Friday, June 3, 2016

A More Besutiful You with Céleteque DermoBeautiful

What does it really mean when a beauty brand claims to make you beautiful? Does their beauty promise latch on transformation? Does it commit to worlds beyond your reach?

For skin-favorite Céleteque Dermo, the answer is quite clear. With products co-created with dermatologists and curated by beauty experts, Celeteque Dermo grounds its philosophy on the dermatological proposition that beautiful skin, and in turn overall beauty, starts with healthy skin. Céleteque Dermo celebrates its 10 years of skin health with the promise of making you DermoBeautiful.

What Céleteque Dermo does is offer customized skin care solutions for every skin type. It sits at forefront of innovation and uses only the latest derma-grade ingredients and technologies to consistently release new products and improve existing ones in order to promote skin health. Each product is proven by clinical tests and evidence-based research to be effective and safe for everyday use, so there are no empty promises. It promises healthy skin, so it gives you healthy skin, making you not just your most beautiful, but ultimately DermoBeautiful.

DermoScience and DermoCosmetics

Part of Celeteque’s lineup of celebrated products is Céleteque’s DermoScience line, skincare products that caterto specific skin needs—from Hydration, Acne Solutions, and Sun Care, to Brightening, Advanced Anti-Aging, and even Hair and Scalp Care. The products have earned a loyal following and have become staples for even the most meticulous beauty experts.

If you want to be even moreDermoBeautiful, Céleteque DermoCosmetics takes things a step further, promising expert color and cover through a line of cosmetics that combines the enhancing touch of makeup and nourishing benefits of skin care. The line offers everyday makeup that not only complements your skin care regimen but also enhances it.

10 Years Of #DermoBeautiful Skin

Céleteque Dermo leverages on Unilab's pharmaceutical expertise, thus providing a deeper and long-term enhancement of skin health. Céleteque has been promoting #DermoBeautiful skin for 10 years, and as it celebrates this decade-long commitment to skin health, it welcomes only more opportunities to provide solutions for every type of skin and soothe its every concern.

In as far as beautiful skin goes, nothing quite beats standards that rely on derma-level skin health. After all, healthy skin is beautiful skin, and beautiful skin is the cornerstone of beingbeautiful. Truly, the future is only more #DermoBeautiful with Céleteque.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lock & Lock launches its National Pa-Baon Month Campaign

School year starts in less than two weeks. Hence, Lock & Lock launched its “National Pa-Baon Month” last May 28, 2016 at The Linden Suites just in time before students go back to their daily grind this June.

Sawasdee Marketing Corporation President, Mr. Raphael Chua and Mr. Robbie Ablen welcomed media and bloggers to Lock and Lock's “National Pa-Baon Month Launch. The afternoon program started with a short talk by a nutritionist on healthy food choices, proper food handling and sanitation.

Just like most moms, I carve the time to prepare  packed lunch for my daughter. I deem it important for mothers to ensure  that their kids eat the right meals to keep them healthy in school as they brave another year of education.

Cooking at home allows me to control the sodium and sugar in meals I prepare plus I get a freehand to choose healthy foods not usually available in the school cafeteria. I firmly believe that  home cooking gives our children a jumpstart on good nutrition practices that will last them a lifetime.  Choosing home-cooked meals over fastfood would mean that my child  is eating healthier and consuming  less fried foods, unhealthy trans fats and soda.

Lock and Lock Lunch Box comes with water tight lid and removable divider cups, which ensures no mess in my daughter's lunch box. Lock & Lock rectangular Lunch Box Sets are certified BPA Free Food containers with Leak Proof Locking Lids. This means that is a safe for children. I don't worry about plastics leaking into the food that my child eats. It is spillage-free, freezable, microwable and dishwasher safe.

The campaign is timely and relevant as students begin the new school year. The newest Lock and Lock campaign helps address concerns on maintaining food quality and nutritional content of the food we buy. It introduces trendy Lunch Bags that are insulated to guarantee the freshness of the "baon" we prepare for our kids.

Photocredits to Occassions of Joy
After had our lunch, Bento Mommas took on the floor to teach us how to make preparing a more appealing baon. Bento lunch boxes inspire us to pack healthier fare for our little learner. They taught us step-by-step bento-making in that character of Hello Kitty. The bento activity was colorful, fun, and perfect for portion control.

Do watch out for tips and recipes on preparing healthy baon choices that are easy to prepare via the Lock & Lock Facebook page and on Instagram, LockandLockPH.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Goldilocks holds its Birthday Caravan at Enchanted Kingdom

Goldilocks celebrated its 50th year in a two-day fun-filled activity at the Enchanted Kingdom this June 1-2, 2016.

Goldilocks Birthday Caravan treated its employees, loyal customers, media and kids from the Children's Hour to a carefree experience at the amusement park, as part of the golden anniversary's celebratory atmosphere.

