Saturday, December 8, 2012

Support the Love Sees Beyond Differences campaign

Filipinos have been known to be family-oriented and as such, an extended family often comprises a Filipino home. It is common for most families to bring in a relative's or even someone else's child into their homes even before the adoption was enacted into law.

In my family, these people with loving hearts do continue to inspire us.  My mother and her siblings were raised by relatives when their father died. Being so young at the age of one year old, my mother was welcomed into the home of her childless uncle. Not only was she given a shelter and secured future, she was showered with love and raised as their own daughter.

Adoptive parents lead by example.  It takes selfless, pure love to open your home to someone else that is not biologically your own.   I salute those individuals who took on this life-changing process to help make a difference in a child's future, showing them they are important and valued.

DSWD, ICAB and McCann Erickson join hands to spread positive message about adoption through their "Love Sees Beyond Differences" campaign.

Inter-country Adoption Board (ICAB) has been designated as the Central Authority in matters relating to intercountry adoption of Filipino children through Republic Act 8043 (RA 8043. As a policy making and regulatory body, it approves all adoption applications and placements. ICAB has partnered with McCann Erickson to carry out the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s desire to carry out a new communications campaign on legal adoption.

Many families often rule out legal adoption because of stigma its entail and the tedious process that a prospective adoptative parent has to undergo.

Adoptive parents were invited to share their experiences in a briefing held at Social Lounge, Active Fun Building, 9th Street, Bonifacio Global City on December 7, 2012.  Present were Felice Santos, Marvin Narvaez,  Craig Logan, Kara Michelle Logan and Mike Tripp.

Ms Nenita Santos sums up her adoption experience using the acronym FELICE.
E-motional Bonding
E-normous joys and rewards

"Adoption is a leap of faith," says Ms Santos, an adoptive parent to Felice.  "God found her for us from day one".

To Marvin Narvaez, a Math teacher, everything just place into place when he finally got his baby girl from Cebu two months ago. His journey started in December 2011. Although the initial matching last June 2012 was unsuccessful, it didn't deter him from "hoping for a bundle of joy" to share the love with in their home. And yes, it was worth the wait according to him.

Christian missionaries Craig and Michelle chose to adopt after hearing their friends' stories of adoption and how blessed they are with the new additions to their family.

"Adoption is beautiful, and even more beautiful in the eyes of God", shared Mike Tripp, a missionary. He has three children, two of which are adopted. He and his wife decided to adopt a child from Kazahkstan a few years after having their natural child. The second adoptee came in as a calling. They were on a typhoon rescue mission when the child found its way into their home. When nobody came up to claim the child, the Tripp family found it in their hearts to open up their home and adopt her.

Even proponents of this advocacy have their own stories to tell. Rafael Quinio, an ICAB Board Member, related that 3 out his 7 children are adopted. He refers to them as his "post-menopausal babies". He opted for adoption in 1986, at the age of 44. Three years later, DSWD contacted him to ask if he wanted to adopt a baby girl from Germany, which he welcomed with open arms. Another three years passed and DSWD was knocking on his door again with the third adoptee, a calling to which he responded positiively.

Pia Cayetano, a proponent of RH Bill, Foster Care and Adoption, told the guests that she agrees that adoption should be formalize under the law. By defining what the relationship is, adoptive children's rights will be protected. She has two natural daughters and a son named Lucas, whom she adopted.

Pilar Tolentino, Ateneo's Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM) Executive Director, urges everyone to see the beauty of adoption. She also added that it is important to involve members of the family in any adoption plans that you have to make.
Students from Dela Salle University interpreted singer/songwriter Ogie Alcasid's song titled “I love you”. Through music and gestures, they hope to encourage families to open their homes to adoptive children. There are so many children in orphanages waiting to be adopted and these organizations are willing to guide you through the process.

