A4tech launches its V-track Mouse

IT company AV4Tech redefines digital experience with the launching of their Vtrack padless mouse in a press conference last July 20 at the Edsa ShangriLa Hotel.

Its local distributor, Lenotech Corporation, announced the launch of their revolutionary optical mouse on the celebration of its 10th year in business.

Lenotech showcased the capabilities of the Vtrack mouse and its potentials. It really runs even on furs!

And it promises its users leverage in efficiency versus the regular mouse’s functionalities. It does away with problems of a standstill cursor while working on glossy, uneven or multi-color surfaces. It applies shorter light paths and offers high efficiency in power consumption.

With V-Track's cutting-edge technology, the mouse cursor is so precise that it can work on any surface. It is the first padless mouse ever!

With vertical incident light utilization, V-Track increases censor control through heightened precision in all critical surfaces including glass, textiles, carpets, furs, etc. The LED light is heavily reinforced and goes deeply into each point of the surface. The sensor then captures ever clear images and differentiates from each other, to lead the final vector value; and decides cursor direction and speed. It resolves the adaptability problems of traditional optical mice that are unable to work well on critical surfaces.

Elvin Cokai, Lenotech Corporation managing director, is confident that its cutting edge features that will surely revolutionize the way we all use the mouse. He promises that Lenotech is always on the lookout for more gadget additions that will benefits customers with the best technologies available in the market.