Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Success follows in Reinventing Oneself

Success is no accident. It entails hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love for what you do. Oftentimes, those who are unsuccessful often feel trapped, whether in a dead-end career or otherwise. Sometimes, a 180-degree turn or turning to a different direction, can do wonders.

 Nina Solomon, a Senior Executive Advisor and a Unit Manager in Philam Life, did one such transition. She dared to reinvent herself and found a place where she can excel.

Before joining the corporate world, she manned and managed the fruit wholesale business of her mother in Divisoria for 10 years. Her good handling of the business made it profitable, but she yearned for something else. She wanted to have a career where she can feel fulfilled. Then a friend told her about the Philam Life insurance business, and she was drawn to it.

It all started-off as a way to reinvent herself, patterning herself mostly after fashionable colleagues on how to look professional, smart and elegant. But it eventually turned into a passion to share the importance of financial literacy. As she began attending trainings, she realized the value of the protection coverage and the benefits that financial products can offer to clients.

“I remember one client of mine who showed me a picture of his family and made me promise that if something happens to him, I will take care of his family – that struck me the most. I felt that I am responsible for my clients and that I should take this career seriously,” said Solomon.

Nina’s respect for the need for financial literacy and planning went beyond training. She experienced firsthand how proper financial planning for life’s uncertainties helped out when a great tragedy struck her: Her beloved husband passed away unexpectedly

"It was 2006, a day after his birthday. He was brought to the hospital for extreme headache. His blood tests were abnormally high and the doctor suspected either Dengue, Leukemia or a blood infection. I remember how he, in great pain, leaned on me as we waited for test results. Later, it was confirmed he had acute Leukemia,” said Solomon.

Being married for 23 years, Nina did not find it easy to regain her strength and face life’s journey single-handedly. But she found strength to go on with the love and support from her Philam Life family and her drive to fulfill her mission to her clients, whom she treated as family. To date, she has around 800 clients.

“My clients hang on to me. I can’t give up on them,” she said.

A challenge was given to her by her managers - “What if you duplicate yourself?” She leads 25 Financial Advisors on her first year as unit manager, with ages ranging from the millennials to what they jokingly refer to as “may linya” (with facial lines). “They are the kids I never had,” she enthused.

Nina Solomon has been a Philam Life Financial Advisor for 20 years now. More than ever, she feels excited to fulfill her mission to her clients and to her new mentees. She teaches the value of excellence and passion as key to success.

She has been a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a prestigious global organization of high-performing financial advisors, for 19 years; Court of the Table for six years; and Top of the Table for one year. She has also attended the President’s Club in New York, just one of her many all-expenses-paid travels around the world given by Philam Life.

Aside from her mission to spread the good news of financial literacy, Nina also serves as president of Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. This is an organization that sends indigent female students to a two-year course in Hotel and Restaurant Management, where 100% of students get employed after graduation.

Philam Life is the country’s premier life insurance company. It is a member of the AIA Group, the second largest life insurer in the world, and the top MDRT Company worldwide for two consecutive years.

Like Nina, anyone can make a turnaround in their life by choosing to take action, to try-out opportunities, or to find their passion and purpose in life. And when they do, success comes without them realizing it.

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Goldilocks releases its 50th Anniversary Edition Bakebook

The iconic Filipino brand that exemplifies the Pinoy entrepreneurial spirit officially launched a sequel to its best-selling Goldilocks Bakebook at National Bookstore - Glorietta yesterday.

Numerous activities nationwide had been held to commemorate Goldilocks' 50 Golden Years. And the new volume is the proverbial icing on the cake. The updated version contains new insights on the company's history plus over 50 recipes to create delightful moments in your own kitchen.

You will find recipes for mango cake, classic ensaymada, classic brownies, cinnamon roll, choco chip cookies etc. which Goldilocks does fabulously.

The Goldilocks Bakebook is actually a fundraising drive. All sale proceeds from the Bakebook goes to Goldilocks foundation. The Goldilocks Foundation in turn uses these funds to sustain it's FEED advocacy:

Feeding Program for the indigent

Education - 8 students benefit from scholarship. The foundation will be sponsoring additional 10 students coming from the Bicol region.

Environment - In Lobo, Batangas, Goldilocks set up bakeries to helps locals get alternative income source other than logging.

Disaster relief - Goldilocks Foundation works in tandem with redcross for disaster relief contingency activities. And this includes doing research on food with long shelf life.

Grab your copy or purchase one as a Christmas present at National Bookstores nationwide for only P 895.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

La Granja de Reyna Farm

La Granja de Reyna Farm was our second stop for the 8th Bloggers' Event for Organic Agriculture. This 51-hectare organic farm is a 20-minute drive up the Marhalika Highway that forms lush part of Tacloban's growing vegetation.

La Granja de Reyna Farm is owned by Martina “Tina” Reyna, an agricultural engineer by profession who is originally from  Llorente, Eastern Samar.  Armed with a degree from the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos in 1977, Tina started her farm in the 1990s.

