Saturday, April 1, 2017

Refreshing Tastes at Mangan

Kapangpangans are well known for good food and cooking with inventiveness. And Mangan is a restaurant that mirrors this versatility, offering twists on the familiar local cuisine. It is a Kampangan restaurant known for its home-cooked meals. The term “mangan” translates to “eat” in Kapampangan and Ilocano.

Mangan restaurants can be found in Robinsons Place, Manila and Galleria; SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA and in Glorietta. I had a chance to dine in at Glorietta branch last March 8, along with other foodies.

We had Crispy Pata, Bulalo, Pork Sisig and Kare-Kare (oxtail cooked in peanut sauce) .  Mangan prepares the kare-kare in the same old-fashioned way as Cabalen.

Mangan lets you enjoy its crispy pata    three ways  – Prichon Pata, Patang Demonyo and Original Crispy Pata and I got to taste all three.

The Crispy Pata variants  were  cooked to perfection.  All are seasoned well,  making it  tasty all over.  And they serve it in generous  portions.  I really like Prichon Pata.  It   was crispy all over. I love the skin and its flavorful liver sauce.

Patang Demonyo is made  hot using local  chillies.  The heat factor was enough to burn my  tongue. I tasted its spiciness even under the skin.

For desserts, we had Bibingka and Puto Bumbong. These are types of kakanin (rice desserts) named after their method of cooking. Bibingka means baked. Bibingka is a rice cake made from galapong (glutinuos rice), baked in a special clay pot, lined with a piece of banana leaf. The heat coming from live coals on top and underneath the baking pan cooks it evenly. It is topped with slices of kesong puti (white cheese) and itlog na maalat (salted duck eggs).

Puto Bumbong is steamed glutinous rice (puto) cooked in bamboo (bumbong). The original recipe uses a combination of malagkit (sweet rice) and ube (purple yam). Once done, it is spread with butter, sprinkled with muscovado sugar (refined brown sugar) and niyog (grated coconut). I so love these delicacies!

Overall, our dining experience was good. Mangan is the place to go for great Kapampangan and traditional Filipino food that delights!

2/F Glorietta 2, Hotel Drive, Ayala Center, Makati City 1224

Friday, March 31, 2017

Electrolux gets your home ready for the Summer

With the school break comes summertime.   Since the kids will be at home all day long for most of the time, getting the   home  ready is something we can't do away with.

Travel is a good option during summer, but for those who have to stay home, there are ways to keep the mood happy throughout the day. Electrolux offers some tips to get your home prepped and ready for summer so you and your family and friends can kick back and enjoy the sunny days.

At the Make Your Home Summer Ready launch last March 29, Electrolux Philippines presented tips on summer home design, cleaning and organizing the home, and shared news on its latest appliances designed to help make your homes #ElectroluxSummerReady.

Electrolux Summer Ready Home guest speaker Amina Aranaz-Alunan, founder, executive director and teacher of SoFA Design Institute, and Creative Director of fashion accessories and bag label ARANÁZ, talked about hot trends in home decorating  this summer.  She shared iexecuon using colorful and stylish fabrics to create  inviting spaces to sit and relax. Her DIY project ideas  were helpful to moms in giving their homes a summer makeover.

Janice Villanueva, successful mompreneur and founder of Mommy Mundo, shared her Summer Ready Home Checklist, with hacks on keeping the home clean and clutter-free and fun summer activities for the family.

For the kitchen, Villanueva talked about the importance of cleaning out the refrigerator, including all compartments and interiors, throwing out expiring food and restocking on fresh food, including a mix of different kinds of foods that kids will like. She advised moms to put these in easy to access containers so the kids can help themselves when they’re hungry.

Villanueva also reminded moms to sit down with the helpers to plan a menu since kids will be home all day – and to make sure they have healthy morning snacks and a filling merienda so kids don’t grab junk food in between.

When it comes to cooking, homemakers should make sure to clean the kitchen stove top and oven to make sure things are running properly. Cooking or baking sessions with the kids are also a great summer activity that teaches them a new skill while allowing moms to bond with them.

Hot and humid weather also means more allergens so moms should make sure to vacuum sofas, curtains, rugs, the bed and stuffed animals! Moms can even teach the kids to vacuum.

Aside from providing summer ready tips, Electrolux also launched their latest products that can help moms achieve a summer ready home. Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances and appliances for professional use, offer thoughtfully designed refrigerators, ovens, cookers, hobs, dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and small domestic appliances.

The Electrolux UltraFlex Vacuum Cleaner

The Electrolux UltraFlex Vacuum Cleaner gives families high performance clean and an ergonomic design that makes it really easy to use. It has a Turbo Cyclonic Design that efficiently separates the dust.