Through this advocacy, the team hopes to transform more lives and create waves that impact the Philippine society in the long term.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Diana Stalder-Svelte Casmara Stem Cell Facial

A "SPArty" Casmara Stem Cell Facial event was held yesterdat at Svelte One Orchard Road Condominium, Eastwood City. I am thankful to be one of the first to try out this new skin regimen .
Casmara Stem Cell Facial is a self-rejuvenating, anti-aging treatment that stimulates the skin's stem cells. It awakens your skin's stem cells by providing essential energy that improves the function of the stem cells. Chondricare, a potent ingredient, is a protein that protects the skin's stem cell from harmful free radicals.

It consists of seven phases:
Phase 1 elixir mask 8 minutes
Phase 2 rejuvenating mask
Phase 3 active hidrogel
Phase 4 self-reju firming and hydrating cream
Phase 5 dermo protective nourishing cream 10 mins
Phase 6 c-40 biphase soya mask 20 mins
Phase 7 - hydrating protective cream 1 minute

Bloggers, friends and family of Diana Stalder were there to support the Casmara Stem Cell Facial launch.  Food and drinks were served.
Cha Sy, Alyssa Martinez, Leizel Martinez, Dina Stalder and Yayo Aguila

Diana Stalder Ambassador, Yayo Aguila with Diana Stalder Marketing Director, Francis
Diana Stalder-Svelte Casmara Stem Cell Facial only costs 3299.00

Why settle for substandard skin regimens and creams when this Antiaging Facial guarantees to make you look 5 or more years younger with fewer sags, fine lines, and wrinkles?   Casmara Stem Cell Facial is safe since all facial products used are all natural and fragrance-free.  With continued use,  your friends will be noticing that you look younger.

Check out the other skin care services that they offer-
Casmara Lift and Firm Facial 2499.00
Casmara Botox Alternative Facial 1699.00
Botox per unit 350.00
Syringoma Removal 1500.00
Painless Warts Removal 1500.00
Ultimate Power Peel 1200.00
Absolute Power Peel 1500
    3 session Power Peel package 3500

So head off to Diana Stalder branches now to get ready for the holidays and get savings of up to 30% on select whitening treatments with their promo "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS WHITE".

 Diana Stalder Face, Body and Skin Care Center by Dermaline Inc. pioneers in skin care and wellness in the Philippines since 1996. They offer a combination of skin care practices and new product discoveries in 18 their corporate and franchise branches nationwide.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Favorite TV Station for Netizens Choice Awards

TV 5 is my favorite TV station because it has a complete roster of programs that make people good. TV5 creates positive, uplifting programs that sets it apart from the rest.

Wil Time, Big Time gained popularity because it gives assurance that there are people willing to do good. Though a game show, this TV program appeals to the masses as it makes audience and show participants feel so joyous. While winning games gives a boost of hope to those feeling unsure of their futures, appearing on the show itself opened up more opportunities for some Wil Time, Big Time studio participants. These tidbits are enough cause for viewing public cheer.

Sharon -- Kasama Mo, Kapatid is filled with so many inspiring stories on human experiences and relationships. It acknowledges that there are still many things out there worth celebrating.

I like its reality/talent show programs---The Amazing Race Philippines, Talentadong Pinoy, and Video Incredible. My daughter gets her dose of children shows watching Disney Junior, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Fish Hooks plus Phineas and Ferb. I am glad that the Kapatid Network is always a step further in providing exclusive content and services that include news and current affairs shows, children's shows, reality shows, dramas, fantasy, variety shows, and gag shows.

In so doing, TV5 gives a slice of life on the boob tube with heroic characters that are grounded. Seeing average people whom you meet everyday doing things to survive another day makes the viewing public identify with these heroes. Making heroes flawed in ways that keep them real and relatable is something that I like about the Kapatid Network.

The competition among the TV stations is tough but in the end, flexibility to adapt to the changing viewing conditions is what steps up TV5 and attracts more crowd.  Reinvention is always key.  And it sets TV5 apart from the rest.

