Saturday, February 23, 2019

Great Pasalubong Treats from Merzci

Bacolod City is a renowned forits pasalubong delicacies such Piaya and Butterscotch Bars. And Merzci Pasalubong Center is one of the top pasalubong centers that sells these good sweet delights, under the trade name CM and Sons Food Products, Inc.

Fron its humble beginnings as a small bakery in 1995, Merzci had becone a household name after it opened its pilot pasalubong center in Singcang, Bacolod City in September 2005. Now, Merzci is the top choice for balikbayan when it comes to Bacolod pasalubong treats.

I got a box of Merzci goodies that includes Piaya, Cheese Tarts, Caramel Tarts, Mango Tarts, Butterscotch Bars, and Bischocho. I love the mouth-watering piaya. The flat unleavened pastry filled with brown sugar, and molasses is great for snacks and tea times. This famous Negrense delicacy also comes in Ube (purple yam) and Mango flavors.

Merczi has the best-tasting biscocho I've ever had. It is buttery and sugary.

Butterscotch bar is definitely a well-known treat in Bacolod. And Merczi's addicting, chewy-soft butterscotch bars were more than enough to satisfy anyone’s cravings! Their butterscotch bars have the right amount of sweetness.

They also sell barquillos, yema and cookies.
You too can have a taste of these Bacolod pasalubong delicacies.

Follow them on facebook to learn how you can have it delivered straight to your doorsteps.

Merczi Pasalubong
Mandalagan (Lopue's Mandalagan)
Lacson Street, Bacolod City,
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Landline: (+6334) 709-1788

Friday, February 22, 2019

Rare Bonsai species on display at the "Sanib Pwersa" exhibit

SM Supermalls partners with Philippine Bonsai Society, Inc. (PBSI) to bring in Sanib Pwersa bonsai exhibit at the Podium from February 21-25, 2019.

Over 200 premium bonsai species such as the Diospyros (Persimmons), Tugas (molave) and the Sampalok (tamarind) that were crafted by nature and  even made more beautiful by artists among 40 groups across the country will be showcased at Sanib Pwersa.

And to make the experience even memorable, enthusiasts and mallgoers get to learn basic Bonsai techniques from the experts from February 22-24 between 3-5PM at L2 Atrium 1 of The Podium.

"We are very excited to bring bonsai art to a wider audience as we hold oir shows and exhibits in SM Malls across the country in the coming months," said Philippine Bonsai Society President Bobby Gopiao.

Bonsai enthusiasts can also head on to SM North Edsa The Block come March 22-25, where the bonsai collection will be displayed next. At the said National Bonsai Show, three Japanese art disciplines will be featured for the first time, thanks to the combined efforts of the Philippine Bonsai Society, Inc, Natural Stone Society of the Philippines and Ikenobo-Ikebana Society of Manila.

 "We are thankful to the Philippine Bonsai Society for choosing SM Malls as the venue for their exhibitions as we also promote our advocacy for the environment, to bring green malling experience to our customers," said SM Supermalls SVP Jonjon San Agustin.

 Do visit for more information,

Ortigas Art Festival 2019 features over 100 Artists

Following its successful turnout last year, Ortigas and Company is livening up the art scene in Ortigas with the launch of the 10-day Ortigas Art Festival last February 20, 2019. The sequel seeks to assert its commitment to bringing arts and culture closer to the people.

The exhibit continues to put its efforts towards establishing Estancia as the art hub of Ortigas. This year’s approach brought individual artists to the spotlight, showcasing their creative individuality and placing them at the forefront of the art scene.

It was the idea of Renato Habulan, renowned social realist painter, to tap the various groups of artists from all over the country and give them a venue to exhibit their works. Ortigas Malls was receptive to the idea of promoting grassroots participation in the art scene. No gallery representation – just artists working together; no admission charge for the viewers – walk through the art for free.

Among the featured artists is master engraver Benjie Torrado Cabrera, the only engraver in the country specializing in this laborious, centuries-old medium. His works, which are complex in detail, are inspired by his interest in cosmology, with geometric shapes and spheres that signify the universe.

Another one to look out for is Darwin “Japat” Guevarra, a self-taught artist inspired by the works of masters and his peers, showcases works that reflect his concepts of life and social realism, expressed through his mastery of the paintbrush, sculpting, photography, and experimenting with scrap and molded materials.

Also in the spotlight is photographer Bern Wong, with her camera that has captured the most moving meditative and breathtaking landscapes she has seen encountered in her travels. Her works express the minimal, abstract, and even the surreal aspects of places she visits.

Make sure to check out the works of Richard Buxani, an architect who has since harnessed his talent to create sculptures made out of metal. Inspired by Ronald Castrillo, Richard discovered a natural fondness for bending, crafting, cutting, welding and molding materials – which will be showcased at the art festival.

Also joining this year's Ortigas Art Festival are art collectives Himbon, The Guild, Biskeg, Westgrove Fine Arts, AgawXena, Agos Kulay Maynila Group Artists of Taytay, Association of Pinoy Printmakers, and Hilaga Sculptors Collective.

Attendees get to participate in free activities.  Watercolor artist Peter Sutcliffe will hold tutorials on February 24 and March 2.   On February 23, master engraver Benjamin Cabrera shows his prowess in print-making.    On March 3, Renato Habulan introduces guests to Print Alla Prima with the Master. Throughout the festival, the public is also encouraged to participate through the “Comment Areas” where they can share their thoughts and opinions to let the artists know how their works are perceived.

The rapidly-evolving festival has already grabbed the attention of various artists from across the globe, including some from New York, Los Angeles, and Singapore who want to become part of this movement-- a sign that bigger and better things will come about in the coming years for Ortigas Art Festival. "Ortigas and Company is delighted to see that support for contemporary Philippine art has been growing. As part of our commitment to the arts, we are holding the second run of this art festival in the hope that this will increase appreciation for the creative individuality of artists. By holding this in Estancia, we are also making art accessible to Filipinos, especially for our mall patrons and the Capitol Commons community,” concluded Arch. Renee Bacani, VP of Ortigas and Company.

Follow Ortigas Art Festival on Instagram for updates and use the hashtag #OrtigasArtFestival to connect.
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