Friday, July 4, 2014

Top Animators host ICON Manila 2014

Last July 3, 2014, ICON Manila held its first International Entertainment and Design Conference at the SMX Convention Center, the first of its kind in Asia. ICON Manila featured John Butiu, James A. Finch, Vance Kovacs, Armand Serrano, Stephen Silver, and Marcelo Vignali, who shared their passions in film and TV animation including blockbuster game concept designs and production.

The topnotch design and animation professionals from major animation studios such as Walt Disney, Universal Studios, and Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Sony Animation Pictures, and Marvel Productions gave their audience behind the scenes account of much-loved film favorites that include Mulan, Surf's Up, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, Lord of the Rings, Hotel Transylvania, and Frozen.
Davao-born John Butiu is the genius behind Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. He did the Visual Effects for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. This Filipino-American visual development artist specializes in 3D.

Armand Serrano is another well-known Filipino-American for his works in animated feature film studios such as Walt Disney Animation Studios and Sony Pictures Animation. He gives lectures in the field of animation and design, conducts workshops and demos.

With a long line of film credits such as Big Hero 6 (2014), Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Hotel Transylvania, Mulan, Surf’s Up, Lilo and Stitch, Brother Bear, and Tarzan, Armand Serrano serves as an inspiration to local, aspiring artists.

According to him, the animation process is much more than bringing drawn figures to life. The process is much more complicated than it seem. It takes years of practice to make one’s concept art stand out. Fortunately for those who desire to be an animator, there is a way. A good concept art should start from a good idea. Design and Technique follows next. With the three elements in place, an artist can further tweak his creations in combination with techniques, composition, perspective and values (lighting).

ICON Manila is a paid conference under ICON for Missions, a newly formed non-profit organization based in Eastvale, California, USA. It seeks to raise money to fund their Christian mission and humanitarian aid in needy communities through hosting various conferences for aspiring animators worldwide. Sam Tanner acts as its Executive Director.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Join in the “Big Boss Summit 2014”

Following its success last year, the “Big Boss Summit” is now on its second run to influence and achieve breakthroughs on ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Negosyong Patok Sa 'Yo
July 19, 2014
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City

The “Big Boss Summit 2014” will challenge the entrepreneurs, business influencers, and company decision makers with high-impact interactive learning experiences, engaging views and innovative perspectives we are sure that every participant will be at best.

Coming from a successful event last year, the “Big Boss Summit” launches its second run for this second year of influence and breakthroughs on – ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Early this year the campaign on entrepreneurship took a notch higher showcasing what the Filipinos are capable of. An entrepreneurial spirit soared high in the city of Bataan where its residents and common neighbors listened and learned about being a strategic successful entrepreneur.

In this learning event, the “Big Boss Summit 2014” comes with six successful, expanding business operations together with its owners, and key persons that targets the six channels of the booming business here in the Philippines.

1. Retail Services - "Retail Services at Growth"
- Why retail services?
- Principles, and guide for retail servicing

2. Online Marketing - "A New Business Platform"
- The digital marketing & its effects
- Engaging your customers to business through social media
- Effective social media campaigns

3. Franchising - "Seizing a Franchise"
- Why franchise? Franchising over new business ideas
- Essentials on managing and operating the business

4. Food - "The Food Concept"
- How to make ideas and concept work
- Discovering the niche market

5. Agriculture - "One of the Country's Asset"
- The growing business of agriculture
- A hidden channel of business opportunities you can explore

6. Social Entrepreneurship - "A Hope that brings Joy to Every Juan"
- Purpose, people, planet, profit

With this and more learning, we can now say that “It’s more fun learning and doing business in the Philippines”.


Define bigger business opportunities, through innovation or expansion
Identify great ideas on the expanding Philippine business platform
Learn tips from the up to date booming business channels
Be encouraged by changing the negative setbacks to positive mindsets and approaches
Succeed in your chosen and purposed “negosyo”
Help others, the environment, and the Philippine nation by being socially responsible

Learning Investment
Regular Rate   Php 999.00
Group Rate     Php 799.00 (3 participants per group)
Student Rate   Php 350.00

To register, you may send email at / You may also send inquiries through (0927) 873-1511 or (0927) 963-1376

Here is the fun part, two of my readers will get a chance to take part in this learning activity for free. Just follow the simple mechanics via Rafflecopter to join.

This giveaway runs until July 13th. Winners drawn via by the Rafflecopter widget will be announced on July 14, 2014 on this blog. Winners will be notified via email on how to claim their ticket.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Lagundex helps ease coughing and soothes stuffiness from a cold

Most parents dread the start of the rainy season because coughs and colds are common during this time of the year. Anyone who gets drenched in rain can catch a cold and coughing shortly follows. This can spread quickly through air droplets or in contact with the virus, causing kids to miss school and parents to excuse themselves from work.

