Saturday, October 31, 2015

Make the Best Happen with BPI!

Each one of us put our best foot forward in school and at work to achieve our dreams. We make calculated risks in our bid to move upward and to make life better for ourselves and those we love.

Recognizing that each individual has a unique dream, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) recently embarked on a campaign to help people achieve their aspirations. Dubbed "Make the Best Happen," the campaign kicked off with the launch of an animated reel encouraging the pursuit of life and lifestyle goals. The animated video serves as a reminder that we can make anything we'd love to happen, happen.

BPI also introduced its microsite,, which addresses some of the areas in life where most individuals have goals to complement the video. It addresses some of the areas in life where most individuals have goals. The articles found in the microsite offer practical tips on travel, health, parenting, shopping, dining and planning for the future. A quick tour of the site shows several helpful reads such as listings of secret food stops outside Metro Manila, quirky Korean tours, inspiring workouts, some necessary life purchases, and teaching children the habit of saving.

During the media launch last October 27, media representatives were sent booth hopping, earning prizes at every stop. These booths were meant to give the guests an idea on what life goal they could actively pursue. While some enjoyed some canapes and wine pairing at the dining booth, others played tourists at the travel booth, engaged in pseudo-retail therapy at the shopping booth, exercised at the health booth and did some art at the parenting booth.

At the future booth, we were made to sit down with BPI's investment counselors who listened to aspirations. The counselors did some pencil pushing with our concerns and perceived limitations in mind. Together, we identified the financial barriers and discussed ways to move around them. We walked out of the meeting feeling empowered, believing that indeed, we can make the best happen.

Tricia Quiambao, Head of BPI's Strategic Brand Management relayed that people come first with BPI's Make the Best Happen campaign. "We put a premium on understanding our clients and their needs, and as people become more and more aware of the world around them and the many possibilities and opportunities it offers, BPI enables them to accomplish those goals and aspirations better, faster and more efficiently," she explained.

In a statement, Cezar P. Consing, BPI President and CEO, said the campaign is a reflection of the bank's commitment to empower people and achieve their life goals.

Making the best happen means "helping people achieve anything they would love to happen, whether it's for leisure, education, or broadening one's horizons," Consing said. "We strive to know and understand the individual circumstances and financial needs of our clients, then offer financial advice. Only then do we propose certain solutions that are suitable and customized for each and every client."

"BPI empowers Filipinos to make the best of their life happen by providing innovative and accessible financial solutions."

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

8th Samsung Digital Appliances Cooking Workshop

I join in the 8th Samsung Digital Appliances Cooking Workshop at the Gala Stars Culinary School yesterday.

For this month, Samsung wanted to showcase trick-or-treat worthy dishes that will surely entertain the kids and kids at heart.

For our Halloween Party Dishes, we were group into tandems and made to occupy the cooking stations. We were given the Spooky Halloween Burgers and Spider eggs to make. Chef Ernest Gala did an actual demo on how to prepare these dishes in the most convenient and easy way using Samsung Smart Oven’s functions. The Microwave and Microwave with Grill Functions of Samsung Smart Oven made this hamburger variation fun and easy to do. I love its Slim Fry Technology that allows oil-free frying and fuss-free frying and grilling. Less oil means healthier food for my family.

Samsung Smart Oven's all-in-one cooking solution, takes microwave using several notches higher. At home, we use microwave ovens mostly for its reheating functions other than making popcorns. it is nice to know that I can do kitchen wonders with the Samsung Smart Oven. I look forward to leveling up my cooking skills with this appliance.

Chef Ernest then taught us to his halloween take on the classic devilled eggs. The shelled hard-boiled eggs are cut in half lengthwise, and filled with the eggyolk's mixture of mayonnaise plus seasonings. It was so good that I can make an entire meal out of it! I had a blast mounding the yolk mixture into the whites. And decorating it with spiders made from black olives made the feat even more enjoyable.

These are the recipes by Chef Ernest Gala:


1) 4 burger buns. Slice each horizontally and place romaine lettuce on each. 2) For the burgers mix in a bowl:

250 Grams (1/4 kilo) Monterey Ground Round Beef
2 tbsp. chopped spring onions
1/3 cup Japanese breadcrumbs
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
3) Procedure: After mixing, form into 4 balls. Flatten out into patty. Set SAMSUNG SMART OVEN on MICROWAVE+GRILL FUNCTION.Time 4 minutes. Press start. Invert patty and set on MICROWAVE+GRILL FUNCTION. Time 4 minutes. Add cheese on each patty. Press GRILL FUNCTION. Time 20 seconds to 1 minute.

4) Put on prepared lettuce lined bun. Serve.


1) Boil 6 eggs in water for 12 minutes. When eggs are done put in ice water for 30 seconds. Gently peel the shell. Cut in half lengthwise using knife or French fry cutter. Remove egg yolk. Set aside.

