Friday, November 8, 2013

5th Birthday: A World Pneumonia Day Celebratory Dance Event

Children in the Philippines and other developing countries often succumb to Pneumonia. This acute respiratory infection that affects the lungs remains to be the largest cause of death in children worldwide according to World Health Organization (WHO). Casualties are significant as an estimated 1.4 million children under the age of five die from this killer disease due to limited access to health care facilities and treatment.

Often mistaken for a common cough, most families are unaware that Pneumonia disease are caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi that can be fatal and dangerous.

Pneumonia can easily be prevented through vaccination, adequate nutrition and by addressing environmental factors. Immunization against Hib, pneumococcus, measles and whooping cough (pertussis) is the most effective way to prevent pneumonia and lower child mortality. Giving pneumococcal conjugate vaccines to babies as young as 6 weeks old has been found to be effective in preventing pneumonia deaths. Children who fall ill from Pneumonia can be treated as well. The simple message of “Prevent, Protect and Treat,” through breastfeeding, proper nutrition, avoidance of indoor pollution, vaccines and antibiotics is embodied in the song “Sapul sa Pulmonya”.
Dr. Lulu Bravo of PFV , a well-respected pediatrician and advocate for disease prevention with the vaccination beneficiaries of World Pneumonia Day
The council for the World Pneumonia Day declared a call to action, where support for local health care workers and solutions through breastfeeding, education on sanitation practices and good nutrition were introduced. With the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia and Diarrhea in full implementation, reducing childhood mortality by two-thirds by year 2015 will soon be within reach. This Millennium Development Goal 4 should be sustained though, so that more children will be celebrating their 5th birthdays around the globe.
To show support for the said initiative, the Department of Health (DOH) observed the 5th Annual World Pneumonia Day through a dance event called the "Fifth Birthday". Fifth Birthday was organized by the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV) through the leadership of its Executive Director, Dr. Lulu Bravo and its President, Dr. May Montellano.

Five infants from Tagaytay City were given pneumococcal conjugate vaccines during this momentous activity. And as a symbolic celebration of the 5th Birthday of Filipino children who have been protected by the vaccine, Dr. Eric Tayag, Dr. Bravo and Dr. Montellano led a birthday candle blowing ceremony which culminated the Fifth Birthday event.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Microsoft partners with DOST for the Imagine Cup

Last November 5, 2013, Microsoft sealed partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)to support Microsoft’s student developer programs like the Imagine Cup. This development is expected to create a lasting impact in the community through innovative technology.
Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corporation. Currently on its 12th year, Imagine Cup brings together young technologists worldwide to use their imagination and passion to create a technological solution that breaks new ground and solves tough problems that face the world today. Imagine Cup provides students across all disciplines the opportunity to use their creativity, passion and knowledge of technology to create applications, games, and solutions that can change the way we live, work, and play. More than 1.65 million students from more than 190 countries have participated in Imagine Cup over the past 10 years. To date, over 1,000 young Filipinos have been given the opportunity to transform their ideas into wonderful apps through this prestigious competition.

“Our partnership with DOST strengthens our commitment of enabling our youth today realize their full potential and help them become more globally competitive through technology,” said Karrie Ilagan, General Manager of Microsoft Philippines. “With DOST, we are assured that Imagine Cup is in the best position to steer and guide students into building groundbreaking applications that are innovative and practical, leaving a significant impact in the lives of many.”

Microsoft’s partnership with DOST is part of its “Angat. Asenso.Bawat Pilipino” program which aims to align the Company’s goals and objectives with the focus programs of the government. In line with this, Microsoft has identified three areas where the Company can use its innovative devices, services, and programs to create a real difference in the country. These are with the 3Es: Educated People, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Efficient Government.

Imagine Cup is very much aligned with these 3Es. It harnesses the youth’s talent and skills to help them become globally competitive and future-ready especially in creating amazing apps. It also cultivates entrepreneurial spiritas it trains students to launch their business and market their apps. Finally, these apps can be used by various government agencies in addressing the needs of Filipino citizens today. “Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is vital to promoting the science and technology capability of our student developers in achieving innovations that are geared towards delivering economic and social benefits,” said DOST Undersecretary Louis Casambre. “Morevover, we look forward to more partnerships like this with Microsoft in order to sustain the development of programs that harness the talents and skills of Filipinos in science and technology and at the same time, give them the opportunity to potentially contribute to the economy through entrepreneurship.”