Among the crowd were Goldilocks story  winners who joined in at promotions for a chance to win tickets to the   #GoldilocksAt50 Birthday Caravan celebration at the Enchanted Kingdom with  four of his friends/family members.

Day 1 started with a one-hour program to welcome and entertain guests. There was a dance number followed by a comedy stint from Vice Ganda look-a-like.

Children's Hour made a special number that shows martial arts prowess. A group of men then amazed everyone with their fire show. There were fire performers spinning poi on the sides as spinning fire dancers with a torch perform onstage

A ceremonial blowing of the Goldilocks 50th Year cake ended the festivites and everyone was free to enjoy the many rides and shows at EK.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Merck hosts Thyroid Awareness in Children program

Last May 28, 2016, Merck held its “Catching Butterflies” event at Fisher Mall Event Center. The 2016 theme is "Thyroid Awareness in Children" hence the culminating activity covered more than just health awareness; there were exciting prizes, butterfly clay art, caricature, cookies, dance numbers, mascots, and more activities following the theme of pretty butterflies. The butterflies were used to represent the thyroid gland and make the program enjoyable for children.

Dr. Teofilo San luis, Jr., Dr. Wenceslao LLauderes, and Dr. Michael Lim Villa gave an in-depth discussion on the importance of early detection. Symptoms and facts about the Thyroid Disease were tackled. The doctors taught the audience how to do a simple Neck Check self-exam to help find lumps or enlargements that may point to thyroid conditions, including nodules, goiter and thyroid cancer.

The thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in the base of the neck region just below the Adam's apple. Although relatively small, the thyroid gland is responsible for the production of many essential hormones and assists many bodily functions. It influences the function of the body’s most important organs. It regulates many aspects of your health including breathing, heart rate, central and peripheral nervous systems, body weight, muscle strength, menstrual cycles, body temperature, cholesterol levels and much more.

When the thyroid gland is overactive or underactive, a variety of symptoms can present themselves, often making it difficult to be sure of the root cause. Common symptoms associated with a thyroid disorder complications are weight gain, irregular bowels, muscle and extremities pain or chronic fatigue.

Because many of these symptoms can be confused with other ailments, the best way to narrow down your options is to get a thyroid stimulating hormone test (TSH). Test results, symptoms and a physical exam will confirm or deny your suspicions that your thyroid is acting up.

Treatment goals for handling thyroid disorders are to normalize thyroid hormones back into the blood so the body begins to function normally again – not too slow or fast.

Towards the end of the program, violet balloons with butterfly prints were distributed to symbolically unify thyroid awareness efforts. The general public was asked to do a pledge to keep oneself healthy by taking care of his thyroid gland and by performing regular thyroid neck self-exams.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Martin Nievera holds Concert Night at the Westgate Alabang

Last May 27, Martin Nievera dazzled the crowd at Westgate Center. Westgate is a 9.2-hectare open-air village combining innovative dining, retail and lifestyle concept in a street-style setting. Westgate relaunches with a new look that features a corner plaza with a green wall, a landscaped activity park and even more refreshing greens.

Martin is an Alabang resident himself, and is often seen at Westgate's dining establishments with his family, relaxing and enjoying what the mall has to offer.

Concert King, Martin Nievera, wowed the diners and shoppers with such hits as Be My Lady, Say That You Love Me, Please Don't Throw My Love Away, Each Day With You and so much more!

His son Robin also performed at the concert, strumming on his guitar. He did a duet with Martin towards the end of the show.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Push your Limits with Cadbury 5star Challenge

At the launch of the newest chocolate experience from Mondelez Philippines, Cadbury 5Star dares to break out of your comfort zone. One bite of this velvety chocolate, gooey caramel, soft chocolate-y center, and crispy biscuit bits will make you want to break out from your comfort zone.

Every time you open a Cadbury 5star chocolate bar, you will find a certain dare to act on. Each ambassador has done their fair share of dares during the 5Star launch!

The 5Star Ambassadors gamely took on the challenges. Actor, Alex Diaz, VJ Robi Domingo, and lifestyle blogger, Arisse de Santos exemplify the adventurous and go-getter young millennials of today.

Arisse de Santos had her chocolate-y breakthrough challenging the big guy to a game of arm-wrestling. The boys on the other hand, gamely walked on chocolate milk doing the "running man" challenge!

Mondelez Philippines Chocolate Brand Manager Arlene Amante said, "We see our Brand Ambassadors as energetic young millenials. They're active, confident, and they live their lives to the fullest. Making them true ambassadors of the Cadbury 5Star spirit of #YouThinkYouCan advocacy. This advocacy is a call to make the most of every moment, to be empowered to do what you love through Cadbury 5Star."

Life never has to be the same. You should expect no less from your chocolate bar. Have a Cadbury 5Star and let the world be your playing ground.

Share your Cadbury 5Star experience using the hashtags #Cadbury5Star #GoFullOn #YouThinkYouCan

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