Symptoms like malignant sneezing, nasal congestion, non-stop runny nose, itchy throat and general malaisse brought on by the common cold usually appear two to three days after acquiring the virus. For those with asthma, a cold can make breathing more difficult. Though most cough and colds normally go away in a few days, taking care of yourself can aid in fast recovery. Don't let a mild infection evolve into something more serious.

Here are safe, natural and equally effective ways to cure it:

Get plenty of rest. Slow down and rest the moment you notice that you’re feeling sick so that it won’t get worse. The cold will leave you achy and tired. Resting or going to bed earlier than usual helps your body direct its energy towards the immunity battle.

Blow your nose often rather than sniffling mucus back into your head. It helps clear mucus from your system. Also, blowing your nose regularly aid in eliminating mucus before it has the chance to stimulate the cough reflex. Coughing up mucus may help keep your lungs clear especially if you have asthma.

Stay hydrated. Increasing your daily water consumption can be helpful for a cough. Taking in plenty of fluids help thin out the mucus in postnasal drip and keeps the membranes moist, which can help to reduce the need to cough. Drinking water is important to keep fluids, flush toxins from the body and maintain the body’s electrolyte balance.

Eat chicken soup. Chicken soup has electrolytes, that are good for rehydration. Aside from helping you stay hydrated, it improves your immunity, it provides antioxidants that your body needs to help fight the virus.

Take hot showers. Taking hot showers does not only hydrate, but inhaling its steam also works like a natural decongestant, relieving cold symptoms. It lessens sinus pressure, moisturizes nasal passages and soothes itchy throat. It even makes the body feel relaxed.

Eat carbohydrates. Healthy carbohydrates like natural grains, whole wheat bread and pasta provide the body with fuel, boosting the immune system. Carbohydrates keep the body warm as well.

Take Lagundex (Vitex negundo L.) cough syrup (a brand of Lagundi leaf) to make the irritating cough go away. Lagundi leaf (Vitex negundo L.), a herbal product extensively studied and trusted by the Department of Health to combat cough and colds. Developed by a group of Filipino scientists, it only uses indigenous lagundi plants, making it truly and proudly a Filipino product.

Having a nasty cold or flu can be miserable so most people turn to over-the-counter treatments that best bring symptom relief or shorten the duration of those symptoms. Trying out Lagundex's herbal-based cough and cold medicine wouldn’t hurt. Lagundex has natural antiviral compounds can work wonders without the side effects of drowsiness and jitteriness. And since it is natural, you do away with the harmful side effects of common chemical cough and asthma drugs.

Lagundex is guaranteed safe as it strictly complies with the manufacturing requirements of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. It is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) with certified facilities to ensure its quality and efficacy.

Lagundex 300 mg/5 mL syrup comes in sweet orange and peppermint flavors suited for kids, while the Lagundex Forte 600 mg/5 mL syrup in soothing mint flavor and Lagundex 600 mg tablet are ideal for adults. These are available in leading drugstores.

Lagundex is distributed by New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC). For more information, ask your doctor about Lagundex or call NMPC hotlines at (02) 836-5838 to 47.

The New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC) is one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the Philippines since 2006.  Filipino-owned, NMPC management and staff are backed by years of expertise in the field of pharmaceutical marketing. The company is committed to strengthening its importation, sales, promotion and distribution of its diverse line of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Buying and Selling a Dream to Improve Filipino Lives

Other than connecting people and giving access to information, the Internet has made e-commerce boom as well. Online shopping became popular with the conveniences that comes with it. It makes easier for consumers to compare prices and to seal the deal with a click of a button. Online shopping opens new markets for e-commerce businesses.
Shop Tayo ( was launched last June 26 at Bellagio Tower 2 to cater to the needs of the Filipinos. Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the E-commerce platform for sellers of goods in the Philippines and ShopTayo is joining in the bandwagon for a worthy caause. Charity Pledge is what differentiates ShopTayo from other e-commerce sites.

“What sets Shop Tayo apart is that the merchants on-board share the same advocacy of helping uplift the lives of Filipinos through sustainable commerce. That’s why we were able to establish a Shop Tayo Charity Pledge – where a portion of every sale made goes to charity -– a commitment by every seller and a good deed by every buyer”, according to Karlo Sigrid Uy Torres, Managing Director. offers a convenient and secure online shopping environment for online shoppers. You enjoy great deals with awesome rewards at and you help contribute to a worthy cause as well. Eye Bank, Everyday is Your Birthday, PMAP and Kagandahang Flores are just some of the organizations that benefit from this charitable undertaking.
Celebrities, VIPs, models, beauty queens and media attended the event in support of ShopTayo's cause for charity. Patricia Hizon hosted the launch.

The ShopTayo team also invites aspiring merchants to take advantage of utilizing the website to post their deals. Shop Tayo believes in the Filipino's power of influence to push the potential of this benevolent cause. 

Like and share the fanpage
Interested merchants may contact ShopTayo at (02)224-4114.
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