Friday, November 30, 2012

Marcianos opens today at SM Southmall

Marciano's is an Italian-New Yorker restaurant which takes its inspiration from the Italian-American boxer Rocky Marciano, who proved to the world that dreams really do come true.
Marciano's SM-Southmall is franchise store owned by Don Adao and his wife, Manilyn Adao.

Marciano's signature meals make use of thick tomato sauce, rich cheese, mushrooms, fresh spices etc. in creating delectable and savory dishes It is a place where all members of the family can go and have their fill of seafoods, steaks, fresh green salads plus Itallian pizza and hearty pasta dishes.

Marcianos serves a balance of healthy, flavorful treats complimented by a variety of wine and drinks made from fresh fruits. We were served perfectly-baked, thin crust pepperoni pizza. Another one is with bacon and cheese toppings.

The bowl of meatballs came in next. It came with superb thick tomato sauce.

A hefty serving of pasta with delicious white sauce and slices of artichoke bread soon followed. The pasta was cooked al dente. Creamy white sauce is so flavorful and it complements the tender but still firm pasta as bite into it.

Go and dine at Marciano's if you want to step up exotic Italian flavors to your old favorites. It is a place where members of the family can go and get a fill of seafoods, steaks, fresh green salads plus Itallian pizza and healthy pasta dishes.  Marciano's serves a balance of healthy, flavorful treats complimented by a variety of wine and drinks made from fresh fruits.

SM Southmall Food Street
Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I LIKE and what I can SHARE this Xmas

I believe in the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword and so I desire gadgets which would help me make an imprint in the blogging world:
1) A light-weight, robust-built laptop I could carry around to help me disseminate information fast and easy 2) A wifi-enabled, digital camera to document and share precious moments as it unfolds
3) Andriod phone to keep me connected online 24/7
4) Portable back-up power device to power up all the gadgets I use wherever I go

In return, here is what I will share this Christmas:
I will move beyond boundaries and constraints to dispense wisdom and experience to the next generation. All information that I post online will be self-regulated. I will take responsibility and hold myself accountable for using social media such that my networks and access will work for the benefit of a broader community.

I will take the time to be selective. Checking untrustworthy data and confirming the validity of whatever I am exposed to before uploading such topics to public collaborative sites should be my responsibility.

I will offer solace to the needy and search ways to contribute more to making the world a better place for children. I will make significant contribution in molding future generations through leading by example. I pledge to create waves that impact society with the parenting choices I make. I will be an active voice who is willing to help shape a new legacy and who will speak out against rigidities and injustices of society.

I will not be silenced. This is the path I choose to take. I pledge to make a difference even when the rug is pulled out on me. Filipino Bloggers Hub Xmas Party is sponsored by The Cocoon Boutique Hotel, San Marino, King Sue, Bo's Coffee, iFlick, Cadbury, Pinoy Master Grill, Cebu Boy Lechon, Leslies, Tea 101, Oh My Nails, San Miguel Brewery, Leonne Philippines and Baja Mexican Cantina.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello Kitty Christmas Brings Out the Kid in You

Creating the appropriate atmosphere is particularly important when planning for the Christmas season. Planning partieas and holiday decorations for the home makes Christmas "the season to be jolly". Most people look forward to it in great anticipation as it also denotes a season of sharing and giving, of warmth and togetherness.

In this tradition, SM North EDSA sets the holiday aglow with warmth and good cheer with its Hello Kitty Christmas Village theme. My daughter and I were amazed when we saw the Hello Kitty Village at SM North Edsa-The Block Atrium.

There were four Hello Kitty houses on display which inclide Hello Kitty Cafe, Hello Kitty Activity Hall and the Hello Kitty Cake Shop. Take photographs at the merriest time of the year! The whole family will want to remember this Hello Kitty christmas with snapshots.

When you go visit the Hello Kitty Village, don't forget to see the Luxe Collection which is located on the second floor. You might want to get Hello Kitty items to spice up your bedroom or add up unique Hello Kitty pieces to accent different parts of your home.

See these wonderful Hello Kitty Christmas displays at SM City North EDSA up until January 6, 2013!

Cha Life Milk Tea

Last November 23, we were invited to sample Cha Life Milk Tea at Nail It Salon in Rockwell Business Center and I was hooked! I was quite eager to try Cha Life Milk Tea being a milk tea afficionado.

Cha Life Milk Tea is a new powdered milk tea mix concept from Rebisco. It is an instant drink mix that comes in a sachet. All you have to do is add water and you can have an instant hot or cold drink whenever you want to. Each sachet gives a generous serving compared to its imported competitors and a glassful gives an impressive blend of flavors.
Fellow blogger, Lariza Garcia, enjoying her footspa treatment
Cha Life tastes good. It is cool and refreshing but not too sweet. It has that creamy taste that I so love from milk tea plus a hint of its flavorful tea extract.

Thanks to Cha Life for a providing us refreshing drinks during our pampering day at tha Nail It Salon.
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