Saturday, September 3, 2016

Caramel Scrubbing at Whipped BGC

Exfoliation should be a part of every skincare regimen. I have had scrubbing sessions since I have started my wellness journey with Whipped Salon. I love the fact that body scrubbing takes away all my dead skin to uncover a new layer of skin underneath that I have commercially available exfoliants at home. This is before I learned about using salt and sugar scrubs.

The natural granules of sugar and salt make excellent body scrubs. Now, which type to use depends on different skin conditions and characteristics. The sharp angles of sea salt granules make them a strong exfoliant. Being more abrasive helps it do a better job at smoothing dryer areas of your body – feet, elbows, knuckles and legs. Sea salt helps draw toxins out of the body and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that are good for sore muscles.

.Upon trying sugar scrubs at Whipped, I find it gentler since sugar granules are rounder than salt granules. It diesn't “cut” my skin, and so it is a better choice for my sensitive skin. Sugar scrubs do make a gentle exfoliant that is suitable for all skin types and conditions in general.

Whipped uses brown sugar with finer granules for scrubbing, which harness the power of natural, nutrient-based exfoliation to leave your skin glowing.

After my Caramel Scrubbin'  session   at Whipped Salon,  my rejuvenated felt smooth to touch.

Do visit Whipped Salon branches to unveil your happy, glowing skin at : 3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces, Eight Forbes Town Center and soon at the Avida Southpark in Alabang.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Fundamental Coffee Cafe opens at the Park Terraces

Specialty Coffee shops seems to be the in thing today. These third wave coffee shops take pride in handcrafting their drinks and have changed the way we drink caffeine. These roasters will be more than happy to tell you what’s in their brew and what flavor notes to look for when they serve up your cup.

Fundamental Coffee Cafe joins in the third wave coffee movement in its bid to penetrate in Manila. It has minimalist interiors balanced with a green wall. This 80-sqm cafe will soon have a mini-library on one side according to its owner, Andre. Its 360-degree working station encourages endless talk about plantations, elevation, variety, and roasting for coffee enthusiasts.

Roasters and coffee shops who roast beans in-house, represent third-wave coffee shops. The third wave of coffee is a movement focused on high quality, specialty coffee. It is all about being involved in the entire lifecycle of the beans to how they are roasted and brewed. produce high-quality coffee.

The first wave was about getting coffee into the homes of people around the world. It dates back to the 1800s and was experienced on worldwide consumption of Folgers and Maxwell House that became household names.

The second wave came about because of the consumers' desire for a better product. This gave rise to the barista-style coffee.

Fundamental Coffee also offers good food to pair with your cup of coffee.  Here are some:

Seared Tuna Avocado (P 295) is something refreshing to the pallete. The sushi-grade tuna sandwich is served with avocado slices.

Wild Mushroom Toast  (P 295 ) is something new to me. A mix of mushrooms oyster, chanterelles, shiitake is spread warm over toasted sour dough and sprinkled with cheese. It makes a meaty yet vegetarian mixed mushroom toast.

Pasta Pomodoro  (P 225) is a true classic of Italian ccuisine. This pasta is refreshingly good tossed with garlic, and tomatoes plus topped with Iberico ham. It is the perfect midweek meal for anyone on the go.

While they are still under the work of progress beautifying their interiors, do drop by Fundamental Coffee, where you will find a good selection of coffee under one roof.

Park Terraces
Ayala Center
Makati City

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Nutri10Plus Syrup for Active Kids

Much as I look forward to the "ber" months, I dread the flu season that preceeds it. I worry about the slightest symptoms of cold and flu since it gravely affects the health of my child who has asthma. Persons with asthma are prone to life-threathening complications from influenza or from even the common cold virus.

A stuffy nose, fever, cough or other symptoms caused by a respiratory infection cold or flu can be a nuisance for anyone. But for those who have asthma, even a mild cold can lead to wheezing and shortness of breath. Hence, I see to it that my daughter gets all the vitamins and minerals she needs to protect from any kinds of diseases.

On top of the healthy food I prepare at home, I give her vitamin supplements like Nutri10Plus Syrup. Kids need Vitamins and Minerals for growth and development. These are essential for our bodies to function and each one has a specific role to play.