This undertaking is made possible by - and Let your voice be heard and vote for your favorite at

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Garfield Holiday Fashion Show

Garfield’s having a groovy holiday party not just for one but for all! Yes! You heard that right! We are inviting everybody to the two-day Garfield Holiday Party happening at the Mall of Asia Arena on December 8, 2012 from 1 PM to 4 PM and on December 9, 2012 from 1 PM to 5 PM.
Garfield is an orange, fuzzy, tabby cynical cat who was born on June 19, 1978 in an Italian restaurant. He is obsessed with lasagna, coffee, and his remote control. In addition to that, he loves his nerdy owner Jon Arbuckle, the lovable dog Odie, and his girlfriend Arlene. Initially, the humorous comic strip that was created by mastermind Jim Davis was published in just 41 newspapers but it didn’t take long before it became a worldwide sensation turning into the most widely syndicated comics ever.

As of recent, it appears in over 2750 newspapers and is read by 263,000,000 people all across the globe. Not long after, an animated TV Show entitled “Garfield & Friends” aired on CBS-TV from 1988 to 1995. Then followed the feature films Garfield: The Movie and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties Because of its undying success and marketability, it is only natural that Garfield has sellable merchandise. Over the years, it has sustained it’s own clothing line while at the same has done collaborations with major retail companies such as The Hundreds, a 2-part lifestyle project that houses both a clothing line and an online-magazine as well as Terranova, an Italian fast fashion brand.

This year Garfield will be hosting a fancy tea party for the kids. Loads of fun surprises are in stored that all kids are sure to enjoy! Their imaginations will definitely run wild with our arts and crafts activities. We have also prepared lots of games with exciting prizes. And of course a tea party won’t be complete without something to munch on! The highlight of the event is the fashion show where we would be showcasing our latest Holiday collection.

Expect lots of vibrant, colorful, and trendy pieces that are sure to brighten up any kid’s wardrobe. Of course these are not only stylish but also comfortable, easy to mix and match, and incredibly affordable.

Something else to look forward to is the  Teen's Collection launch that is filled with that great spunky cattitude Garfield is known for. This just goes to prove that Garfield is really one cool cat to be hanging around with the big kids.

You and your child can score passes to this awesome event by simply purchasing Php 500 worth of Garfield Apparel Philippines items from any of the 5 participating SM Malls (Mall of Asia, Megamall, North Edsa, Makati or San Lazaro) or at the venue itself. One receipt entitles one pass for one kid and one of his/her parents or guardians. Good time are certainly ahead at the Garfield Holiday Party!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fashion and technology merge as Bench and O+ goes beyond the ordinary

Last December 2, 2012, Bench and O+  held a fashion event showcasing a new-breed of Filipino fashionistas in the eyes of the stylists. Six celebrity stylists--Sidney Yap, Adrian Concepcion, Ton Lao, Myrrh Lao To, Edlene Cabral, and Kate Paras, competed in an exemplary display of creativity, vision, and technique. Each stylist headed a team of make up artists and hair experts to produce five (5) coherently-styled looks fusing elements derived from Bench and O+.

Yap topped them all based on creativity, originality, and relevance to the theme.

The panel of judges include top designers Randy Ortiz and JC Buendia, Manila Bulletin’s Liza Ilarde, Preview’s Vince Uy, Philippine Daily Inquirer’s JJ San Juan, Philippine Star’s Christopher De Venecia PMAP President Phoemela Barranda, and Bench endorser Joseph Marco. Fashion and technology display an exemplary union with Bench and O+ pushing for going beyond the ordinary. Coinciding with the competition, the biggest supersale on fashion and technology will also be mounted by Bench and O+ at the new Glorietta Activity Center from 1PM-9PM.
As the two ever-changing worlds of fashion and technology have grown more competitive than ever, we have come to realize that the key is, “keep up or be left behind.” Interlinking individuals through the power of mobile technology has tremendously become more of a need than a statement of luxury, similar to the case of fashion where trends come and go and modern consumers are always on the prowl for the next big thing.

