Saturday, June 6, 2015

Relax and Rejuvenate at Body Tune

Oftentimes, most of us are functioning in permanent overdrive and this can have detrimental effects on our health. Stress overload can lead to health problems, which all too often shows on the skin.

Body Tune is a spa and massage therapy center that promotes physical wellness. Aside from the massage therapy it is known for, Body Tune now offers top of the line skin care services to cater to its growing clientelle.

Mommy bloggers were recently invited and given the chance to preview Body Tune's latest anti-wrinkle treatment offering--Ultra Lift.

Skin Tightening without Surgery

Do you notice the first signs of ageing on your skin? Stress hormones like cortisol decrease the muscular tissue beneath the skin making it thinner, looking wrinkled and old. The wrinkles and the eye-bags alert you the level of collagen and elastin that you are losing from your body.

The latest technology in non-surgical facelift, Ultra Lift, powered by state-of-the-art high intensity focused ultrasound [HIFU] cause delicate lessions on the 4th layer of the skin and cause thermal coagulation. ULTRA LIFT (HIFU) targets the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) at a depth where significant skin tightening and rejuvenation happens.

During the healing process, the skin produces collagen and elastin, making the skin muscle elastic and causing the wrinkle to tighten gradually over time. Tightened skin looks young and vibrant!

The Ultra Lift device gives effective, safe and painless skin tightening in the different areas of the face including the Forehead, Cheeks, Chin, Mouth, Neckline, Jowls and even the baggy under eye!

Make it a habit to keep yourself in top condition. Visit Body Tune soon and bring yourself back to a fresh state of mind and body.

Body Tune
5th Floor, SM Megamall B
Phone (02)634-3082

Friday, June 5, 2015

Revlite® Laser now offered at Skin 101

The beauty and wellness industry in the country is on the uptrend with more people opting to eat better, exercise and to engage in a healthy lifestyle. More people are gaining interest in rejuvenating beauty. And a vast majority of them are getting younger and younger.

Skin 101 is a medical facility founded by Dr. Jennie Francisco-Diaz and Dr. Oliver Diaz. It specializes in the fields of Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology. It is one of the trusted skincare clinic in the country known not only for maintaining healthy, smooth skin of its loyal customers but also in providing the latest technological advances in skincare.

And in its trust for providing the most advanced treatments, Skin 101 invited lifestyle and beauty bloggers last May 27, 2015 to learn more about RevLite Laser.
Ruby Chavez, Managing Director of Broadmedic, talks on Revlite® Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Tattoo Reversal using Revlite® Laser

Revlite® Laser for Advance Skin Care Treatments

Revlite® Laser is powerful tool that makes removal reversal safe and effective. Gone are the days when tattoo removal meant low odds of success on a high risk of scarring and pain. Tattoos are designed to last forever, but as more and more people seek reversal of these deeply embedded ink deposits, technology too has kept pace with improved methods of safety and comes in the form of Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers using PhotoAcoustic Technology which safely penetrate the skin and wavelengths. The most Advanced Laser for removing black and multi-colored tattoos causes it to gradually fade during a course of 5 to 15 treatment sessions.

There are many benefits for usingt Revlite Laser not just for the tattoo removal but for the face as well. RevLite is also recommended to treat skin discolorations and is considered to be the most effective treatment for hyperpigmented-skin. Hyper pigmentation is referred to any kind of abnormal darkening of the skin. With the latest technological advancements, doctors can now work wonders on hyper-pigmented skin using Revlite Treatment.

This laser skin rejuvenation has become the procedure of choice among individuals who cannot afford time away from work to recover from invasive treatments. Revlite is commonly used for removing age spots, sun spots, photo damage, freckles, lentigo, lentigenes and brown birthmarks as well. Revlite helps remove dark spots and unwanted hair of the whole underarm area. Revlite Laser Treatment can help you get smoother, whiter underarms!

Schedule an appointment to preview Revlite now!

Skin 101
2/F Commerce Building
Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
Phone (02) 4408101 / (02) 9941916

Thursday, June 4, 2015

ZomatoPH holds its First Restaurant Summit

In line with Zomato Philippines' aim to become a thought leader in the restaurant industry, the people behind Zomato held its first ever Zomato Restaurant Summit to benefit those hungry for trends and knowledge to further hone their craft.

Themed “Conquering the Digital Age”, the inaugural Zomato Restaurant Summit held May 19th at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel gathered restaurateurs, food entrepreneurs, industry experts, suppliers and foodies all together to share knowledge and expertise in taking advantage of technology, and using social media marketing to their advantage.

The business world changes faster than ever due to digital technology. With the steady rise of the digital world, its impact on customer service had revolutionalized the markets and the way customer service is delivered.