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Domex launches One Million Clean Toilets Movement Campaign

In support for World Toilet Day celebrations, Unilever through its number one germ-killer brand Domex, launched its nationwide initiative to promote better bathroom sanitation dubbed as the “One Million Clean Toilets Movement” last November 5th at Patio Victoria in Intramuros.
By increasing the public’s awareness on the importance of maintaining proper toilet sanitation through a series of year-long cleaning and education initiatives, the “One Million Clean Toilets Movement” campaign aims to encourage a culture of cleanliness starting with a multi-sector partnership with UNICEF, the Philippine Public Health Association, the City of Manila and Pilipinas Shell. It aims to collect a total of one million pledges from private households to conscientiously maintain their own clean, safe, and hygienic bathrooms by the next World Toilet Day in November 2014.

Individuals who will pledge to support the One Million Clean Toilets Movement via the Domex Philippines FB Page will also help grow a global fund to help improve access to basic sanitation in areas of need all over the world as Domex will donate P5 to UNICEF’s Sanitation Program for every pledge received.
Advocacy partner UNICEF provided an overview of toilet sanitation in the country, revealing that diarrhea is the third leading cause of child illness and fourth leading cause of death of children under five years old.

The organization maintains an active water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) program, which focuses on increased household demand for basic sanitation and improved hygiene practice, to combat the prevalence of diarrhea and intestinal worm infection. There are about 2 million bacteria per inch found in a bathroom and yet over 90% of local households are unaware of proper toilet hygiene and sanitation practices.

“Evidence shows that improving WASH conditions improves children’s health and academic performance. Proper sanitation is crucial to securing their bright future, which can be achieved by collaborative, multi-sectoral efforts.” said UNICEF WASH Specialist, Dr. Mike Gnilo. UNICEF and Domex have previously teamed up in 2012 for World Toilet Day celebrations and a public restroom clean-up program.
“Good hygiene practices are learned at home, and what every household must understand is that proper sanitation is a necessity, not a luxury,” said Domex brand manager Dennis Chua.
“Using common cleaning products such as detergents and bleach may result in clean surfaces, but without germ-killing agents, they cannot provide total disinfection. Regular use of a specialized cleaning product can significantly decrease levels of virus contamination, and minimize the contraction of illnesses like influenza, diarrhea, and hepatitis,” Chua added.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CEMEX Towards a Sustainable Cement Industry

There is a continuous demand for cement and the province of Rizal amply addresses cement supply for major portions of Luzon’s high-growth areas through Cement manufacturer CEMEX Philippines, operating in Barangay San Jose, Antipolo City.

CEMEX Philippines is the manufacturer of the only eco-labeled cement brands in the country including Island Portland Cement, Palitada King, Rizal Portland Super, Rizal Masonry Cement, APO Portland Premium, APO Portland Cement, APO Masonry Cement, and APO Pozzolan.
Just like the petrochemical, steel and paper industries, the cement industry is energy-intensive. Large amounts of thermal energy are needed to heat the raw materials and traditionally the cement industry uses cost-effective fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum. As CEMEX aims to be competitive while improving its environmental performance, CEMEX is working with the local towns to work out a win-win solution directed at energy conservation and carbon footprint reduction. Substituting the plant's reliance on fossils fuels with alternative energy sources is a boon to communities burdened with landills and refuse management problems. CEMEX's state-of-the-art facility now uses alternative sources of energy like refuse derived fuel, raw rice husks, and waste plastics.

Energy-rich materials are diverted from landfills and household waste as a replacement fuel, also paves the way for total recycling. To date, there are now 15 CEMEX plants using 80% alternative fuel in their operations.

CEMEX is seriously moving forward with their strategy to reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions that it will soon utilize a waste-heat process that converts heat in the kiln to electricity, which generates enough power to support 1/3 of the plant’s energy supply.