The name La Granja de Reyna was a coined to put a play on her 'Reyna' surname.  The original 15.8-hectare farm was bought by her husband's Atty. Antonio F. Reyna} parents in 1935.  And as  Tina started developing La Granja, the nearby lot owners started to sell out to them.

She had since registered it with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in 1994 and began producing organic crops and  organic fertilizer. It is the first and the only certified organic farm across Leyte and its neighboring island, Samar.


Today, La Granja de Reyna Farm is a lush area with 13 varieties of fruit trees plus 5000 coconut trees. It focuses on high-value salad crops and harvests around P 2,000 worth of lettuce in a daily, which she supplies to Chowking and local restaurants.fastfood chains.

La Granja de Reyna also produces natural fertiluzers and Effective Microorganism showcased in its livestocks.


La Granja is a top source of fresh vegetables and fruits, organic fertilizer and vermi worms for Region VIII nowadays.  And La Granja shares its blessings by advocating continous learning sessions and trainings for farmers and farmung enthusiasts.

La Granja de Reyna Farm holds  farmers' trainings monthly as an advocacy, it is  a fitting venue for farmers’ training and workshops on organic and sustainable farming. It hosted the launch of the Organikong Magsasaka ng Rehiyon Otso (OMRO) Value for Money: Investment for Health initiative last November 11, 2016.

Aside from its organic certification, La Granja also holds a Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Certifitication from the Department of Agriculture and is an active member of the international group Worldwide Organization of Organic Farmers (WOOF).

La Granja de Reyna Farm
Bgy. Diit
Tacloban City, Leyte

Monday, November 28, 2016

Electrolux Philippines unveils its NutriFresh Inverter Refrigerators today at the Happiness Homemade Launch

I go to the supermarket once a week for my family's food supply enough to last for a week as I don't have time to visit our grocers daily to get fresh produce. I usually place fruits and vegetables in fridge to preserve it. The cooler temperature in the refrigerator keep most fruits and vegetables from spoiling rapidly.

When I sometimes overestimate how quickly the family members consume my purchases, I get down on their eventual waste. By the week's end, we often find ourselves with  fair share of wilted greens and bruised fruits.

Now Electrolux NutriFresh™ Inverter Refrigerators has the capacity to ensure freshness and getting all the nutrients out of the fruits and vegetables as often as you can. The Electrolux NutriFresh™ Inverter Refrigerators comes in variety of models and sizes. You may choose from the Three Door NutriFresh EME2600MG, Top Freezer NutriFresh ETB4602AA and French Door NutriFresh EHE5200AA.

The 2-Door model is ideal for small families and single residents. For larger families and appetites, there’s the 3-Door refrigerator while the French Door refrigerator is the biggest in the range.

The Electrolux NutriFresh™ Inverter Refrigerators have a host of features designed to keep food, especially fruits and vegetables, fresh. The NutriFresh™ Inverter Refrigerators is equipped with a FreshShield Crisper which comes with a unique tight seal to keep temperatures stable, minimize water loss and provide higher humidity so that fruits and vegetables stay fresh for up to 7 days. Store up good health with better refrigeration.

The NutriFresh Inverter technology keeps temperature consistent for freshness and up to 37% energy savings. The unique FreshTaste Deodorizer feature works in tandem to attract and absorb stray odors and eliminates 99.8% of bacteria.

“More and more families are looking for ways to eat healthier and having fresh ingredients at home. Unfortunately, our lifestyle is so fast paced and busy now that its not always possible to go to the market for fresh produce every few days. Electrolux understands this concern and the NutriFresh™ Inverter Refrigerators were designed to answer this need,” explained Andrea Pionilla, Country Marketing Manager of Electrolux Philippines.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cumulative Effect that is Domino's

A “domino effect” is produced when a single event initiates a succession of similar events, hence the analogy to a falling row of dominoes.  Domino’s Pizza Philippines has stayed true to this meaning, and yet has added so much more.

The country’s pizza delivery expert has demonstrated that the simple act of receiving a delicious box of Domino’s pizza creates an outward (and contagious) ripple of joy, delight, and cheerfulness. Indeed, it is enough to make you momentarily forget about the weariness and challenges of the day, and instead focus on “love at first bite” – that’s the #DominosEffect !

As of last count, almost 1 million people have seen the #DominosEffect on full display, when a viral of a truly unique initiative exploded on social media. In case you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

When a company shows that it understands and empathizes with the grief associated with Metro Manila traffic, and does an amazing gesture in order to put smiles on people’s faces, then it is no wonder that the #DominosEffect video has taken the Internet by storm.  The company “delivers delight, one pizza at a time.”

While there’s no doubt that Domino’s Pizza will surely translate into delight, spreading the message to share and disseminating this #DominosEffect deserves to be passed on. The world can certainly benefit from the ripple effect.of smiles, joy, and laughter nowadays.

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