The increasing use of digital channels like social media has created an online society with more knowledgeable and emotionally-aware customers. Filipinos are becoming more open to giving their restaurant feedback based on their own experiences through blogs and social media accounts, where people can post and other individuals can comment. Hence, netizens have become more reliant on the internet when it comes to dining choices and options. Potential customers increasingly trust reviews from their peers and so tapping on this potential may do a great job at building the right brand image.

The massive internet can help businesses get more visibility in the digital space. With the right channel for the right interaction with your targetted customers, businesses can win in the digital world. Fusing social media and the Filipino people do create a powerful marketing force.

The summit was divided into 4 plenary sessions tackled by competent speakers :

• Restaurants in the Digital Age: Building Brand Love and Managing Crises in the Age of Social Media
• Investment Opportunities in the Philippine Restaurant Industry
• Service Excellence: Crafting Rewards, Incentives for Loyal Customers
• Integrating Technology in Your Restaurant Business: Role of Technology in Restaurant Operations

Margot Torres, Marketing VP of Golden Arches Dev. Corp. talked about Building Brand Love. She shared that the principles of brand love are the same whether offline or online. Products do answer needs, but it should also address the customers' yearning for something of value. If a brand is expected to engage the 5 senses before, now it has to engage the whole person.

Service Excellence points out to connection with customers. Communication is a vital part of keeping customers satisfied. Customer retention equates to great customer service.

Modern people know how to get the best deal these days and will be happy to pop off to a competitor if you don't give them what they need. It then becomes necessary to nurture a loyal customer base. Rewarding your loyal customers will reap you increasing business.‬ ‪ Keeping customers will put a business way ahead of the competition in the long run.

The venue was packed with over 500 participants after the registration opened at 9AM. Veteran and amateur entrepreneurs and businessmen learned how technology can help them integrate their business and how Social Media can help make their business agile.

The well-attended Zomato Summit not only validates that bringing the summit here in the Philippines is a hit for the brands, but for benefit of the restaurant industry as well. With the summit, Zomato hopes to let the industry know that it is here to lead the sector and help them take their businesses to a whole new level.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fun-filled Day at Gardenia Tour

Though Gardenia is a little bit more expensive than its competitors, I don’t mind spending on it. I love the taste and texture of Gardenia’s Classic White bread. It is perfect for breakfast and snack times!

So when mom bloggers were invited to go on a tasty tour of a real bread factory and see how Gardenia’s Classic White bread is made, I immediately signed up. I also would like my child to get a close-up look at product creation and take advantage of the opportunity to sample freshly-made Gardenia goodies.

At the Gardenia Bread Factory, we were warmly welcomed by the staff and Gardenia mascot, Gardee. We were then ushered to an audio-visual room where we got to watch a video of the entire Classic White bread production process.

Next came in the actual tour where we saw how the fully-automated Gardenia machine runs to produce 6,000 loaves of the Classic White bread in an hour using German technology. It was amazing to see dough move from the dough trough to the divider hopper, where it is portioned into balls. Each one passes along the automated machine that facilitate the rising of the bread. Fermented dough then goes through dividing and scaling where each ball is divided into 4 smaller pieces to make a loaf. After rounding the scaled pieces of dough comes dough panning, covering of the bread lid, and placing each one in the tunnel oven to bake you that soft-textured loaf with a tender crust and distinct taste.

The freshly-baked loaves are unloaded automatically onto the Japanese-made bread cooling towers to cool. Once ready, loaves are then sliced, wrapped, sealed using the unique G-Lock system and stored until it is transferred to the customers.

After the production facility tour, we went back to the receiving lounge, where Gardenia set up table for the no-bake butterscotch bread activity for the kids that followed. After putting on kiddie aprons and gloves, the children eagerly watched as the Gardenia nutritionist demonstrated how to make their own easy-to-do refrigerator cakes. They set-up prep tables and gave the kids aprons for a mini cooking demonstration. Kids were taught how to prepare a ref cake using Gardenia Bread.

We were then treated to a Gardenia sandwich buffet brunch featuring culinary creations using different types of bread. We had Gardenia Summer Roll Sandwich, Gardenia BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, Gardenia no-Bake Butterscotch Bread and more. You can find various Gardenia recipe creations at

We enjoyed the amazing Gardenia Plant Tour. Moms and kids had fun taking snapshots at Gardenia outdoor photo areas. We even get to purchase Gardenia products at 10% discount.

Do drop by for a free Plant Tour! Bring along your family and friends and experience the goodness of Gardenia breads, baked untouched by human hands!

