Thursday, September 17, 2015

Boy Abunda partners with Goodah!!!

Expert a better and stronger Goodah!!! as the PhilIppine TV Host, Boy Abunda forges partnership with the 33-year old quick-service restaurant the 25-hour quick-service restaurant known for its rice meals and congee. GoodAh!!! is set to redefine the restaurant landscape with its patented brand of quick meals and personalized service in a casual dining ambience.

Through the years, its menu expanded to include a variety of Filipino favorites that are now staples in eateries and restaurants throughout the country. Aside from tapsilog, there is tosilog, longsilog, adsilog (adobo, sinangag at itlog), and bangsilog (daingnabangus, sinangag at itlog). Pinoy food lovers will surely love GoodAh's delicious value-for-money meals.

When the Philippine "King of Talk" was just starting his career in the 1980s, he had always frequented Goodah!!! for its bistek, among others. So when he was invited to get a stake in the company, he did not hesitate to take on this new venture. Agreeing was just as if his life is coming into a full circle---from regular customer to business partner of the restaurant he loves.

In a press launch held at Metrowalk, Boy Abunda was introduced as its newest endorser. Boy Abunda shared his own Bistek recipe (stir-fried marinated beef in soy sauce and citrus) at the said activity for all guest to indulge in.

Goodah!!! is adopting his version of bistek and offering it on the menu as GoodAh!!! Boy's Bistek.

Do visit for franchise inquiries. You may also call 0927-9095897 or drop them a line at for more information.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

BlueWater Day Spa introduces Therapeutic Colonic Massage

Health is Wealth as the old proverb says and so it is important that we take care of ourselves to live a healthy life. Making quality choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life has its benefits. Wellness allows us to live life to the fullest.

Now in BlueWater Day Spa's tradition of providing best service and health practices to its valued clientele, they introduced the Therapeutic Colonic Massage last September 15 in a press briefing at Crowne Plaza. This launch coincides with the introduction of Blue Water Day Spa's roster of ambassadors which includes Christian Bautista, Ariella Arida (Miss Universe 2013 3rd Runner Up), Ken Alfonso, and Winwyn Marquez.

Therapeutic Colonic Massage: Detox for Faster Weight Loss

Therapeutic Colonic Massage is a treatment focused on the core that helps remove excess toxins in the body. While the colon is often the determining factor between feeling healthy or feeling fatigued, it still remains to be one of the most neglected organs in the body.

By loosening the hardened blockages in the body starting with those that have accumulated in the digestive system, a Therapeutic Colonic Massage strengthens and tone your digestive tract for eliminating accumulated toxins properly.

This gentle boost on the digestive tract helps loosen-up compacted fecal matter, and aids the colonic muscles to move the waste along in a more effective manner. As tension is released, the muscles surrounding the colon becomes relaxed, promoting a healthier digestive system. You then start to feel more energized and refreshed.

A regular Therapeutic Colonic Massage treatment does away away with gas pains, bloating, and cramping. It primes the body to cope better with diet and exercise, helping you lose weight faster.

Do visit BlueWater Day Spa in Tomas Morato (4865455), Eastwood City (9151247), Makati (8173126), Capitol Hills (4730455), Cotabato City (0922-8399751) and Naga City (0917-7391822) soon.

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