window and see the street lights going for miles.

Visit the Grand Riviera Suites now to choose from its Studio (19.5 to 21 sqm), 1-Bedroom (38.80 to 40.60 sqm), 2-Bedroom (49.63 to 64.93 sqm) and 3-Bedroom (84.92 sqm) Condominium unit offerings.

Unit Price and Sample Computation for Grand Riviera Suites Studio Unit

Floor Area : 19.5 sqm
Total List Price : 2,610,930

New List Price :          P 2,610,930
15% Downpayment :      P 391,639.50

Less Reservation Fee :         25,000
Net Downpayment :          266,639.50
12mos. to pay :                   30,553.29
85% Balance :                2,219,290.50

Bank Financing
 5 years      53,968.93
10 years     41,427.94

For a Two-Bedroom Unit

Total Contract Price:    10,026,490.88
20% Downpayment:      2,005,298.18
Reservation Fee:                50,000
Net Downpayment:       1,955,298.18
18 MTP DP:                   108,627.68/month

80% Loan:  P 8,021,192.70

Estimated Bank Amortization:
15 years:    69,874/month
10 years:    91,080/month
05 years:   156,944/month

For a Three-Bedroom Unit

Floor Area: 84.92 sqm

Total Contract Price:    13,874,705.60
20% Downpayment:       2,774,941.12
Reservation Fee:               100,000
Net Downpayment:        2,674,941.12
18 MTP DP:               148,607.84/month

80% Loan:   P 11,099,764.48

Estimated Bank Amortization:
15 years:    96,691/month
10 years:  126,036/month
05 years:  217,180/month

Please note that prices/payment terms may change without prior notice

It has a total of 199 parking spaces, 1,215 residential units and 9 commercial units with 4 high speed elevators on top of the full amenities to fit varied lifestyles.

Grand Riviera Suites is a project of Moldex Realty, Inc. one of the country's leading property developers and a subsidiary of Moldex Group of Companies (MGOC).

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Grand Riviera Suites
Padre Faura Street corner Roxas Boulevard
Ermita, Manila

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

CineFilipino Film Festival 2015 is bigger with 442 entries

CineFilipino 2015, organized and led by Unitel Productions, promises more moving stories and a more diverse mix of genres with an unexpected significant increase in entries, up to 20% versus the first festival in 2013.

CineFilipino 2015 has expanded its film categories to feature a competition for feature-length movies, shorts section which now includes mobile, online content and short features, documentary and TV series in digital format. Mobile and Online sub-categories are the new additions to this year’s film festival.

The Feature-Length category attracted 151 submissions. For the new categories, 51 Documentaries came in while 34 were listed under TV Series. Under the Shorts category were a total of 206 entries: 164 for Short Features, 15 for Mobile and 26 for the Online platform. A total of 442 filmamakers vie for the chance to break into the business through interactions with industry veterans at CineFilipino training and workshops. This is on top of the P 26M to be given away in terms of grants and prizes.

“We are excited for this year’s turnout. We have made CineFilipino bigger by expanding the categories, increasing the grants, giving good prizes to our top winners and inviting reputable Filipino and foreign judges to select the finalists and winners. Film enthusiasts and the filmmakers can definitely expect more this year,” said Madonna Tarrayo, Festival Director and President of Unitel, during the announcement of top pick CineFilipino 2015 entries at the Maxims Hotel last August 24.

CineFilipino 2015 Head of Film Festival Competition, Direk Joey Reyes, said that "we expanded categories because we want to be prepared ... There is more to life than a romantic comedy." Independent films produced on a shoestring budget are sometimes the best because of their sophistication. Independent cinema offer "comedy with sense and sensibilities", he adds.

The film festival, now on its second run, aims to tap up-and-coming and established filmmakers to explore topics that delve into the Filipino identity and culture, and define human experiences through a Filipino perspective. The results are thought-provoking, quality films.

Skillfully demonstrated by the 2013 best pictures, ‘Ang Huling Cha-cha ni Anita’ and ‘Ang Kuwento ni Mabuti’, films that talk about societal and cultural issues can be told in an audience-friendly and distinctly Filipino perspective. The festival seeks to produce films that make Filipinos know more about their identity as a nation and as people.

“Films have the power to ignite one’s passion, heal one’s heart and open one’s eyes to the possibilities this world has to offer. This year’s finalists offer stories that aim to do at least one of these things which make for a soul-satisfying experience. Our theme, ‘Stories worth watching. Movies worth celebrating’, fully encompasses what CineFilipino is about and what filmgoers can expect from this new batch,” Tarrayo said.

CineFilipino Film Festival 2015 helps independent films become more mainstream. Let us support indie filmmakers and their unique stories as CineFilipino 2015 takes centerstage in February 2016.

CineFilipino 2015 is supported by TV5, Meralco, Mediaquest Philippine Global Network and Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC). Do visit the official website, for further information.

Monday, August 24, 2015

25 Filipino migrants lauded in the "Heroes for Better" campaign

After months of searching for Filipino migrants who had made an outstanding difference in making a positive impact in the community, The Western Union Company announced today the top 25 Filipino migrants who exemplify what a Filipino should be. Selfless love and undertaking extraordinary effort in reaching out to unfortunate Filipinos in need is a welcome respite during these trying times. They are living proof that Filipino migrants are indeed our modern day heroes.

In its "Heroes for Better" campaign, Western Union recognizes the heroic efforts of Filipino migrants to affirm their invaluable contribution to their families, communities and the country. Not only do these migrants send hard-earned money back home, they had also given pride to the Filipino community with their successful missions. This tribute to outstanding modern-day Filipino heroes coincides with the celebration of Filipino Heroes Day come end of August.

“Heroes for Better" campaign celebrates lives of migrant Filipinos, their work and their personal advocacies because they were the ones who were courageous enough to run after their dreams and make a difference in the lives indigent fellowmen. They went the extra mile to influencing change in the lives of others and fulfilling other people’s dreams in their own little ways. “The campaign does not just recognize and tell their stories, it also provides them a platform to inspire others to pay it forward”, according to Patricia Riingen,  Western Union Senior Vice President, South East Asia and Oceania.

Present in today’s Heroes for Better press conference were three heroes – Nilo Beltran, founder of the Skills Caravan – a non-profit organization which provides free technical skills workshops to jail inmates, out of school youth and unemployed members of underprivileged communities in the Philippines; Edmond Corpuz, founder of the “Black Pencil” advocacy project which helped bring school supplies to 1,200 school children in rural areas; and Nestor Puno, a missionary who teaches a small school in Japan for Filipino and Filipino-Japanese children who cannot enter regular schools due to their residency status.

“I guess it holds true for all of us heroes that it started with an issue that had affected us and it simply compelled us to take action. It’s not that we wanted to change the world, we just wanted to help in our own way,” says Nestor Puno.

“This recognition given to us by Western Union only inspires us to continue and even extend the reach of our advocacies, involve more people, and hopefully influence other migrants to start their own missions too,” adds Nilo Beltran.

Learn more about inspiring stories of the these ordinary Filipino migrants living extraordinary lives at

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