Friday, June 22, 2012

Making a Life, not just a Living made possible through Energizer and Nuffnang

Energizer and Nuffnang power my life through redefining Balance.
In this fast-paced world, where everyone works hard to get to the top of the corporate ladder, I often ask myself if I am leaning against the right wall. I frequently suffer from burnouts so I sought to redefine success and rethink my priorities.
I can't help asking myself about the last time I achieved and enjoyed something my family and friends. I had a hard time recalling an instant wherein I even achieved AND really enjoyed something just for myself. It was then that I realized that I need to energize my inner life as I cultivate my spirit! The task to realign my life religiously becomes a pressing concern.
Like most working mothers out there, I am torn between seeking ways to augment family income and focusing on my child on a full time basis. I do believe that the parenting choices we make creates major impact on how our children would become productive citizens of the society we belong to. And ultimately, every mother's goal is to enforce that loving bond between mother and child.

Before being a community member of Nuffnang, I try to focus what I'd like to enjoy with my family at home night when I walk in the door. And I'd often think about doing a movie marathon over bowls of popcorn with my spouse and daughter especially on Friday nights. I am glad that my remote device has a long-lasting pair of batteries courtesy of Energizer to make our bonding moments hassle-free. I know that my child's battery-operated toys will keep her occupied and entertained while she waits for me to come home from work.
I rely on Energizer batteries for a reliable source of power for my home appliances and gadgets as well. Energizer powers my lifestyle by increasing my productivity, allowing me to do multi-tasking acitivities whether at home or at the office. And definitely, worries on draining batteries becomes a thing of the past.

I love that fact the Nuffnang provides a community for bloggers and organizes events d movie screenings, press releases and others to strike a balance between my work and family life. Nuffnang allows me to lead a balanced and fulfilled life rooted in real values. Finding quality bonding time with my family is now made easy by joining in Nuffnang-sponsored activities. And Energizer ensures life moments with my family and my blogging community circles are captured each time!

Thank you, Nuffnang and Energizer! I'm looking forward to our lasting relationship! Share a blogpost on “How do Energizer and Nuffnang power your lifestyle?” and to do to win two (2) tickets to our movie screening: Write a blog post answering the question “How do Energizer and Nuffnang power your lifestyle?” and get a chance to win two (2) movie tickets to a special screening of The Amazing Spider-Man on June 29th. This event is made possible by Nuffnang and Energizer.

Take a break and unwind at the Hidden Hills Farm

Hidden Hills Farm is located at Barangay Imok, Calauan, Laguna with 4.5 hectares of thousands of fruit-bearing trees you ever wish for. Take you fill from 1,000 Lansones, 100 Rambutan, 100 Durian, and 100 Yellow Star Apple trees plus a couple of Jackfruits, Coconuts, Avocado, Chestnut, Guava and other Tropical trees and flowers that abound the said paradise! With a Watch Tower overlooking San Pablo, Mount Makiling Caliraya and Laguna de Bay, Hidden Hills Farm gives you a relaxing, picturesque view that would surely ease you into a wonderful feeling each day.
With a 360 view of Different mountains in Laguna from a multiple floors of the viewing deck, one will find solace in nature.

Only 15 minutes away from the University of the Philippines - Los Banos, you can bask in a farm paradise that includes a native nipa hut reception hall for your garden wedding, baptismal or get-together activity. Your guest will definitely welcome the thought of dipping for hours in any of the two swimming pools and trying out the longest fiber optic hanging bridge in Laguna. A zip line also awaits to delight adventuresome visitors.
Utilities includes Meralco, water and electricity which is rare in this hilly place.
A concrete residential house will welcome prospecting visitors with glass of young coconut juice.

If you want to own a piece of heaven, you will be glad to know that this farm is currently up for sale at only for 800 pesos per square meter for a total of 36M pesos for the whole lot.

Please call Ms. Grace at 09213191471 for more details. Kindly mention that Emiliana Sison referred you.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

American Standard launches new luxury line of bathroom fixtures

American Standard, one of the leading makers of high-quality bathroom fixtures, launches its latest and most luxurious line of products that promises to make any home the envy of the neighborhood. The latest line of shower heads, lavatories and water closets highlights the company’s commitment to design quality and innovation that it has long been known for. “These new product lines represent American Standard’s uncompromising belief in the growing sophistication of the market. These products are here because of extensive product research into what the consumers want and what they need.” said Noel Tolosa, American Standard marketing manager.

