Friday, March 22, 2013

Pinnaclife Wound Care System now in the Philippines

Last March 21, renowned US Biochemist Darlene McCord and Senior Researcher of McCord Research, shared her skin and wound care products with the Philippine market in cooperation with Cambert Pilipinas, Inc.

It took McCord Research two years to find a suitable organization like Cambert Pilipinas, Inc. to help them build product trust and introduce the revolutionary wound care system into the local medical community, tapping the expertise of Philippine Wound Care Society.

Dr. Martin Anthony Villa of the Philippine Wound Care Society was at media launch held in Sulo Hotel.

The skin is our body's immediate defense from infection and radiation. Many people suffer wounds that range from superficial lacerations and abrasions requiring cleansing and dressing while some needs more medical attention for their rupture injuries, punctures, and penetrating wounds to prevent further infection to underlying structures like bone, muscle, tendon, arteries and nerves.

Now with Cambert Pilipinas Inc. distributing Pinnaclife products, natural solutions to all types of wounds are now within the reach of every Filipino.

With over ten years paintaking experience at McCord Research, Dr. McCord discovered the cell-regenerating properties of olives. This development later became the basis for her line of skin and wound care products containing the breakthrough ingredient Olivamine 10. Under the parent company Pinnaclife, Olivamine 10 has been proven effective in treating chronic wounds faster compared to other commercially available brands.

 The Pinnaclife Wound Care System includes an antiseptic cleanser plus topical skin solutions specifically designed to treat lesions and skin irritations of all types and severity. The said products form a fast healing system that complements each other, enabling rapid wound healing as it nourishes the cells in the body. Healing is part of every single product under Pinnaclife.

It was a huge hit in US hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions after it was launched in 2004.

For more information, you may contact or visit their website at

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rendezvous at Uncle Cheffy

Uncle Cheffy is a restaurant well-known for its brick oven specialties. Their signature dishes include barbecued meat and panizza.

The Chicken Combo was served first. It tasted like asado. It came with a bowl of hot rice and a pitcher of iced tea.
Meat Platter is priced at 890 pesos

The Meat Platter came in next. Though the tender meat was served with romaine salad and marble potatoes, I was disappointed that it was served cold. The dish could be better appreciated if our order was served fresh and hot from the kitchen. It was supposed to be a combination of Chicken Leg, Lamb Breast, Beef and Pork Ribs served with BBQ sauce but we were told that they run out of beef and lamb.
All Meat Barbequed Panizza at 450 pesos

Last came in the Barbeque Panizza. I like the thin and crisp pizza crust. Though the pizza is crisp, it does not break when you roll it. It does not have much toppings so make sure to add arugula, salsa and alfalfa. Putting the vegetables in and rolling the crisp dough makes eating panizza fun.

Uncle Cheffy
Ali Mall, P. Tuazon Boulevard
Cubao, Quezon City
Telephone 709-4104 to 05

Monday, March 18, 2013

Healthy Food Options at Classic Savory Chicken House

Classic Savory Chicken House has always been a favorite restaurant that our family frequent because of its combination of Filipino and Chinese dish offerings.

This restaurant has been known for its superior Pancit Canton plus its tender, flavorful savory chicken with matching gravy sauce. It's chicken is something to die for. Each slice is always juicy despite the crispy skin on the outside.
The Baguio String Beans is made more appetizing with Ground Pork

My mom loves vegetables.  She finds dining at  Savory a good way to introduce veggie dishes to our kids.
Beef Stir Fry with Broccoli at 225 pesos per order
Stir Fry Beef with Broccoli Florets in oyster sauce never fails to satisfy our discerning taste!

My new personal favorite is the Kangkong with Crispy Pork Belly. Stir-fried kangkong is a nutritious addition to the tasty pork belly chunks.
Kangkong with Crispy Pork Belly  at 195 pesos per order

If you want your children to try out something different and healthy on low budget, I suggest that you bring them to Classic Savory. They will surely enjoy great-tasting, healthy food. Classic Savory also platters that good for sharing, if you want more choices for your memorable dining experience.

Classic Savory
Festival Supermall, Corporate Avenue corner Civic Drive
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Telephone: (02) 828-3613

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ingenious Filipino Cuisine that is Kuse

Kuse is a Tagalog terminology deriver from 'kusinero' that refers to the local chef. And like all kithen heads, a Kuse's reputation superceeds an exceptional feast.
I love the intimate, homey ambiance for family gatherings.  It actually feels like home at Kuse.
Kuse offers a wide variety of Filipino specialty food in the 'salu-salo' tradition, Behind the Vigan Bagnet, Pancit Lechon de Lucban and other regional culinary delights is Mauro Arjona Jr., Chef's Quarter Group Executive Chef. Kuse belongs to The Chef's Quarter Group of Restaurants.

The pilot outlet opened November 2009 at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill followed by Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo last March 2012. The latest branch opened at Eton Centris Walk in Quezon City.
The Pako (edible fern) looks and tastes heavenly. It has a sweet type of vinaigrette to complement the onions, salted eggs and tomatoes.

Adobong Kuhol sa Gata is simply addictive!  I helped myself to several servings.

I love how Kuse reinvented rice. The Garlic Dulong Rice has bits of dulong that perks up the otherwise bland flavor. Priced at 95 pesos, one serving is good for 3-4 people.

The pork’s meat was very tender. The crispy pata skin went well with the tomato side dish, blending it to perfection.
Kuse's Crispy Pata is something I could not resist!
You will find eating Inihaw na Bangus convenient as Kuse serves partially deboned fish.  I love the flavor coming from combined onion, garlic, green pepper and ginger.
We were served Bangus na Sinigang sa Bayabas.  I find this quite bland.  I prefer the standard sour taste of sinigang sa sampalok.

The sapin-sapin crème brulee is a must-try for those with sweet tooth! It has that classic Filipino taste with a twist.  Sweet potato forms its base layer, followed by taro (ube) layer and topped with condensed milk.

I definitely enjoyed my visit to Kusê and I am recommending that you try it sometime soon with your family. 

G/F The Piazza at Venice, McKinley Hill
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Fort Bonifacio 1634
Telephone: 836-4966
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