Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wi-Tribe Speed whenever you need it

For bloggers like myself, an efficient broadband is heaven-sent. I have several prepaid sticks at home for contingency use in case my unreliable DSL connection conks out. Having different sticks is costly and expensive but I need to be online most of the time.

Boy, am I glad to witness the wi-tribe experience along with the other bloggers last December 7 event in which wi-tribe Telecoms Inc. introduced its auto-speed switching prepaid broadband with just one stick.

wi-tribe Telecoms Inc. has signed an agreement with Philippine Seven Corporation to make its Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid internet stick available in all Metro Manila 7-Eleven convenience stores for 995 pesos. Subscribers can also reload at the said stores for a minimal amount of 25 pesos.

Wi-tribe Telecoms Inc. represents a partnership between San Miguel Corporation and Qatar Telecom (QTel). It is the country’s only pure 4G internet service provider. 4G technology uses radio spectrum that allows for more data transfer in a given bandwidth than any 3G equipment or device. With more data transfer at a given speed, 4G network service providers can lower their costs and ultimately bring down the price to their customers.

Wi-tribe is now offering pure 4G Internet at 1mbps for only P598, 2mbps for P998 and 4mbps for P1,998, faster and less costly than any other offer in the market today.

It is partnering with 7-Eleven because the latter has a wide coverage in Metro Manila. It is by far the largest convenience store chain in the Philippines with over 650 stores

Mr. Jojo Vega, wi-tribe's Director – Consumer Sales, Retail and Business Segment, explained that wi-tribe is the only Pure 4G internet service provider who also offers prepaid subscribers the option to pick the speed of their access with their latest innovation.

The Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid Stick allows subscribers to surf at speeds of up to 6 Mbps or for as low as P25 unlimited a day at 512 Kbps. The Tri-Speed Pure 4G prepaid stick is available for only P995 at 7-Eleven stores.

Check out to get more information on wi-tribe’s 4G broadband plans or call 31-tribe today.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fun at The Wonka Imaginarium

Treat your kids to a larger than life attractions when you enter the Wonka exhibit win a minimum purchase of P100.00 worth of Wonka Products. This entitles you to a Golden Ticket that leads to a magical forest with giant bugs, talking trees and cool magic tricks from a pretty purple witch that eventually leads to the enchanted rainbow.

The Wonka Imaginarium is inspired by Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It runs at the Atrium, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza from December 1 to 4 and is made possible by Candy Corner.

Ricky Andres, President of Candy Corner Philippine informed us that the Wonka Imaginarium is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Candy Corner is holding this actvity in time for the holiday season. “More than just giving everyone a chance to get to know more about Wonka candies, our main goal is to give people of all ages a great avenue to feed their imagination and to find a different, unique activity for the whole family to share this Christmas,” he further added. A candy brand that uses licensed materials from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and its two movie adaptations, Wonka’s distinct packaging and colorful taste has propelled it to become Candy Corner’s flagship brand.

Bring the whole family at the Wonka Imaginarium and be happy with the enchantment!
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