Friday, November 23, 2012

Cook Magazine: rock solid on its 12th year

Founded in 2000 to cater to Filipino food lovers who crave for home cooking recipes, Cook Magazine had become a household name for articles on home entertaining made easy in addition to superb recipes. Today, Cook is a leading food magazine which sells 83,500 copies a month.

November 24, 2012 marked a day of festivities as Cook Magazine celebrated its 12th year at the F1 Hotel, Taguig. The management and staff of Cook Magazine were supported by advertisers, suppliers, partners and friends in making the said activity a success. It also served as an early holiday event for the guests.

Over the years, Cook magazine has been covering all sorts of food variety from meals to snacks, as well as a huge selection of fine candy and sweet concoctions. Soon the magazine will be taking on new content in answer to the readers' needs and shifting markets.

For 2013 issues, expect to see editorials on mass-produced brands, food service and food festivals as food editor, Chef Danny dela Cuesta collaborates with celebrity chefs, food visionaries, industry practitioners for great food exchanges.

Cook Magazine's 12th year anniversary celebration was made possible by generous friends from the F1 Hotel, Flavors on Fire, Bluewater Resorts, Fujidenzo, Whirlpool, Fly Ace Corporation, Breville, El Greco Philippines , Tempura Japanese Grill, Ramada, Ramesh, Mall of Kitchen, MIHCA, Ewongs, Discovery Suites, Discovery Suites Tagaytay, Sweetielicius, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel , Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, Pan Pacific Hotel , Shangri-La, Mactan, The Manor Hotel, Baguio Traders Hotel , Sand Miguel Corporation, Cookie Monster by Magnolia Ice Cream, Dusit Thani Hotel, Century Park Hotel, Café in the Park, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Malaysian Trade, Cuisiart, Partyshots Photobooth, Haier, One Tagaytay Hotel, Bilmoko, Imarflex, Meyer, Globe Telecom, Sapporo, Elba, Goldilocks and World Class Concepts Corporation.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Grace Poe ushers a Covenent for the Future

FPJ's dream to rebuild the Philippine society through a social covenant lives on as daughter, Grace Poe, runs for senator this coming May 2013 elections.
Like her father, Grace Poe believes the it is possible to push the country forward. Poverty can be eliminated by leading the nation towards unity and sustainable development.

Her platform commits to FPJ's social covenant, focused on three areas:
P - overty alleviation
O - pportunities for children
E - lectoral reforms

With good governance and support of the people, she believes that Philippines will be a progressive country where Filipinos can live the good life.

Grace is grateful that actress Lovi Poe is 100 percent behind her plans to run for senator next year.

Llamanzares officially running as independent but is a guest candidate of both LP and UNA.  In her stint as  MTRCB chairperson, Grace Poe-Llamanzares had proven her leadership skills. She may be a newcomer to politics but not to public service. Reforms in the classification system for movies and television were sucessfully made under her leadership as MTRCB chairman. She brought together media organizations and government agencies to institute policies directed at protecting the interests of children. She brought forth opportunities and support to independent film makers.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Solar Entertainment Corporation launches Jack City sidequel

To step up its programming, Solar Entertainment Corporation came up with a new channel called Jack City with the tagline "drama with style". The Jack TV cable station “sidequel” channel Jack City launched on November 20th will be focusing on science fiction, suspense, and drama series produced by production companies including Warner Bros., CBS Television Studios and 20th Century Fox, among others.
With Jack City being packed with more serials polarizing Jack TV’s comedy and reality lineup, Solar Entertainment hopes to increase its viewership. Solar Entertainment Corporation adapted the Jack brand in its aim to use the name as a springboard to highlight the growth of Jack by creating news buzz of quality programming on free TV.

Jack City’s show lineup includes a powerful mix of shows like NCIS, Bones, Law & Order: SVU, The Mentalist, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, and White Collar. It also has comic book-inspired shows in the likes of Arrow and the fairytale drama Grimm. Viewers will also like the much talked about crime-solving drama show in the US--Elementary. Elementary stars Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller.
Wilson Tieng, Solar Entertainent President and Executive Director is positive that no other cable operating company can match Solar’s position. Jack TV's seven years of hard work paved the way for Jack City and Solar is optimistic that Jack City will be the next big thing on TV.

Jack City is on free TV (UHF via Beam) channel 31, Global Destiny (channel 60) and SkyCable (channel 84). Jack TV on the other hand is on SkyCable channel 51 and on Global Destiny channel 30.

For updates and program schedules, visit or follow them on Facebook!/Solar.JackCity

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nescafe Phillippines holds Fans Day to celebrate 2M Facebook followers

To celebrate its digital milestone of 2 million Facebook fans, NESCAFÉ Philippines held a festivity at the SM Mall of Asia. The NESCAFÉ Fans Day: 2 Million Likes, 2 Million Moments was a free whole-day event that featured free sampling of NESCAFÉ products, live band performances, and lots of activities for the NESCAFÉ fans.
The brand reached the milestone on October 23, cementing its position as the number 1 Facebook brand page in the Philippines in terms of fan base and engagement.
John Miller, Nescafe Philippines President

J. Miller with Christophe Stern, Business Executive Manager of Nescafe in the Philippines

“We are overwhelmed by the support of Nescafé fans in the Philippines, which is why we came up with this fans day. It is our way of thanking our online fans by giving them an offline experience that is worth liking, sharing, loving. This event is a testament that fans and brands go hand-in-hand in ensuring social media success. We listen, we care, we respond. Your fans will know if you are worthy of their attention, more so, their love, and we cannot be any happier that they gave us both," says Christophe Stern, Business Executive Manager of Nescafe in the Philippines. ”

Nescafe Fan's Day was indeed a day dedicated to entertain and bring enjoyment to the people. It captured millions of memories with the appearance of popular bands like Callalily, 6 Cycle Mind and Urbandub along with celebrities Frank Magalona, Drew Arellano and Petra Mahalimuyak.

Visit Necafe Facebook page atÉ.ph and follow @Nescafeph on Twitter for promotions.
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