As a trendsetter in the design and innovation sector, American Standard has always ensured that its designs remain relevant to the needs of today’s families and to today’s times. Conceptualizing for today’s modern dwellings The company launched the Concept Cube, a line of compact but beautiful and stylish bathroom fixtures. The Concept Cube seamlessly blends the sleek modern lines with innovative technology, using strong and simple lines for a contemporary look. A signature soft inner rim that lends architectural style beautifully balances this and is ideal for even small bathrooms so common in today’s condominium housing.
The Concept faucet series, on the other hand, complements the modern, compact and sophisticated styling of the water closets and lavatories. Made of high-quality chrome, these faucets make even small bathrooms chic and stylish. The faucet allows better water saving because it provides better control for users and being leak free. Satis Asteo It is said that the evolution of the water closet is a reflection of how civilized human living has become. This philosophy is reflected in the Satis Asteo water closet collection, which features amenities like LED dim lighting, soft music, automatic seat open and flushing, twin nozzle bidet, and air purification system that eliminates bad odors and airborne fungi and bacteria. The Satis Asteo reflects American Standard’s mantra of innovating on products to meet its customers’ changing lifestyles.
The EuroZen, on the other hand, brings the most innovative and convenient functions to bathroom hygiene in a sleek and compact water closet. With functions like siphon jet tornado flushing, powerful massage/cleanse function, deodorizer, warm dryer, nozzle with automatic cleaning, anti-bacterial nozzle, seat heater, and lift-off and slow- close seat cover, the EuroZen gives new meaning to luxury, comfort and high-tech to water closets and will make any bathroom a conversation piece. More vibrant colors mean more fun in the shower Looking at the company’s new line of shower heads, it is clear that the inspiration came from one thing: vibrant colors. The iColor Hand Showers evokes a fantasy world of plastic and bubble. Through a fascinating and playful concoction of art, science and technology, the iColor Hand Shower is well suited to today’s fun-loving and imaginative homeowner. The line of products pushes the boundaries of the human imagination—with refreshing results . Ventuno The Ventuno collection is designed by award-winning Italian designer, Franco Bertoli. It is an absolute choice for cosmopolitan consumers as it reflects the patterns of today’s urban architecture and elements of modern style. Designed with the sophisticated urbanite in mind, the Ventuno’s rounded, essentialized forms and geometric edges create sensations of pure harmony in every bathroom. World-Class and award-winning designers American Standard has always been setting trends in bathroom fixtures, not just in the aspect of technological innovation but in design as well. This is made possible by a highly creative team whose members are also into other industries such as automotive, fashion, home and furniture, and luxury items, among others. Some of the world’s most creative and award-winning industrial designers who design for American Standard are David Chipperfield, Ronen Joseph, Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl (Artefakt), Mark Sadler, Khumtong Jansuwan and Franco Bertoli, all of whom have earned awards from prestigious award-giving bodies. The American Standard’s new line of bathroom fixtures is available in major building materials depots nationwide.

Iron Bar Chef

I was amazed to find out that adequate number of vocational and work programs are in place at the Bureau of Corrections. It has been more than two decades when I had the chance to enter the Maximum Security Compound. It was an outreach program then hosted by my highschool alma mater in which we donated sacks of rice to the offenders.
Not only do these work and recreational programs aim at improving the mental and physical makeup of the detainees, it also provide them with opportunities to earn their keep while in captivity and it equip them with basic skills to join in society after release from custody. Those who completed their studies are being hired as inmate teachers. Others with military or police backgrounds are asked to join ICA, a group that keeps peace and order within the compound.

Not only do these initiatives reduce prison staffing, this strategy also boosts self-esteem among the prisoners and keep them busy. A productive and occupied mind deters them from busting out of prison and going back to re-offending. OIC Aro told us that offenders are classified into 3 categories: Maximum security - those sentenced 20 years plus 1 day and above Medium security - 20 years and below Minimum security - minor offenders who can freely roam around the compound
Last June 16, we were invited to the Iron Bar Chef Challenge at the Muntinlupa Bilibid Prisons. It was a spin-off from the Iron Chef America, in which the contestants competed in culinary challenges and eliminated by a panel of judges at the end of tasting and judgment.

