Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Fun-filled Day with Vita Cubes

Last Sunday mom and kids were given a special treat by Vita Cubes at Fun Ranch, Ortigas. Vita Cubes prepared so many fun activities for Mommy Bloggers Philippines members and their kids.

Our eyes feasted on the brilliant hues of violet as soon as we stepped inside the Red Barn. At Vita Cubes Fun Day event, I discovered that Vita Cubes is the "healthy choice” I've been looking for. You see, my daughter and I share the love for sweets and I've long been looking for a replacement that’s just as fun and tasty.

Vita Cubes are delicious fruit-flavored jelly candies that are high in vitamins and minerals. It comes in 2 pack sizes, one with 5 different flavors per pack and the other individually wrapped jelly candy. These chewy candies have a similar taste and texture to more traditional gummy bears. These candies certainly make taking in vitamins a lot more enjoyable for growing kids! It is something I could give to my child and feel good about it knowing that she is eating something healthy. It's yummy, it's good, it's Vita Cubes!

Vita Cubes made everything perfect and unforgettable from the beginning to the end of the party. Games, Raffles and Magic Show seamlessly mixed entertainment and fun in one! Fun Ranch's indoor playground slides and climbing equipments added the extra excitement!

Thanks to Vita Cubes for a truly special experience!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Australian Oranges come in juicy, sweet, and fresh at Rustan’s and Shopwise this August

Get affordable Australian Oranges as the country’s leading sources of quality food products participate in the Aussie Fresh Fest which brings Australia’s quality oranges to fruit-loving Filipino customers and families.

Anthony Weymouth (Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner, Australian Embassy), Australian Trade Commissioner Natasha Monks and Edgar Fernandez (Assistant Vice President of Fresh Mass Market, Shopwise and Wellcome)officially opened the Aussie Fresh Fest at Shopwise Festival Mall today.

Filipinos can now get fair share of Australia’s quality, safe, and sweet oranges at Shopwise. Australia’s pristine growing environment and stringent food safety standards ensure that Australian oranges are of superior quality.

Favorable weather has resulted in a superb crop of Australia’s famous oranges and Rustan’s Supermarket, Marketplace by Rustan’s, and Shopwise are keen on getting on the healthy trend by carrying the choice produce in all of their stores. Australia’s world-class food safety standards also ensure that each piece of citrus is a delightful treat for the whole family to enjoy.

Rustan’s Supercenters, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Pierre Deplanck adds, “These Australian picks are some of the best oranges in the world. They are a perfect complement to Rustan’s product line-up that includes the choicest gourmet selections and imported products from all over the world. Similarly, they are also a welcome addition to Shopwise’s range of products and are perfect for families who want the good life they can afford.”

Apart from being enjoyed straight from the shelves as a healthy snack, oranges can also be used in a number of delicious ways such as in smoothies and salads, or as an ingredient in a range of savory recipes.

The month-long Aussie Fresh Fest also includes other Aussie-stamped beef and lamb products and will run in all Rustan’s Supermarket, Marketplace by Rustan’s, and Shopwise branches until August 31.

Rustan’s Supermarket, Marketplace by Rustan’s, and Shopwise are all managed by Rustan Supercenters, Inc., a member of the Dairy Farm International Group.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pizza Hut opens at KIA Theater

Last July 29, Pizza Hut invited the media to its new concept store located at the Araneta Center. The place has a warm vibe, elegant finish with a seating capacity of 230 people.

Pizza Hut KIA Theater, formerly known as New Frontier, now has more product offerings at than before. They now have appetizers, grills, salads, pastas, signature dishes and desserts on top of the pizza crusts and toppings they are known for.

Pizza Hut leveled up its drink selection to include wines, cocktails and mocktails. Kids would love the Mango Smoothie (P 89) and Lemon Cucumber Smoothie (P 79).

You may also get affordable breakfast meals from Pizza Hut - Kia Theater. Choices include tapa, pancake, corned beef, longganisa, ham and egg, that comes with coffee, tea or softdrink.

This uptake will surely make the Pizza Hut patrons and diners happier. There is always something for each member of the family to gorge on at Pizza Hut.

