Batangas Bulalo Supersized Challenge

Batangas is known to have the best-tasting bulalo because of the
quality of cattle that abound in their province. Most people travel
to Batangas just to satisfy their cravings for a delectable bulalo

Last November 4, SM Hypermarket held its Bulalo Supersized Cook-off
in an attempt to bring together the bulalo cooks and set a new record
for Batangas City by serving the most quantity of this delicious soup
at the same time and finding the best tasting one since exceptional
cuisine isn't made in an instant.

Two reknowned chefs--Aries Cueto and JunJun Borlan Jr. plus SM
Hypermarket Assistant Manager Jun Lozada made up the panel of judges
for this competition.
It is amazing to find different variations of bulalo in one setting
prepared by Hot and Cold Cafe, Ginazel Catering, Tapa Kalderate Atbp., Le Elegancia, Siemen's Canteen, Place of Mine Catering, Restaurant El Torro, Lutong Bahay and by Karlos Place.

It was a feast to the eyes as well as palette as we partake of the different bulalo dishes served that day.

After a long day, two groups were announced as winners. The judges have chosen Le Elegancia's bulalo entry as the Best Tasting one.

Lutong Bahay, winner of The Most Number of Bowls Served Category came up with 165 cups of Bulalo servings. The category winners took home 25,000 worth of SM gift certificates along with a plaque of recognition from SM Hypermarket.

This successful bulalo cook-off challenge is the second
leg of SM Hypermarket's Supersized Challenges immediately following
the Sisig cook-off in Pampanga which served a whooping 1,775 plates of

The Cook-off is one of SM Hypermarket Master Chefs components other
than the cooking marathon and kitchen makeover events. Watch out for
the Bibingka Challenge in Cebu this November 18th.


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