Saturday, May 11, 2013

Award-winning LED Lighting Designs at Feliix

Feliix Store launched its newest luxurious Lighting Fixture Brand in the Philippines. By promoting QisDesign of Qisda, Feliix aims to bring innovative technology and design to every home. QisDesign is a leading Taiwanese technology manufacturer of LED lights.
The Feliix event was hosted by fashion and stage director Mr. Anshari Alonto. Lifestyle bloggers, media practitioners and VIPs from different industries were there to witness the LED product launch last May 4th at Alabang Town Center.

These jellyfish-shaped energy-efficient LED lamps have a three-way ‘touch ring’ dimmer. 'Aurelia' comes in elegant colors of pink, aqua and orange. You may choose from Aurelia LED table lamp or the Aurelia Suspension, great for the kitchen, small dining areas and bars.

The 'Crystal Light' is a fascinating lighting fixture that boasts of its color-changing feature. The various shimmering crystals are connected by a magnet. Hence it can be arranged into any form you desire. The crystal light also works as an accent in any table center.
Flamenca lamp design on the other hand is inspired by the breathtaking movement of Flamenco dancer’s ruffled skirt twirling around in the air. The Flamenca is an ambient light combination of bi-color acrylics and curvy shape that achieves dreamy and bewitching lighting effect which captures the playfulness of its essence. Its dimming function gives different levels of breathtaking luminosity to give your outdoor parties and home sections some romantic touch.
The 'Piano Light' is award winning design that drew its inspiration from the piano keyboard. This LED lighting fixture, allows users to interact and play with the light as if they were playing the piano without being burned.

All Feliix products come with a three-year warranty.

If you want to know more about QisDesign LED products, visit their showroom at Alabang Town Center or visit their website at

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Anti-Bullying Program at Reedley International School

Bullying or hurting someone is is becoming a social problem nowadays. Rude behaviours such as namecalling, discrimination, verbal tirades or physical abuses may be exhibited by children or adolescents in any situation or social setting to keep someone out of a group. Bullying contributes to child stress, hinders them from learning and from having healthy peer relationships.

Even in schools, these acts often goes too far despite having a set of school discipline policy. Hence, parents need to choose schools well so that their children's rights are enforced. After all, kids need to be safe and happy at school.

Middle School Teacher, Nico Villanueva, discusses Reedley's Anti-Bullying tactics
At Reedley International School, Life Skills Curriculum is being enforced to ensure students are free from bullying and intimidation. Their anti-bullying policies in place to deal with bullying promptly and effectively by involving mediation, disciplinary action, warnings, social skills programs, counselling and parental involvement.

Reedley International School focuses on raising student morale and self-esteem so that they show more initiative and greater disposition to learning.  Reedley and Reedley parents make a formidable team in making happy, better learners.  The school helps make children confidently handle more of life's tough challenges.

If you want indepth details on what Reedley International School can do for you and your children, please visit their website at

You may also see updates on their Facebook Fanpage

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Treats from Julie's Bakeshop

Bloggers were invited by Julie’s Bakeshop Marketing Manager, Meggie Jose, to their Pasig main offices recently to be the first to sample their baked summer offerings. Being a person who will eat the batter of everything, I was excited to go.

I love cakes. And like most people, we celebrate milestones with cakes at home. I always look forward to digging into a slice of cake, licking my plate clean and then asking for seconds.

Julie’s Rainbow Round Cake at 160 pesos is an inexpensive, six-inch fluffy chiffon goodness you can take home to celebrate birthdays! Rainbow Square Cake Slices, mini-serving portions of the Rainbow Round Cake are also available at 45 pesos.

Julie's Rainbow Cupcakes were so lovely colored and delicious as well!  The tropical flavors are pineapple, strawberry, buko pandan and ube.  And each one is topped with confetti sugar candies!  It is affordable at 12 pesos a piece or 75 pesos for half a dozen.

Julie's Yummy Yoyos at 5 pesos per piece is a happy sandwich treat bursting in Orange, Buko Pandan, Pineapple and Strawberry flavors!
I love their Chiken Empanada best of all!  It is a great steal at 8 pesos per piece.

Do drop by Julie’s Bakeshop to try these summer baked treats for you and your family. Join the number of people who frequent Julie’s Bakeshop for their fill of baked goodness daily.

To know more about #JuliesBakeshopSummerSurprise promotions, follow them on Twitter: You may also Visit Julie's Facebook Page : for updates.
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