2) Mix In a bowl or blender:

¼ tsp. salt
½ tsp. white pepper
2 tsp. chopped white onion
1 tbsp. Pickle relish
1/3 cup mayonnaise

3) Add egg yolks. Transfer to pastry bag with star tip. Pipe out on 12 eggwhites shells. Top with meat sauce and black olives (olives cut in the shape of spiders).

4) For the Meat Sauce: Put in a microwavable bowl 1 cup meat sauce. Put in SAMSUNG SMART OVEN. Cover with wrap. Set on microwave mode on high and time 2 minutes. Remove wrap.

I'm glad to learn on Samsung's kitchen solutions to the ever-changing daily needs. I'm excited with new learning experiences on preparing healthy food at a time with Samsung Digital Appliances.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Food Overload at King Chef

It was one of those gloomy after when I got to King Chef Dimsum Kitchen in Banawe. In just a short while, the place was jampacked with patrons who'd been availing discounted dimsum during their 2-5PM promo hour. Who needs a fussy recipe when there's a mountain of dimsum to get through?

We were served the house tea as soon as we sat down. This is one of those Zomato foodie meetups that I always look forward to. I am part Chinese and so I crave for the classic Chinese flavors often. Seldom do I get satisfaction from dining in at commercial establishments that offer such authenticity.

Our complimentary meal started with dimsum samplings that include Hakaw, Soyed Wanton, Beancurd Roll, Pork Siomai, Beef Siomai and Sharksfin Dumplings. These delicacies are crowd-pleasing party snacks that perfectly starts a casual dining experience.

Though I am partial to Hakaw (as it is one my favorites), I also found their take on the Fried Prawn Dumpling superb! The first bite was an epiphany!

We were also served Duck Wanton, Taosi Spareribs, Dynamite, Mango Balls, Pumpkin Balls plus the Malay Cake. These hors d'oeuvers were enough to satisfy anyone's cravings.

Aside from the Fried Prawn Dumpling and Hakaw, my other two favorites were Congee and the Barkada Bucket. King Chef Dimsum Kitchen gives you the freehand to choose your toppings for your congee order. The hefty congee feast that they served lobster balls, pork meat and stomach, tendon, chicken plus abalone strips. Each blended well to complement the otherwise plain congee. The Barkada Rice Bucket is steamed rice served with pork asado, braised pork, and soy chicken on top. If you are unsure which to order, this is a good sampler to taste their meaty options. Your family will sureIy love it like I did.

Visit them for a good dimsum feast! If you can have enough of the King Chef Dimsum Kitchen's short orders and dimsum offerings, you might want to dine in at the other King Chef Banawe branch which is particularly strong on Chinese banquet cuisine. You''ll never go wrong with their good meals.

King Chef Dimsum Kitchen 2nd Floor, 238 Banawe Center Building
Banawe, Quezon City

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hand-in-hand in the fight Against Cancer

Pallative therapy is treatment aimed at relieving symptoms. This supportive care helps people cope with the symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment. It helps improve quality of life during and after cancer treatments by making patients stay active and feel better. And it eases the way for people in the late-stage illness.

Patients who receive palliative care along with cancer treatment tend to live longer and better than their other counterparts. Those who opted for palliative care appears to have less depression, anxiety, pain and fewer hospitalizations. Hence, palliative care is referred to as an important part of caring for those afflicted with diseases. It makes one feel better but it is not designed as a cure for the disease. Rather, it helps cancer treatments do a better job.

I was invited to a round-the-table discussion on cancer as part of Festival Mall's month-long awareness building and fundraising campaign directed at increasing public knowledge of cancer.

According to Dr. Rumalie Corvera, a Hospice and Palliative Medicine Specialist at the Asian Hospital Cancer Institute, Project Pink follows a 12-point guide to help patients handle their treatment better and manage cancer effects on their lives. The objective is to manage stress, ease worries and keep the patients' spirits up. With a brighter outlook and less worries comes a better feeling during treatment and beyond cancer. It gives hope that symptoms can be controlled. Palliative care looks into the social, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of the patient. With the holistic approach, hospice care makes it possible for cancer patients to enjoy a high quality of life., an umbrella organization which supports Project Pink Philippines, offers "Palliative Care Encounter" and "Palliative and Hospice Care Empowering" through their Plan for HOPE (Hospice Opportunity for Patient Empowerment).

Newly-diagnosed patients should start on palliative care with their first visit to a cancer doctor. Asian Hospital has palliative care specialists who can work with a patient's health care team to create tailor-fitted plans that address the patient's needs be it emotional aspect, pain and side effects management or other concerns.

Kris Yabes, ACI Community Relations Manager, relates that there is hope for those who are struggling against cancer. Asian Cancer Institute provides in-kind support for activities aligned with the mission and objectives of the Institute. Indigent cancer patients may submit an application for Cancer Institute sponsorship through a bonafide social worker.

All these organization fundraise all throughout the year so that they can fulfill their mission to support  cancer research and primarily assist  local families fighting against cancer (both financially and emotionally) when they needed it most.

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