Saturday, May 9, 2015

Scott’s launches its #Momazing Moments Campaign

There is no ready manual for raising a child. Motherhood is never easy as moms are always standing 24/7, and with no breaks or vacation time. But despite duty that runs around the clock every single day, heavy demands and countless sleepless nights, moms define motherhood as the most rewarding experience ever.

Moms revel in happiness knowing that their kids will some day take on a developmental leap and pick up stars along the way. This is the “Momazing” feeling of knowing that everything---mother's hard work, teachings and encouragement are all worth it. Momazing is that mix of pride, accomplishment, joy, relief and the confidence and reassurance of getting it right that every mom feels. And these Momazing moments can happen anytime, anywhere, and so moms should make every day count.

Scott’s® Vitamin C product recognizes these moments and supports all moms’ endeavors to help kids reach remarkable milestones. Scott’s helps build foundations to help children flourish, which is at the heart of everything it does. Scott’s® wants to celebrate moments which make motherhood feel so special that it launched the #Momazing Moments Campaign today at SM Megamall Event Center.

Hosted by Daphne Oseña-Paez and Dimples Romana, entrepreneur, event aimed to capture wonderful moments between mom and child, share the experiences online and inspire more moms to be #Momazing. It highlighted the special moments between parents and their children.

Moms Fleur Sombrero, Michelle Lim and Michelle Ressa Aventajado were invited to talk about their #Momazing Moments and to share their valuable insights on motherhood to inspire other moms.
Mommy guests were given the opportunity to create more #Momazing moments with their kids, through entertaining activities like balloon twisting and face painting. A #Momazing Moments video booth was also set up to allow both mom and child to record endearing messages to each other. They even got personalized Flipbooks and free samples of Scott’s® Vitamin C for their children.

Scott’s® has always been about ensuring children the strongest possible foundations to grow up healthy and strong. By helping to boost growth, immunity and development, Scott’s creates the perfect springboard for all those amazing leaps. Scott’s is produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. GSK is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

Head on to the ‪#‎Momazing‬ event at the SM Mega A Event Center this Mother's Day with the whole family. Admission is free.

Visit and for more information on Scott’s® #Momazing moments or GlaxoSmithKline.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Professional Academy for Culinary Education is your ticket to Culinary Entrepreneurship.

Last April 22, 2015 I went to a tour of Professional Academy for Culinary Education (PACE) in Parañaque City  and have learned more about its flexible programs, admission process, and culinary entrepreneurship.

The Open House included a discussion on how this learning institution trains culinary professionals through effective instruction theory, practice and actual immersion in the food industry plus a culinary demonstration.

Chef Menoy Gimenez
Professional Academy for Culinary Education (PACE) was conceptualized in 2010 with the vision of building an institution for culinary training and culinary entrepreneurship in the east area of Metro Manila. Armed with a noble vision, Chef Lowell Cauilan, Chef Catherine Ong, and Ms. Fiona Flores, a caterer and entrepreneur teamed up to establish PACE facilities in Antipolo come July 2012.

Since then PACE has expanded in the South with a branch in Parañaque City, which also houses its own diner, Tito Chef Restaurant and All Things Culinary. Through actual immersion in the food industry, PACE students acquire the necessary skills and develop the discipline professionals need to succeed in the culinary field. Culinary aspirants get relevant entrepreneurial education, thorough hands-on training and practical learning experiences at Tito Chef Restaurant.

Start a Culinary Career

Have you ever considered a career in culinary arts? Are you one of those who wanted to become a chef, but took the other road for some reason instead? If your desire of being a chef or a restaurant owner still burns deep inside, let PACE train and guide you towards a quality career by getting the right education.

PACE's Culinary Arts Diploma is a modular, competency-based program that trains students on the fundamentals of professional cooking, anchored on the techniques, methods and practices of the classical French. The bulk of the program in on Kitchen Drills, wherein students will hone their skills. Lectures and actual exposure to the different facets of a chef’s workplace such as herb garden and market trips will also complement their kitchen training. In addition, all students will have a chance to select one Professional Development track.

The Culinary Arts Diploma program has the equivalency of Commercial Cooking NC II under TESDA’s TVET Program.

Start Them Young with PACE

If you are looking for kiddie activities this summer, you might want to enroll them at PACE's summer cooking classes. Cooking classes are a fun way to learn the basics of cooking a good meal in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Expand their mind and taste buds with a week-long cooking camp! Who knows, you child may find a new passion for the culinary arts this summer!

PACE Parañaque
BF Homes
President's Avenue corner Adelfa Street, Parañaque City

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Manuel and his Mysterious Billboards

I live in the South of Metro Manila and I can't help but notice this billboard hoisted along the South Superhighway when I was homebound from Muntinlupa a day ago. “Maghihintay Ako, -- Manuel” is simply eye-catching!

It gave me something to think about. Who is Manuel? Is he another love-stricken person who professes his undying love for the woman he is smitten with?

Love is not just words, but also action. And professing one's love without shame or pride and sharing it with the world would truly make Manuel's girl happy.