Gardenia Centre
Star Avenue, Laguna International Industrial Park
Mamplasan, Binan, Laguna 4024
(02) 889-8889 to 90 / 845-0971

Monday, June 1, 2015

AVIDA Tower 2 Altura Launches at South Park District

Press Release

Located in Alabang’s South Park District, Avida Towers Altura's 6.6-hectare project area is envisioned to become "another residential masterpiece" by offering a strategic building plan with business centers, residential condominium, commercial and office leasing facilities all in one site. All these buildings connects to a central park so residents can still enjoy a fresh and green environment in the midst of city while also allowing a closer community and a relaxed vibe.

The former the site of the Nestlé coffee factory now houses Avida Towers fabulous facilities that include a swimming pool, a clubhouse, an active zone, and retail spaces---all with the goal of giving people a chance to get fit, have fun, and enjoy a vacation getaway in their own backyard.

The sequel high-rise residential development within the South Park District is set to be completed on June 2018, with unit turnovers slated third quarter of the same year. Avida Towers Altura Tower 2 aims to perfectly capture the essence of Southern living.  And Avida Land carried out the launch of its Avida Towers Altura Tower 2 with a “Park ‘n Dine at South Park District” event. It was a gastronomic feast with food trucks of various cuisines assembled along National Road, Alabang, meant to let guests experience what it’s like to have the best of both worlds at an Avida home in the South.

Avida Towers Altura Tower 2 suits the dynamic lifestyle of young professionals looking for a convenient distance to their daily grind and a relaxing retreat after their day is done. It features 621 studio, 1BR and 2BR residential units and amenities conducive to wellness and relaxation.

The best of both worlds await the future residents of Avida Towers Altura Tower 2, being situated in a lower density residential environment of the South Park District that offers the city life conveniences in a quieter neighborhood. It has close proximity to attractions, services, retail, and dining options yet still imbibe a serene vibe.

The central park consists of a plaza designed to accommodate weekend markets, bazaars and other community events and a grand lawn with wide open space, greenery and playful structures that make it an ideal place for play, sunning and relaxation. In fact, South Park District was recently recognized in the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2015 with a Highly Commended Mixed-use Development Philippines award.

South Park Mall, an Ayala operated mall offering the best of retail and dining experience, is also poised to rise in the said location, inclusive of 24/7 entertainment concepts and a supermarket and department store; a promising component to complement the community for that ideal live-work-play environment.

As in all of Avida Land’s condominium properties across the country, Avida Altura Tower 2 adheres to the Five Condo Must-Haves of free-flowing air and sunlight, fewer units per floor, sensible amenities, emergency power even inside the units, and easy payment terms. Leasing Services by Avida (LSA) will be on hand to provide assistance for homebuyers who choose to rent out their units.

Protecting the value of your investment over time by investing in Avida Towers Altura mixed-use developments.

Visit the Avida Showroom at South Park District, or call (02) 848-5200 for more information about Avida Altura Tower 2.

Capoeira session concludes the Fitness Weekend at Nuvali

The Nuvali Fitness Weekend culminated with a Capoeira session conducted by Escola Brasileira de Capoeira (EBC) Philippines. Participants and viewers were addicted to beat of drums, the swooshing of legs and arms combined with music. The Capoeira was a mixture of body and soul, of dance and fight.

Capoeira is a symbol of Brazilian culture that combines dance, martial arts, play, sports and fun. Learning this holistic artform is a great way to exercising the body and mind. It expands one's physical and mental awareness.

You don't need to be super fit to start Capoeira. No previous experience is necessary to begin training. Anyone can benefit through learning Capoeira that it attracts people from many different backgrounds and age groups.

History of Capoeira

Capoeira began in the 1600s. This Afro-Brazilian art-form have been traced back to the time when African slavery in Brazil began, following the enslavement of Africans by Portuguese migrants inhabiting Brazil. Capoeira was created by imported Africans on Brazilian soil. It evolved as a means of expression of African slaves' yearning for freedom.

Forbidden from fighting or training, the slaves would disguise the practice with music and singing to make it look like a game. Capoeira was made to give slaves a chance to escape and to survive. Enslaved Africans created quilombos, hidden free states where runaways, outcasts and fugitives of mixed origin lived communally. Capoeira evolved from a survival tool to a martial art focused on war in these multi-ethnic communities, constantly threatened by Portuguese colonial troops. “Quilombo de Palmares”, the biggest quilombo, resisted at least 24 small attacks and 18 colonial invasions.

This art form created by African slaves and Brazilian natives has survived throughout hundreds of years of exploitation and suffering. Now, it brings huge physical and psychological benefit to those who enjoy it.

Benefits of Capoeira

Capoeira helps develop excellent fitness, increased flexibility, strength improved coordination and balance. Capoeira is a marvelous exercise for the body as it involves all of the muscle groups. It uses strong kicks, dodges, fast counter-attacks, acrobatics plus simple take-downs.