Do bring your family and friends Pizza Hut KIA Theater branch!

Pizza Hut
KIA Theater (beside Gateway Mall) Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
Opens 7AM - 11PM

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Join in the Fertility Awareness Month Campaign

Earlier today, the Fertility Awareness Month kicks off with an informative forum sponsored by Merck Serono in cooperation with Philippine Society of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (PSREI) and Department of Health (DOH). This event, which was held at the Crowne Plaza is the first in a series of awareness-building initiatives to foster greater understanding of infertility among the growing number of Filipinos who find it difficult to conceive.

In the said intimate gathering, PSREI President Dr. Rudie Frederick Mendiola, led the audience in grasping a basic understanding of infertility. Filipino couples need not struggle in silence as there is hope for men and women who have fertility problems according to him. Couples may seek help to have a child, either on their own or with medical help from Professional Organizations.

Infertility is defined as inability to get pregnant after a year of regular, unprotected sex. Infertility is a crisis for many couples as it comes with feelings of guilt or inadequacy. Results from a 2011 Merck-commissioned study by Synovate estimates that 1 in 10 Filipinos are infertile because many couples do not understand their condition.

In the Philippines, PSREI (a subspecialty society of the POGS) has 114 Certified Fellow members who offer a wide range of infertility remedies with the latest technology. These infertility specialist are experts on giving advise regarding which options are available for your particular cause of infertility. They will explain the reason for infertility, chance of success, and the possible complications of infertility treatments.

IVF specialist Dr. Anthony Marc Ancheta explains the basics of infertility, including causes, treatments and coping methods. He gave indepth information on the genetics of male and female infertility. I learned that some infertility causes are treatable such in the cases of ovarian failure and hormone problems. It was interesting to know that there are medicines, surgical treatments and assisted conception that are used as main techniques for correcting infertility.

In artificial insemination the sperm is placed in the uterus and conception happens otherwise normally. For cases in which other methods such as fertility drugs, surgery, and artificial insemination haven't worked, IVF may be a viable option.

Unlike the simpler process of artificial insemination, IVF involves combining eggs and sperm outside the body in a laboratory. IVF involves injecting hormones so that the wife produces multiple eggs each month instead of only one. She will then be tested if she is ready for egg retrieval. In this a complex and expensive procedure, the formed embryos are then placed in the uterus.

Doctors may combine IVF with a procedure called intracytoplasmic sperm injection in cases where the man's sperm count is extremely low.

IVF success rate increase in every age group as the techniques are refined and doctors become more experienced. Success rates for IVF depend on the reason for infertility, where the IVF procedure is done, and the woman's age.

For couples who are willing to go far with this process, Dr. Angel Tan suggests that they seek a PSREI specialist. Advanced reproductive technology can be costly and can be an emotional roller coaster. Going to a certified doctor gives assurance that his actions only serve the best interests of his patients.

PSREI has a list of certified fertility clinics that have good quality control, adhere to strong medical ethics, and maintain the highest standards of professional practice and conduct. Going to these experts will keep you from being talked into some nifty new procedures that you really do not want and cannot afford.

PSREI provides free seminars to patients that will help increase their understanding of the symptoms and causes of infertility. Local fertility experts from the PSREI educate people on the methods to improve fertility as well as options for treatment. These awareness efforts are expected to create an impact on couples’ attitude towards infertility and the way they see the urgency of seeking medical assistance.

Those couples who seek general advice in trying to conceive may join in on the free seminar on August 8 or August 15.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Posh Nails celebrates its 13th Year Anniversary

Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa, the country’s top nail salon is on its 13th year! To celebrate, Posh Nails owner Cat Ilacad is introducing a new nail salon service called the DETOX Mani+Pedi that uses Cuccio products.

The DETOX Mani+Pedi  features products that aim to pump up your de-stressing experience. The DETOX Mani (P 525) starts with the Manicure Cuticle Soak with Aronia berry and Tea Tree that have antioxidants and natural antiseptic qualities. The hands are then cleansed using the Manicure Milk and Honey Butter wash with jojoba seeds, which help exfoliate dry skin. After the hands are pat dry, the Manicure follows and is topped off with an extended massage using a Lotion with Seabuckthorn and White Tea to give you that much-needed hydration.