It’s also ideal for dusty summer days as the Electrolux UltraFlex comes with a HEPA13 Washable Exhaust filter, which seals 99% of dust and allergens, and a Replaceable Carbon Layer. It has received 5 Stars SLG on Filtration Efficiency and was also awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval from the British Allergy Foundation.

Electrolux Vita Inverter Split-Type Air Conditioner

The Electrolux Vita Inverter Split-Type Air Conditioner is the perfect aircon to cool homes this summer and keep the air clean. It has Active Plasma ion that helps eliminate viruses and bacteria and Inverter Technology that delivers energy savings with its advanced technological features, making the units energy efficient and eco-friendly. This gives remarkable advantages: low noise, energy savings and optimal temperature without sudden changes.

Electrolux UltimateCare Front Load Washing Machine

The Electrolux UltimateCare Front Load Washing Machine gives families clean and soft clothes that look vibrant and new for longer, perfect for summer days where kids are more active and washing happens more frequently.

Packed with energy-efficient features, the Electrolux UltimateCare Front Load Washing Machine provides expert care for every kind of fabric, to make laundry a pleasure, not a chore. It was designed with the exclusive UltraMix™ System to deliver exceptional deep clean and better colour care. It effectively pre-mixes the detergent with water, dissolving it before they reach the laundry and fully activating its cleaning power.

Electrolux NutriFresh Inverter Refrigerator

The NutriFresh Inverter Refrigerator keeps food fresh for up to 7 days, ensuring that families have fresh ingredients for healthier and more flavor.

Electrolux Cooking Range with Induction Cooktop and Electric Oven

The Electrolux Cooking Range with Induction Cooktop and Electric Oven gives moms the advantage of induction and oven cooking at the same time.

Induction is faster than other cooking technologies, boiling one liter of water in three minutes, allowing families to enjoy tasty meals in no time. It comes with Precise Temperature Control that allows one to go from high to low heat instantly so one never undercook or overcook again.

Visit and follow @ElectroluxPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram or @ElectroluxPH on Twitter for more #ElectroluxSummerReady home care and healthy living ideas, please

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Women Empowerment

When I was young, I was often reprimanded for breaking gender stereotypes. I didn't like the idea that I was not allowed to do things because I am a female. I resent being told to specialize in feminine roles --- culinary work and household chores that would prepare me for the homemaker role once I get married. My family was baffled as I am. I don't fit the definition of a submissive female.

While I dream of having my own family then, my eyes were set towards something bigger. I want more. The fearlessness in me wants to break free. Happiness varies in people and mine is going over the mother role. I refuse to be bound in the house as a housewife. I want my life to be filled with purpose.

I studied hard, immersed myself in books and went on to prove myself. I want what the world has to offer. My life became more meaningful in the company of like-minded individuals I have met along the way. I felt a sense of belonging knowing that I was changing lives for the better and touching the lives of those within my circle of influence. I am thankful for the courageous women who have supported and mentored me. Life doesn't come with a manual and so having supportive people around me helped a lot.

Now at midlife with a family of my own, I find fulfillment in supporting women and advocacies. My life may have been rough, but my participation in things that matter to me made it all worthwhile.

Living life mindfully and networking with women fills my need to create more happiness in my life. I immediately said yes to a Women Empowerment session upon receiving the invitation.

Women's Month is celebrated every March. And in celebration of International Women’s Month this year, Gastronomy By Joy invited us to join in Women Empowerment (WE), the first in a series of events, wherein women will be encouraged to live their dreams and live a happier life. Women movers and ordinary women will be giving talks and will be sharing insights on how to create socio-equality in their own homes. These series of events will tackle money matters, wealth management and other things that matters to women. WE seeks to tap one's potentials, be a blessing to others by empowering women to help improve each one's lives and situations.

Empowering women to participate fully in economic life will help them realize that they are also capable of doing everything.

A talk on Women and Money was given by Ms Rowena Suarez, a financial advisor. She shared her knowledge on financial uncertainty, poverty, poor health, personal insecurities and gaining financial freedom among others.

Celebrity Chef Michelle Adrillana of Stew Comfort Food and Flavors of Fire plus Chef Jill Busuego of Delicioso shared how they started in their own food businesses and the how they overcame the setbacks in pursuing their passions.

All these women are inspired to help other women by sharing their knowledge. I have learned a lot from these inspiring women and I look forward to another #WE gathering.

