Power Up with Megawatt Pizza, Chicken, and Burrito

There is a new chowdown joint in town and it is called Megawatt.  Its name reflects its powerplant  theme,  which revolves around solar panels, industrial look and feel. This solar-powered restaurant has its tables designed like solar panels.  The restaurant staff members are garbed in blue overalls and hardhat.

With the success of Red Baron, the owners wanted a new food concept to venture into. And since one of the partners happen to own 21st Element carwash business, they decided to open the Megawatt pilot branch within the LG2 Carwash Station’s compound.

I was invited to try out their electrifying dishes which revolve around Tex-Mex cuisine popular in the state of Texas.

The word Tex-Mex (coined from Texan and Mexican), is rooted in the state's Tejano culture.  It  describes  a culinary fusion of American cuisine and Mexican cuisine, deriving from the culinary creations of Tejanos.

If you want to go on a Tex-Mex  food trip, Megawatt is menu features a hodgepodge of  pizzas, pastas, burritos, fries and hamburgers.

We were served Nacho-Rizo (P 158) and  the Megawatt Platter (P 285) for appetizers. Nacho-Rizo is a  hefty platter  of nachos, longganisa bits, and shredded cheese. The longganisa of course was the best thing to have on a plate of cheesy nachos! Megawatt Platter was equally satisfying as well with its Crispy Fries, OHM-nion Rings, Mozarella Cheese sticks, and Chicken Nuggets mix.

Next came in Chicken and Chips. It taste good. The flavors from the 12 secret seasonings and spices really do make this classic chicken dish so great. The crisp French fries complements the crunchiness of battered chicken pieces.

For an easy grab-and-go meal, Burritos are a good option.  Megawatt has 6  burrito recipes for you to choose from,   The wide range of flavors include Vegan Pesto (₱ 185),  Breakfast Longganisa (₱  208),  Pork Kimchi Burrito (₱  215), Szechuan Seafood Garlic (₱  235) and Roast Beef (₱  245).  I had Roast Beef and it was good.  The tortilla was packed with tender beef strips, paprika-flavored rice, mushrooms, corn kernels, and served with sour cream, creating a burrito perfect for  my tastebuds.

They also have 29 Karat Surf and Turf Burrito (Meltique Steak with Edible Gold Cream) on the menu which is priced at (₱  810).

Pizza options include hand-tossed and crispy-thin selections.  The   Megawatt Ultra Premium Pizza is a crispy thin delight foie gras and truffle extract in 5 cheeses.

Cheese Cheese Cheese Pizza (₱  315)  combines Feta, Sharp, Cheddar, Gruyere, Parmigiano, and Mozarella. The crispy-thin flatbread was a perfect blend of the six cheeses. It was bursting with flavor.

I also got to taste the Seafood Garlic Pizza (₱  315).  This hand-tossed pizza has Scallop, Squid, Shrimp,  and Fish in special sauce.

Rice meal options include Fisherman's Catch (Bangus Belly), Spicy Beef and Lamb Roll plus the Chunky Angus Tapa.  The Angus Tapa meat was tender and succulent.  The owner told us that they use Meltique beef for the dish.

Megawatt also offers a handful of  Hamburger creations.

Megawatt has something to offer to all members of the family.  Check them out for an electrifying dining experience.

Megawatt – Pizza, Chicken, Burrito
 41-A N. Domingo Corner Valencia Street,
Quezon City
Phone (02) 501-2987
Open from 11AM to 9:30PM

Follow  Megawatt on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/megwattph/


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