As a firm believer in true love, I can’t help but envy his girl. I love it when a man asserts his love for a woman.

Though perplexed at the story behind the billboard, I forgot about it until I saw another similar billboard going up North near Valenzuela.

Manuel's attestation now got my full attention this time. Why is he waiting? Who is he waiting for? This second billboard distracted me and my daughter at mid-conversation that I gave it a longer look hoping not to miss the critical clue in the mystery billboard we were looking at on the road.

The billboard sign indicates the date May 22, 2015 and EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. What would happen at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel on the day stated? Is this a wedding proposal? Who is this mysterious character Manuel is waiting for?

Does this statement stir you emotionally as well? What comes first to your mind after reading it?

This seems like another event that remains puzzlingly unsettled until the very end. Share your thoughts. I'd like to read it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother’s Day tribute from Downy®

Scents remind us of precious moments we can never forget-–fond memories more lucid than any other sense. Most of us will agree that these sweet moments were shared with our mother, who has always been by our side.

Downy understands the power of scents, and helps mothers create even more memories with their children. As the partner of mothers every day, Downy joins in the tribute to the mothers who work tirelessly day in and out for their family and whose love for their families is timeless.

In a gathering of mothers hosted by Downy® and Procter & Gamble, it introduced a classic akin to a mother’s unwavering love and care--–Timeless from the Parfum Collection just in time for Mother’s Day.

Event host Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi shares, “They say that you will only begin to understand how it is to be a parent, or in this case, a mother, once you have become one yourself. As a new mom, I had to figure out many things, and my mom was there to help me along the way. They say that you will only begin to understand how it is to be a mother once you become one yourself. Truly, how my mom raised me made me the mom I am today.”

This Mother’s Day, the best gift is creating new memories with your mother, celebrating the love that never goes out of style. The power of Timeless scent is here to complement each sweet, loving moment.

Downy® Timeless 900ml retails at P194.50 while a 1.8L bottle costs P410.60

Procter & Gamble serves nearly five billion people worldwide with its strong portfolio of trusted, quality, and leadership brands that includes including Always®, Ambi Pur®, Ariel®, Pampers®, Pantene®, Tide®, and Downy®. 

Go visit for the latest news and in-depth information about Procter & Gamble and its brands.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Grams Diner

Diners are an American tradition. Diners are restaurants whose primary purpose is serving breakfast . And Grams Diner is a great place to have breakfast any time of the day – eggs any style, potatoes, bacon and meat everywhere that will make a pig squeal. The portions are big. It's not fancy, but it is filling.

Known for its milkshakes (P 195), Grams Diner serves 4 signature variants to choose from--- I Love Strawberries, Back- to-Basics Vanilla, Old Fashioned Chocolate and Whoopers Malt. I tasted the last two and I affirm that these are the best in town!

I ordered the mouthwatering Roast Beef Rumble (P 375) for my dinner. It is juicy, tender and satisfying USDA Roast Beef definitely worth its high price. I super love its meaty goodness! It comes with garlic fried rice that proves to be a perfect partner along with Buttered Vegetables.

I also got to try Grams Diner's World Famous Beef Tapa (P 295 for small plate; P 450 for a big plate). It was crunchy the way I like it but nothing spectacular. I like eating my tapa the way it is served so I was looking for more meat flavor.

If beef isn't your fancy, the Grams Diner staff behind the counter can whack giant sides of chicken, sausage and calamari. Their Spicy Buffalo Wings (P 375) is something I would recommend.

The Badoit sampling during the foodie meetup was timely. This French-bottled carbonated water brand was exactly what I needed that night to get my bloated feeling off after trying out so many entrees.

Grams Diner
Ground Floor, Crossroads Building
32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Phone (02)846-9822

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mother’s Day celebration at Marriott Manila

Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Marriott Manila puts together a wish list of luxurious gifts that will spoil your mom on her special day.
Treat her to an unforgettable Sunday Brunch for P2,800complete with free flowing sparkling wine or a dinner buffet for P2,650 at Marriott Café on May 10.

Show her you care with a fanciful buffet experience at Marriott Café. The entire family will enjoy a vast selection including popular dishes such as U.S rib eye, maple turkey, Bourbon baby back ribs, lamb salpicao, baked prawns with herbed goat cheese and pan seared seabass with vierge sauce. Other options include organic salad station, sushi rolled to order, seafood bar, cheese and charcuterie, interactive teppanyaki station and the always popular chocolate room and dessert bar! The homemade gelato, decadent desserts and chocolate goodies are the perfect ending to a celebratory brunch. Kids approved selections are also spread throughout the buffet such as pizza, pasta and truffle mac & cheese.

Adding more fun, little ones will surely be delighted in making mocktails for their mommies. This special day is priceless. That is why each family will be given a souvenir photo to take home memories.

After everything that mom has done for you, now is the time to let her know how much you appreciateeverything she does. Reward her at Marriott Manila.

For inquiries and reservations on Mother’s day offerings, call (02)9889999 or visit To join ongoing conversations, like, follow @marriottmanila on Twitter and @manilamarriott on Instagram.
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