Participants form a “roda” (circle). The game is led by music and singing. People take turns either playing musical instruments singing, or sparring in pairs in the center of the roda. The sparring is marked by fluid acrobatic play with extensive use of sweeps, and kicks. The pace of the movements must match the music’s rhythm. Constant repetition of movements and techniques makes Capoeira a valuable cardio exercise.

On Escola Brasileira de Capoeira (EBC Philippines)

EBC Philippines was established in April 2003 to introduce Manila to Capoeira. The school started with fifteen (15) student and quickly doubled after the first major demonstration in Greenbelt a month after the school officially opened.

EBC Philippines in April 2003, Metro Manila was introduced to capoeira. The school began with a modest student count of fifteen (15), which quickly doubled after Escola Brasileira de Capoeira (EBC) Philippines' first major demonstration in Greenbelt a month after the school officially opened.

Today, the number of venues for training is increasing. Capoeira interest has spread outside of Metro Manila. Escola Brasileira de Capoeira now offers classes in Bacolod City.

Do visit for upcoming events and promotions.

HSMA Virtus Awards Call for Entries

Rose Libongco, Virtus Awards' Overall Chair

The search is on for outstanding HSMA Members who have demonstrated exemplary performance in sales and marketing in 2014. Awards are aimed at recognizing professionals who are doing a great work and inspiring others to follow their lead in setting gold standards in the Philippine tourism and hospitality industry. Virtus Awards will highlight industry leaders, allowing the wider tourism industry to learn from these best practice examples.

Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMA) officially launch the competition last May 28 at the Diamond Hotel in the presence of Tourism Promotions Board COO Domingo Ramon “Chicoy” Enerio III, along with General Managers, Sales and Marketing Directors of member hotel and resort properties, including the media.

Rose Libongco, Overall Chair for the Virtus Awards, shares “The Virtus Awards comes at a most opportune time. With the establishment of the ASEAN Community by 2015, the prioritization of the country’s travel and tourism industry opens a unique window of opportunity for local stakeholders to benefit from, as well as to cope with the challenges of regional integration”.

The ASEAN tourism market is expanding steadily over the years, reaching 94 million in 2013. This figure is expected to go even higher with ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) integration. Philippines can capitalize on the high number of people crisscrossing the country. "The Virtus Awards aims to position Filipino sales and marketing professionals well in a wider marketplace as more properties open in the region and particularly in the Philippines", Libongco adds.

Virtus Awards 2015 recognizes an outstanding contribution in three individual sales and marketing categories – Associate, Manager, Leader plus the best Marketing Campaign of the Year. Candidates can apply in one of four categories:

Outstanding Sales and Marketing Associate
Outstanding Sales and Marketing Manager
Outstanding Sales and Marketing Leader
Outstanding Marketing Campaign of the Year

Deadline of entries is set on September 15, 2015. Advocates of the travel and tourism industry, members of the academe and thought leaders in the fields of advertising, public relations, media and digital marketing comprise the panel of judges. Judging of shortlisted entries is set on October 15 followed by a "black-tie" gala dinner on November 27, which would be the pinnacle celebration of this year’s first set of winners. The said event is expected to attract nearly 500 key influencers in the tourism and travel industry.

Visit for more information on the 2015 Virtus Awards.

You may also call the Secretariat at (02) 9260224, 5145714 for related queries or e-mail at

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rockin' Ribs

I love barbeque especially baby back ribs. My family and I are addicted to it and so we always look forward to tugging at its tasty roasted meat and scraping the bones clean. Everybody loves those restaurant ribs, right? Who wouldn't give in to a properly-roasted slab of meat that is kissed by smoke, licked by fire and hugged by sauce? I often wondered how they do it so perfectly.

Now if you love ribs like I do, you'll be glad to know that Rockin' Ribs offers the same baby back ribs goodness at home which your family will surely enjoy!

Rockin' Ribs brings Southern-style barbecuing to Filipino homes fast and easy. Stuck indoors and craving for baby back ribs? You can grab them pre-cooked at Rockin' Ribs and go. Just thaw, reheat, and party! No grills nor frills!

Rockin' Ribs are properly-roasted meaty ribs that are tender and with some chew similar to a tender steak.

Behind the success of Rockin' Ribs is Miki Garcia-Ayalin, a culinary aspirant who gave up a promising career in culinary arts to become a full-time mother of two. Despite taking the other road, her passion for cooking continued so she built on honing her skills by trying out foreign dishes, tweaking time-honored local recipes to provide good home-cooked meals for her family. She kept both her knives and her discriminating taste very sharp.

With her kids now all grown-up, Miki now embarks on an entrepreneurial venture to bring authentic Southern-style barbecuing to Filipino homes armed with a knack for developing new dishes.

Follow Rockin' Ribs on Facebook for more information and product updates.

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