Each group were give a mystery 'bayong' which contains fish, meat, fruit and vegetable ingredients they could use to prepare the required main course, appetizer and dessert. Criteria set for this elimination round are: 50% taste
25% plating
25% nutrient value

Two bloggers, Lariza Garcia and Yani Metrado joined the panel of judges. A live band performance from the Bilibid Boys Band kept the audience entertained as the six groups work their culinary magic using the ingredients given them.

It was interesting to watch as each member of a group does his share peeling vegetables, cutting bite-size pieces, whisking batter, cleaning after their cook while the latter concentrates on a winning gourmet line-up he has in mind.

After 30 minutes, several groups had their appetizers and main courses platted and lined up on their tables, ready for the judges to taste and rank.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Love Globe

I love GLOBE because GLOBE loves me back!

Globe is taking good take of its patrons by constantly being on the look out for product and service improvements! How can you go wrong with 25-million strong customers plus 650,000 landline and broadband subscribers? The prepaid cellphone plans have become a part of our basic needs just like food. It takes as little as 10 pesos to monitor my child as I attend to our little store business personally.

It is assuring for a mom like myself that I can keep close contact with my family through calls, texts and the internet anytime, anywhere.
I love the 10-peso Facebook connection for one day! Talking about multi-tasking, this amount is really a value for hard-earned money! And knowing that Globe has the widest network coverage in Philippines assures me of connectivity anywhere am I in the country 24/7!

I also love that fact that GLOBE partnered Puregold Price Club Inc. which allows Globe Autoload Max (AMAX) dealers to purchase Globe and TM prepaid load credits at Puregold branches nationwide. Since I am a a member of Puregold’s Aling Puring (AP) program as well, I was given free Super Suki SIM that comes with special call and text rate that I use as an AMAX SIM for my sari-sari store business.

Globe GCash is also another thing that gets me hooked on Globe. Globe Gcash has been a convenient tool for me in performing money transfer activities, making secure and convenient online shopping on ebay and multiply, as well as sharing load to my family members. I also get to pay my insurance merchants and utility bills hassle-free! Moreover, Globe Gcash is better than Western Union since virtual mobile wallet too. All Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers need just activate this service to start using it for free.

I am happy with my personal and business relationship with Globe. Make the switch now!'s I-Ball organized it's first Ayos Dito I-Ball last June 8, 2012. Mr. Jon Santico, General Manager of 701 Search Inc. (the company behind the site), along with Ms. Tanya Cabab, AyosDito Marketing Manager, welcomed the invited bloggers and gamely answered all questions raised during the open forum portion of the event.

AyosDito, is an online Filipino classified ads website that is easy to navigate and facilitates hassle-free buy-and-sell transactions, just how we Pinoys like it. Designed for Pinoys by Pinoys, the site has just been awarded last year as the No. 1 Classified Ads website by Digital Filipino Search Profile Index. This blogger event was attended by GMA's Solenn Heusaff, ABS-CBN's upcoming actor John Medina and DJ Tony Toni of Magic 89.9 in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Bloggers were treated to Sebatian's Ice Cream, Tempura Quail eggs, Sisig Tacos, Tuyo pasta, Corned beef pandesal, and unlimited round of cocktail drinks.

There were games and prizes! I was lucky to have won the searcher-searchee portion where questions were posted to female bloggers with regards to how the AyosDito site works.

Thanks to Vance Madrid of PurplePlumFairy for this picture
The event culminated with the drawing of raffle winners of a Fuji Polaroid Camera, and the Apple I -Pad 2 grand winner. The said event was held at Cowo Asia, the first of its kind workspace and virtual office in the country that allows individuals to co-work (hence, the name) with other entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers and professionals in a creative environment.

Cowo Asia is a venue wherein business owners and freelancers can work, have access to the methods of communication and Internet at an affordable annual membership fee. 701 Search Inc. is a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings Limited and Schibsted ASA. Singapore Press Holdings is Southeast Asia’s leading media organization with a roster of 17 newspaper titles available in four languages, and in over 100 magazine titles and numerous websites.
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