Do follow @WEManila, @Gastronomy-allaboutfood and @JustaskRo FACEBOOK pages for updates. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be with like-minded women who serve the same purpose as you.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PowerClean is your One-Stop Shop for Household Cleaning Products

Household cleaning products need not be expensive. If you are looking for affordable laundry detergent and cleaning products for your family, you’ll find everything you need at Powerclean Chemicals. Powerclean Chemicals has a wide range of laundry and cleaning products for your everyday needs.

One of the brands of Oxychem Corporation is Powerclean Chemicals tagged as “Panlinis na Mura at Dekalidad Pa” in the cleaning industry today. As one of the fastest rising brands in the cleaning chemicals business, Powerclean Chemicals have a wide variety of cleaning solutions used in many laundry shops, janitorial companies, restaurants, spa, car wash, and other industrial institutions.

As a mom, I am always on the lookout for safe home cleaning products that are effective and affordable. I usually  buy what’s on sale to test Detergents and cleaning products that make green claims that delivered the same cleaning power of the top-rated detergents. And I'm glad to discover PowerClean products.

The products  cover all cleaning solutions for all industries including sanitation and disinfection. Best of all, PowerClean uses eco-friendly ingredients!  This company offers products are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients that get dirty jobs done!  Its certifications from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) guarantee safe manufacturing products that are of high quality and efficacy brighteners so people can get their clothes and their dishes clean even as they keep their environment green.

Their WAVE SUPREME  high-grade powder detergent formulated for all types of fabric has the stain-fighting power I was looking for.   Its strong cleaning power can effectively remove dirt!   You can bring on all stains from tea, clay, chocolate, etc. and it get all clothes clean!  I love that fact that it has brighteners that get clothes clean even as PowerClean keep the environment green!

PowerClean's Multi-Purpose Cleaner is good for  cleaning basins, floors and bathroom walls.  Aimed at meeting the need for healthier cleaning choices, the Multi-Purpose Cleaner is formulated to soften dirt,  remove grease and oil from any surface.

I used the LIQUID BLEACH as stain  and odor remover. It is a mild and safe bleach  contains sodium hypochlorite and releases chlorine for disinfection and all-surface cleaning. I fins it effective in removing stains from white fabrics as well.
The Dishwashing Liquid Anti-bac is a good all-purpose dishwashing liquid alternative for the efficient removal of grease, fats and oils in the kitchen. Its anti-bac and intensified grease-cutting power formula really makes a difference!

The Liquid Hand Soap  keeps our hand soft as it cleans. I love that it has  moisturizer and mild formula!

As you do your research on natural household cleaning products, consider PowerClean. It is high time you let go of the brands as you attempt to shift to your new green lifestyle.  Let PowerClean help you in  choosing green products and services to fit your lifestyle.

PowerClean is your one-stop shop for Cleaning Products. Visit for more information.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pasay holds its 1st Travel City Tourism and Heritage Expo

The Pasay City Tourism Council, with the support of its City Mayor Tony Calixto led the first Pasay Travel City Tourism and Heritage Expo last March 23-26, 2017 at the Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom, Newport City, Pasay.

With more Filipino tourists aggressively exploring new destinations, this Expo aims to create a network of exhibitors as partners in promoting “Pasay, the Travel City, Your Gateway to the Philippine Islands. The tourism industry is one of the fastest emerging economic sector, and so Trade fair booths for travel agencies, food and restaurant businesses, hotels, malls and other tourism-related business establishments in Pasay were featured to give guests the widest choice of destinations.

The highlight of the expo was a photo exhibit of the nostalgic old Pasay dubbed as “Travel in Time” to embrace its unique culture and history. No less than the Pasay City Mayor himself, graced the occassion and officially opened the trade expo with the ribbon cutting ceremony.

This event coincided with the 16th National Convention of Lawyers of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, with an estimated attendance of around 2,000 lawyers from all over the country with no less than Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Vice President Leni Robredo, Senate President Aquilino Pimentel, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, Pasay City Cong. Imelda Rubiano and City Mayor Antonino Calixto as guests of honor.

About Pasay City

Pasay was founded in December 2, 1863. In the present, it is considered one of the Highly Urbanized City in the country. It is a constantly progressing City with its numerous modern infrastructures and a promising future in the industry of tourism. Known as the Travel City in the country, it is the center of transportation having four airports in one City that will transfer you to the major parts of the world and your gateway to the Philippine islands.

To date, it has a bustling population of around 420,000 that doubles up during busy hours ferrying the commuting public thru MRT, LRT and bus stations. Pasay City is well-equipped is equipped to welcome its visitors with world-class hotels, entertainment and convention halls. It has one of Asia’s largest mall and restaurants known for  buffets, plus seafood markets that cater to  food lovers and adventurers. Pasay City is offers modern living through its high-rise condominiums with a view of the Manila Bay, that makes it a resort living destination in the metro.

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