Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's Raining Bargains at SM Southmall's The Big Sale

Hop over to SM Southmall this weekend to shop and have fun spotting for great finds just like I did!

SM South Mall is the best place to buy all your needs and this weekend is the perfect time to do all the purchasing! Items up to 70% off abound, waiting to be found in the ongoing mall-wide sale!
Pompoms for the aspiring cheerleader (99 pesos)
Toy are great for mental stimulation.  There is no better way to bring  out  our  children's skill  than fun games!

My daughter loves this doll in a marron gown!  I got it for only 150 pesos!

Step in style and comfort by finding your perfect pair of shoes!   There are lots of  items to choose from.

Here is my fab find for my darling little angel, Daniella Nicole:
SM Kids black shoes for only 175 pesos!
You can get basic pieces you can use to bring life to your office wardrobe at unremarkably low prices

People getting their fill of trendy clothing for the upcoming holiday season!
Get your pot and pans at 70% off
Organize your home and kitchen with these containers
Gadgets to build your social network!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun Time at School

Cheerleading is a team sport. It takes a lot of time, passion and determination. My daughter had her cheering activity yesterday and I was amazed at her interest in getting all her acts well-coordinated with the rest of the group. She does not mind the times when she almost get kicked at and bruised. It seems like the thrill of cheering makes it all worthwhile!

The Blue Brains bested all of the groups! A job well done, anak!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good Ideas Workshop at Robinsons Place

Good Housekeeping Philippines recently held its final leg of the Good Ideas Workshop at Robinsons Place Ermita last August 18th with Tisha and Ms. JackieLou Blanco as hosts.

Good Housekeeping's NiƱa gave an informative talk on clutter.

Here is a run down of what I learned at the workshop:
A. Organize
  - put things where they should belong. Avoid a mess of things left lying about in your abode.
B. Editing
  - let go of items that no longer serve you even if it is still in good condition and generally useful.  Avoid the words 'for now'. Delaying or postponing decisions on what to do with stuffs only leads to clutter build up. You need to keep only what works best for you. And give away products you haven't used in a month to someone who might be able to make use of it. If you're a beauty junkie and have a lot of makeup clutter, it works best if you read reviews online to see if it's worth buying the latest product. This saves you the trouble of throwing away beauty products that have already expired in your possession.

C. Re-arrange - make sense to place things

D. Containerize
  - choose clear containers that are uniform in color and style. Bring measuring tape when buying containers to ensure that your purchase fits the shelves.

In the last part of the seminar, John Paul dela Rosa gave a short talk on home decorating and
cleanliness. He showed that wall decorating is possible with 3M Hooks and Hangers with Command Adhesive without entailing surface damage.
As housekeepers, we can make a difference in how we manage our homes to provide clean, comfortable living spaces for our family members.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let's Build a Nation of Entrepreneurs! Join Chinoypreneur 2012

The Chinese people are regarded as pioneers in business for centuries. Ask a non-Chinese about a characteristic that best define them and you will likely receive this answer: good in business (the other is rich but that is the by-product of the first answer).

Sometime in June, Forbes released its much-awaited 2012 Philippines’ richest. Not surprisingly, more than half of the 40 entries in the list were of Chinese descent, and not even critics can discount the economic value they contribute to the Philippines.

To date, this phenomenon remains shrouded in mystery. What made the Chinese so adept in business? What made the Chinese become movers and shakers in business at all? The irony was that the Chinese never intended to become businessmen nor entrepreneurs when they stepped onto the Philippines let alone prosper from it. They were prepared to do anything. Historians and anthropologists agree that the Chinese venturing into business was about survival. But those days are long gone now.

Today, the Chinese fosters an environment that allows the youth to grow up to become entrepreneurs just like previous generations. Fortunately, the community supports such environment and continues to cultivate and harness the entrepreneurial spirits of the youth. And count “CHInoypreneur” to support such cause. “CHInoypreneur” is an advocacy project of CHInoy TV, the country’s only trilingual magazine show.

This project is co-presented by in cooperation with Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), Go Negosyo, Mansmith and Fielders and the Alliance of Filipino-Chinese Students (AFICS). Launched in 2011, CHInoypreneur aims to promote entrepreneurship among the youth and to help improve the current state of Chinoy-owned businesses by educating them with different tools, technologies, and strategies in the fields of leadership, marketing, finance, information technology and human resources that would enable them to compete with the bigger and more established companies. CHInoypreneur also aims to foster unity among the Chinoy community across different industries. CHInoypreneur will revolve around two main projects: the CHInoypreneur day and the CHInoypreneur Challenge 2012. The CHInoypreneur Challenge 2012 is a business reality segment on CHInoy TV that will have college students apply what they have learned from the CHInoypreneur seminar.

The CHInoypreneur day is a one-day seminar that will be conducted by different business experts and will invite aspiring businessmen and even college students. Sharing their insights and expertise will be business gurus such as Samie Lim for franchising; Josiah Go for marketing; Randell Tiongson for finance; Paulo Tibig for basics of entrepreneurship and Michaelangelo Lobrin for business values. The Executive Director of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship, Mr. Ramon Lopez, will be there to discuss the possibilities of  building the Philippines as a Nation of Entrepreneurs.

Now on its second run, this year’s CHInoypreneur Challenge 2012 promises to be bigger and bolder, with collegiate students showcasing their entrepreneurial skills in a competitive challenge. Some of the participating schools are the De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila University, University of Sto. Tomas, Philippine Cultural College, Chang Kai Shek College, University of the Philippines, and University of Asia and the Pacific. The CHInoypreneur Day will be held at the 7th Floor Federation Center in Binondo, on September 1, 2012. Don’t pass this opportunity to learn from the brightest minds of Philippines business, and get a sneak peek at how the CHInoypreneur 2012 business competition will unfold this year.

Registration for CHInoypreneur Day is free. Just visit the CHInoy TV fanpage to register (

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gustatory Delights at TGI Fridays

On rainy days, I often go to Friday's to indulge myself in a hefty meal.
My all-time favorite is their Chicken Fingers. I love french fries and the TGIF serving portions surely satisfies my potato cravings. The honey mustard sauce even makes my meal a superb one!

I also ordered their signature Grand Nachos and a TGIF sampler to share with my friends! For picky eaters, the latter offers a variety to choose from.  The plate has corn cobs, vegetables, crunchy coated shrimps, fried chicken and pork chops!

I'd give the overall gustatory experience 4 out of 5 stars! For more information on their food offerings visit the TGIF website or like the TGIF fanpage.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Revisiting Toys R' Us

The Toys R' Us store is sporting a new look! I love the way they categorized their area such as the Robinson's Galleria branch into easily distinguishable sections--Girls’ Favorites, Boys’ Action & Adventure, Family Fun and Games, Babies “R” Us, Education,  Sports & Outdoor, plus R-zone for savvy electronic gadgets.

If your kids love LEGO, they will surely love to have one of these stackable Lego sorters at home!

You might want to visit Robinsons Galleria and be part of its big RED HOT SALE! The Red Hot Sale items can be bought up to 70% off and runs up to the end of August 2012 only!
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