The two are undoubtedly united by key elements to thrive: innovation and democracy. With constant reinvention remaining as the driving force of these worlds’ operations, the clamoring market has been granted access to their needs and wants.

Fashion, today, has been accessed not just by the chosen few, and technology has paved the way to an interconnected way of living. And so, what better way to celebrate limitless possibilities than to meld these worlds into one.

Bound by the common thread of pushing for endless possibilities, Bench, in its silver year, ushers in a seamless marriage of talent and vision with O+, the US-born Android mobile technology brand.

Enjoying 25 years of dominance in the market of fashion faithful, Bench has tremendously undergone evolution along with its clout of Filipino fashion lovers. The retail giant has cemented a name that has bridged markets of varying social brackets without compromising its design stamp and persona.

On the other hand, O+’s Android series has recently broken ground in local shores. Work and play come hand in hand in its lineup of smart phones and tablets. Aiming to make a dent in the tech-savvy market, O+ brings in revolutionary partners for the young and young-at-heart who are always on the go.
And one with O+’s vision of limitless possibilities, through the revolutionary Air Shuffle technology, today’s Android brings us to greater heights by allowing swifter navigation using the unique motion sensor that allows users to easily switch FM radio stations, browse stored photos and music with one swoosh of the wrist, even capture Instagram-worthy moments without the need to touch the capture button.

In this unique collaboration, O+’s young ideals mesh with the 25-year tradition of excellence and ingenuity established by Bench.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lions Park Residences

Lions Park Residences is a 1.9 hectare community of 11-building, low-rise condominiums in Sun Valley, Paranaque City. Since it is strategically located near NAIA 3, Makati and Ortigas districts, it brings urban community-living to families.

Anyone looking for leisure activities would be glad to know that it is near SM Bicutan, Villamor Golf Course and Resorts World.

Lions Park Residences enables families to make life more meaningful in an urban setting with its wide range of amenities such as a landscaped central park with a Koi pond, a clubhouse with a swimming pool, a play area for kids plus barbeque pits ideal for family picnics.

To know more about Lions Park Residences and other CDC Holdings projects, visit or send your query to

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Manila Residences lets you Live Smart and Happy

There are many reasons for buying a condo instead of a house. For a newly-wed couple, they make great affordable first homes. And if you are downsizing from a large family house to a smaller residence, it makes a good 'last home' since it is usually less expensive than buying a similarly sized single-family house. Not only is it conveniently located to centers of employment and shopping, Condo amenities include 24-hour concierge, high-tech security surveillance, recreation the convenience of not having to cut grass.
CDC Holdings Inc., one of the most recognized and respected leaders in the Philippine real estate industry today, know this all too well. It is the investment arm of a group of companies in the business of property development, property management, sales and marketing, and related services.

CDC Holdings Inc., the developer behind Manila RiverCity Residences, believes in the value of living smart. Providing the best options to homeowners enables them to do just that - to Live Smart and Happy. Manila RiverCity Residences is a 1.4 hectare, 9-building condominium community set on the scenic Pasig River banks in Sta Ana, Manila. CDC Holdings, Inc., is the property developer company behind it as well as a host of other early developments in the real estate industry such as Platinum 1000 and Platinum 2000 in Annapolis, Greenhills; Somerset Millenium Suites and Millenium Plaza Serviced Residences in Makati City among others.

Purchasing a residential unit at Manila RiverCity Residences is like having your own personal starter kit. It provides you with the basics yet, it lets you imagine and dictate how you are to live, how to connect. Each residential unit has vinyl planks for the living, dining and kitchen, and bedroom floors, and unglazed tiles for the toilet. There are no partition walls for bedroom/s but the interior walls and ceiling finishes all have one-coat paint, a good jumping off point for the scheme one wishes to apply, giving residents free rein on design options. All other basics are provided, including the kitchen counter top with sink and faucet, and other kitchen and toilette fittings making the units move-in ready.