The DETOX Pedicure (P 650), on the other hand, features the Extended Massage Lotion with Shea Butter and Tuscan Grapeseed that contain antioxidants, the Pedicure Callus Softener with Mango and Papain for exfoliation, and the Pedicure Cuticle with Pomegranate and Alpha Hydroxy that soften skin.

Since it opened its doors 13 years ago, Posh Nails has been offering the best pampering experience for those looking to relax and unwind from a busy day of work or play. Its iconic pink and purple interiors invite guests to settle down as the highly trained technicians scrub, buff and polish all that city stress away.

Posh Nails invited TV personalities and bloggers to a “SPArty” last July 29th to kick off the festivities. Everyone including Posh Nails ambassadors--- Carmina Villaroel, LJ Reyes, Ara Mina, Liz Uy---got to try and experience the new wellness package that Posh Nails is launching. We left refreshed, renewed and with a smile on our faces.

Try it for yourself. Relax and recharge as trained hands shape and buff your nails, trim your cuticles and pamper you with an impressive collection of nail polish!

The new DETOX Mani + Pedi pampering service is now available in 30 Posh Nails branches nationwide.

For more information, visit or follow Posh Nails on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may call (02) 3738762 for franchise inquiries.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Paper Cutting Art showcased at the Prism Gallery

After its successful InK (Ilustrador ng Kabataan) on Paper Exhibit last June, the Prism Gallery is showcasing the art of paper cutting this month of August 2015.

The launch last Saturday was well-attended by art enthusiasts, aspiring artists and paper cutting exhibitors alike.

The art of paper cutting have long been part of Philippine crafts. This visual art form utilizes scissors or craft knife to cut shapes on paper. Other than banderitas (buntings) and the parol (a traditional star-shaped lantern), this paper cutting activity is reflected in the art of pabalát (wrappers used to sheat the pastillas de leche) among other traditional sweet products.

The Prism Gallery brought together the talented people who specialize in such classic paper techniques plus modern-day papercutters who have mastered the art with perfection.

It is easy to cut paper but it takes deft craftspeople to yield exacting lines and delicate patterns on paper medium.

The Prism Gallery aims to provide a venue for new artists to showcase their talents according to its founder, Miss Marigold Tantoco. She herself used to paint in her childhood. Though she took the other road to business instead, her desire for the arts still burns inside. In fact, Miss Gold went back to take up Industrial Design from UP College of Fine Arts in 1990. Though she gave this up for a marketing career in Australia, her passion for arts would take her to gallery visits whenever possible.

After a career change, she established the Prism Gallery. And now the rest is history.

Featured Artists / Works of Art

Artworks included in this month's exhibit were made by artists Liza Flores, Mansy Abesamis, Lala Gallardo, Badz Magsumbol and Pergy Acuña.

Mansy Abesamis is a young, Manila-based paper artist who manages her owns a brick-and-mortar craft shop.

Dolores Ramos-Libunao is one of the few remaining pastillas papercutters of San Miguel, Bulacan. Her painstaking pieces of art are displayed at the Cut and Paste Exhibit.

Pergy Acuna is an illustrator and craft artist who hails from Antipolo City. She has done various illustration works on children’s books for Adarna House, Lampara Books and OMF Lit. She is also and active Ilustrador ng Kabataan member.

Lala Gallardo, took up painting at UP Diliman College of Fine Arts. After being exposed to the "pabalat craft" of Bulacan, she began incorporating paper cutting techniques in her mixed media artworks.

Badz Magsumbol, founder of the Papercutters Guild of the Philippines, is a full time fine artist. He serves as a resource person for the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) to conduct art workshops and art talks among the different art groups.

Liza Flores, an award-winning illustrator and professional designer, is drawn to the challenge of the paper cutting process and its potential. She is also a member of Illustrador ng Kabataan (InK).

Join in the celebration of art and craft at the Prism Gallery. Do visit them soon. The Cut and Paste: A Papercut Exhibition runs until August 30, 2015.

G/F Island Tower Condominium
239 Salcedo Street
Legaspi Village
Phone (02) 886-3947

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