Nutri10 Plus is a multivitamins for children. Aside from Vitamin C,  it has Taurine, Chlorella Growth Factor [CGF], Zinc and Lysine. Taurine, or 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is an organic acid widely distributed in animal tissues. It contains Lysine, an essential amino acid for humans.

Per 5 mL of Nutri 10 Plus, she gets Chlorella growth factor (CGF) 100 mg, taurine 25 mg, lysine 300 mg, vitamin A palmitate. Nutrients come together in one bottle with Wert Philippines' Nutri10 Plus syrup.

To know more about Nutri10Plus, you can follow WertPhilippines on Facebook.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A well-curated menu, and innovative Chinese food at Zong Restaurant

You know Chinese food is best when you're with a large group and when celebrating special occassions with the family. Now Zong Restaurant proves to be a hole-in-the-wall spot when it comes to casual Chinese Dining.

Zong interiors are minimalist. The restaurant door opens to a staircase on the left hand side leading to a function room upstairs that can accommodate 60 heads on special occassions. The bamboo plants below the stairs gives color to the dining area on the ground floor, which in turn is a mix of  light-colored stools and chair plus cushioned backseats with light-colored wooden tables. Zong combines Chinese wall decor pieces with modern furniture with minimalist lines.

We got to try out a few dishes from Zong's menu last week and here they are:

With the salted egg and crisp breading, this Chicken in Salted Egg Yolk recipe (P 398) brings your taste bud to life! It is  great recipe to accompany with rice. This salty, juicy and crispy perfection  sure is a crowd pleaser.

Steamed Milkfish with Garlic (P 438) is a fresh take on seafood. It was infused with a light sauce and sprinkled with roasted garlic bits on top, making it so garlicky!

Sauteed Brocolli with Fresh Scallops (P 398) is something new to me. I don't know that blanched broccoli with scallops in a sauce makes a great dish!

Our gustatory experience wouldn't be complete without fried rice! Yang Chow Fried Rice (P 298)  comes with a variety of ingredients like bite-sized  shrimp, scallops,  diced Chinese sausage eggs and green onion--making it a complete meal in itself.

Fujian Style Rice with Scallops (P 298) is  the ultimate comfort food!  It is.similar to regular fried rice except that it is served with a delicious sauce spread over its top. Fujian fried rice comes with a variety of ingredients, such as  shrimp, scallops, mushrooms, carrots and chopped onion leaves.  I so love the sauce's savory taste!  I highly recommend this Fujian Rice to anyone visiting Zong for the first time!

Hop over to Zong and get a taste of Chef Pierre Tan's droolworthy, delicious, and homey dishes!

Westgate 406 - 407 Commerce Avenue
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Phone: (02)771-1428

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Philam Foundation helps Give Access to Education

Philam Foundation President Max Ventura and Philam Life Chief Executive Officer Ariel Cantos shakes hands with Vice President and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDDC) Chairman Leni Robredo

The school distance has a causal effect on school participation and in encouraging enrollment and attendance. School proximity leads to a rise in school attendance.

Proximity to a school is a factor that hinders Filipino children in far-flung areas from acquiring and pursuing the education that they dream of. Such is the case for the youth in the remote community of Barangay Burabod, Camarines Sur, where students had to walk for approximately 5 kilometers in order to reach the nearest high school establishment.

Some students even had to pass by an unstable rope bridge just to get to school.

To address this problem, Philam Foundation responded to the request made by then Camarines Sur Congresswoman and now Vice President Leni Robredo to build two new classrooms in the said Barangay. The classrooms were showcased during the recently concluded classroom turnover at the Severo High School.

Thanks to the help of Philam Foundation, Vice President Leni Robredo, and the local government, the students, as well as their parents, now have a renewed sense of hope of reaching their dreams as they continue their educational journey aided by their new classrooms. The Philam Paaralan classrooms that can accommodate 100 students, are fully-furnished, well-lit, ventilated, and complete with restrooms and water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities. They are calamity-resilient and can withstand up to 300kph of typhoon strength.

Philam Paaralan is Philam Foundation’s flagship program, which aims to build classrooms in calamity-stricken and underserved communities around the country in partnership with the Department of Education. From its original target of building 65 classrooms in five years, Philam Paaralan is set to complete 121 classrooms, almost double its target in just four years.

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