As the leading manufacturer of building materials, CEMEX also prioritizes occupational health and safety. It seeks to engage its workforce to adhere to safety standards, and to be aware of the importance of safe working procedures. With the safety procedures in place since 1997, Solid Cement has been able to significantly reduce industrial accidents and road incidents. Safety and environmental awareness has developed into a culture that all CEMEX employees, workers or drivers carry with them even after they have clocked out from their shift.

“Everybody at CEMEX is committed to being part of nation building. So whether it is innovating and manufacturing products, supplying demand, reducing our carbon footprint and being environmentally-conscious, or looking out for the safety of our people and those around us, we are determined to be of service to the country,” said Mr. Sherwin San Pablo, Solid Cement Plant Director.

For more information, visit their website at

A different kind of Church with Friday Night Live

Press Release 

FRIDAY Night Live (FNL) is set to make a mark with a unique, creative and different vibe that is far from the traditional image of "church." Fun, not stiff, wild & crazy (in a good way) best describe FNL's atmosphere while making it a judgment-free community.
FNL is a community gathering of the youth under a local church, Alabang New Life Christian Center. It is best described as a group of people coming together under one roof with different backgrounds, social status, situations and challenges in life, and be in one place to connect. Get to experience a different kind of church in which a group of young people are passionate for Jesus, having one thing in mind - to create a venue where young people can hang out and be themselves; no pretension, no labels and no pressure. The FNL hashtag says it all - come as you are.

"We want to start a counter-culture to what we know "church" to be. We want to build a community and relationships with people, instead of making people think that they are forced to change. Imagine a place where we boast in our weaknesses instead of hide them. When we are honest about what we struggle with, we actually strengthen each other because we know that we are not alone in our struggles. Having said this, it’s not our job to change people. What we are doing is building a community and connecting with people." Shares, Steven Chase of Friday Night Live.

“FNL is a hub for people with weaknesses, where people can show off their weakness and not merely accept them with shame. We're starting a culture that says "Come as you are," and don’t tell people that they have to change or be someone they are not.”Adds, JB Landrito of Friday Night Live.

Friday Night Live wants young people to know that church can be insanely fun. With its pre-hang activities like beats by up and coming DJ's, blog worthy food trucks and a craft coffee bar, FNL seeks to draw in a crowd of high school, college and twenty somethings.

Check out @fnliveph (Instagram,Twitter) FNLivePH (Facebook) for more information about Friday Night Live happening every first Friday of the month.

Friday Night Live
Alabang New Life Christian Center
2 Don Manolo Boulevard, Alabang Hills Village
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Safer Future with Ford's "Caring for Tomorrow" Campaign

Last October 25 and 26, Ford gave a sneak peek into the future of safety and driver assist technologies at Bonifacio Global City. This is in relation with its “Caring for Tomorrow” campaign that promotes public awareness and safe driving habits. The said campaign recognizes individual responsibility of drivers to keep roads safe and so drivers were asked to pledge to drive safely for their loved ones.

Participants signed on a safety pledge

“With the launch of this campaign, we’re hoping to engage Filipinos in a conversation about safer driving, to help them make better choices for themselves and their loved ones,” said Kay Hart, managing director, Ford Philippines.

“Ford is a pioneer in implementing technologies and we are committed to providing safe vehicles in the Philippines and around the world,” said Pete Hardigan, director of Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering, Ford Asia Pacific.

Ford's MyKey technology allows parents to program a key for younger drivers that limits top speed, reduces maximum radio volume, disables the radio untilthe seatbelts are fastened, and prevents deactivation of driver assistance and safety technologies. Apart from providing peace of mind to parents, this industry-first MyKey technology gives younger drivers freedom while encouraging them to be more responsible and safer drivers behind the wheel.
Ford takes into account even the safety of pets each family has.  Car units now comes with Pet safety features

“Even before demand exists, Ford engineers are brainstorming ideas for safety technologies that we won’t see deployed for another 10, 15, 20 years,” said Pim van der Jagt, managing director of the European Ford Research Center and executive technical leader, Global Vehicle Dynamics, Driver Assistance and Active Safety Systems. “We are developing the safety and smart innovations of tomorrow and making them accessible to our customers. We are not just making smarter and safer vehicles, but also contributing to a better future.”
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