Wonder Photo Shop opens at Nuvali, Sta Rosa

Do you love snapping photos? It is a pity if the photos just stay in the image galleries so you should contemplate on setting free the enslaved images trapped in your smartphones and digital cameras.

FUJIFILM Corporation revived the habit of printing photographs when it launched its photography and printing store originated in Tokyo. And after the highly successful launch of pilot Wonder Photo Shop in the Philippines at the Ayala-UP Town Center, Wonder Photo Shop opens its second branch at Nuvali, Sta Rosa, Laguna.

The famed photographic brand is the first Japanese producer of photographic films since 1934. Gone are the days when photographs were made by exposing light sensitive photographic film and using chemical solutions to develop the image but the company has survived.

FUJIFILM Corporation thrived even in the era of digital photography by diversifying into other markets and focusing on the user experience.

Wonder Photo Shop is a one-stop boutique and learning center that offers an array of products and services. It even has a Selfie Studio, where customers can delight in taking and printing complex photos. The Wonder Photo Shop embraces the so-called selfie generation and brings back excitement to the art of photo printing by giving it a fresh, young, trendy take. Consumers can manage their digital photos with ease of viewing, transferring and editing at the Wonder Photo Shop.

Their printing services come with high-quality professional paper, complex prints and photobook service. They offer various strategies for digital preservation. Scrapbookers have the option to personalize photo books or go for traditional photo albums. Customers can print on different materials like glass, cork boards, sintra boards, wood boards and canvasses. This part-store, part-print center, and part-workshop hub provides laminating and mounting services.

Their Wonder Print Station (WPS) kiosk printer provides a variety of quick photo printing. This self-service kiosk works with iPhone devices to get you instant film prints from any picture stored in your gallery. Andriod users have the option to download WPS application to have their smartphone images printed easily. WPS kiosk can also print digital photos from a flashdrive.

They sell photo accessories such as washi tapes, fancy photo albums, photo frames and stickers. They also carry Fujifilm Instax and digital cameras.

With the Wonder Photo Shop, the task of printing memories becomes a communal activity where everyone we hold dear can take a part in. So go and visit them soon for all your printing needs.


  1. This wonder photo shop seems really great here.You made a great job by sharing this wonderful well explained detailed review of it,thank you.

  2. What a beautiful shop. At first I was thinking it was a coffee shop but when I read the tittle its a photography shop.

  3. it's nice to see that FujiFilm is still in the business despite of the rise of digital photography... I wonder if they are still issuing negative copies along with the printed photos

  4. It's good that they finally are promoting the printed photos back. Nothing like having your memories in print in an album.

  5. great, recently I found myself printing also some memorable photographs of our family...I seldom do it as I get used to just share photos electronically :)

  6. Nice! They had just recently opened their branch here in Robinson's Place Tacloban! :D

  7. relay interesting information Wonder Photo Shop,thanks for sharing!

  8. This is one of the great post i have seen ever and its really awesome.


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