The Manila RiverCity Residences’ five buildings have been turned over and is now being enjoyed by unit owners who chose to enjoy an urban lifestyle at a more affordable price. CDC Holdings, Inc. encourages buyers to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

With 62 percent of its total 14,000 square meter lot area allotted for roads, landscaped areas and amenities such as playground, pavilion and swimming pool, the Manila RiverCity Residences also aims to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle via its proposed environment-friendly features that includes: installation of solar panels, rain water catch basin, landscaped park, pavilion, water-featured landscaping, and the promotion of waste segregation.

With its superb features and amenities, Manila RiverCity Residences is a smart choice for a well-connected life. Getting a unit here will enable you enjoy facilities, varied recreational services. To know more about Manila Rivercity Residences and other CDC Holdings projects, visit or send your query to

A Filipina holds The Guinness World Record for the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles

The Guinness World Record for the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles has officially been broken by a Filipina, Gina Gil Lacuna. Lacuna surpassed the record previously held by Brazil's Luiza Figueiredo, who reigned for two years , when officials certified her on Thursday. Luiza Figueiredo (Brazil) has a collection of 238 different sets of jigsaw puzzles, as of 21 May 2010, that she has amassed since 1967.

When she started doing Mickey Mouse, she knew that she wanted to do something truly memorable so that people will remember her for a long time. Twenty-six years of hardwork plus 1,028 collection of jigsaw puzzles made Ms. Lacuna covet the title of having the world's largest collection worldwide. Lacuna’s discipline has impressed Guinness World Records Adjudicator Seyda Subasi Gemici of Turkey.

The puzzles form pictures of religious figures, animals and landscapes, and even Philippine President Benigno Aquino, with the largest containing over 18,000 pieces. They range from mural-sized classic paintings and custom-made photos to toy-like wooden figures and miniature replicas of cities.

Her completed puzzles are housed at the Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay. See more pictures here.

Lacuna told visitors at the awarding ceremony that she is determined to finish her almost 32,000-piece puzzle Keith Haring Double Retrospect set by February next year. Measuring 17 feet tall and 6 feet wide, it is believed to be the biggest puzzle and so Ms. Lacuna is hopeful that it would be another feather in her cap soon.

You may view the puzzle collection at The Puzzle Mansion from 8:00am to 7:00pm daily. For more details on the puzzle collection and The Puzzle Mansion, you may visit

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide holds its 1st Grand Eyeball

Finally! After over a year of inception, Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (FBW), in partnership with Ex-Links Events, presents Filipino Bloggers Worldwide: The 1st Grand Eyeball.

Get to meet your favorite Filipino bloggers and mingle with like-minded individuals this December 7, 2012 at SM Megamall’s Megatrade Hall 2 from 6pm to 10pm, and enjoy a night packed with fun learning, interactive games, meaningful conversations and special surprises!

Brand partners on the other hand, can expect not just additional exposure to blogger attendees, but a long-term, fruitful relationship and support from Filipino Bloggers Worldwide.

About Filipino Bloggers Worldwide:

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (FBW) started as a Facebook group on November 1, 2011. As the name implies, the group’s purpose is to unite all Filipino bloggers around the world. The group was easily recognized in the blogosphere in just less than a month. Since then, Filipino Bloggers Worldwide became the number one Facebook Filipino bloggers group.

Furthermore, FBW was recently awarded as one of the Top Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012. The creators of FBW expressed that every blogger may have different reasons when it comes to blogging, but each and everyone in the community strives to make FBW an active and supportive group for Filipino bloggers worldwide. So come, join us in this momentous event, and be a proud Filipino blogger worldwide! Filipino Bloggers Worldwide: The 1st Grand Eyeball is brought to you by Filipino Bloggers Worldwide,
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