Sony BRAVIA 4K HDR TVs launch in Manila

Sony Philippines launched its newest line-up of televisions in an event dubbed as Infinity held in Shangri-La at the Fort last March 30, 2016. BRAVIA 4K HDR TV models X9300D and the X8500D were unveiled in partnership with Heima, a well-known Home and Lifestyle store in the country.

Picture this: The sides are lined with gold, giving the TV set an elegant, artistic touch. And when you mount it on the wall, it has the effect of “disappearing into the wall, leaving nothing but picture.” But what we like most about it is the cable management system, which keeps those twisted wires out of view and makes it hassle-free to clean.

Sony Philippines, proving its intent to deliver a TV set that will suit any room, partnered with home and lifestyle store Heima to design diverse showrooms featuring the new Bravia TVs at the launch held in Shangri-La, Fort Bonifacio. “It was easy to incorporate the Bravia TVs in each design given its slim frame and cable management feature that made styling the home interiors a breeze,” said Heima co-owner and marketing director Bong Rojales.

Be thrilled with the unprecedented detail and color of the BRAVIA® X83 TV with 4K resolution. You enjoy a world of apps and online content with this Android TV.  This TV gives access to  high-definition titles Google Movies which you can buy and watch from the Play Store.

The Bravia Android TV touchpad remote has been designed for an environment where you will need to swipe and click more that enter channel numbers. This is an easy way to navigate the Android interface of the TV and even though there is a traditional remove in the box you will not be using it much. Plus, there is the option to connect your smartphone or tablet to the TV and use it as the main input device

Sony has specially designed its One Flick Remote Control to snuggle into the palm of the hand. This device offers a quicker means of navigation and search than your standard TV remote.  The One Flick also features a microphone which can be used to search for apps and content.

This is a smart television in every sense of the term, but being Android it does not have to tout that bit — smartness is implied in Android. So it lets you add apps, set favourite shows, toggle between multiple sources, mirror or stream content of all types from other smart devices and even play in 3D.