Golden Empire Tower

Looking for your space should be exciting and fun. Aside from the benefits of a good location, it's nice to see the amazing sunsets, different colors of the sky and revel in joy staring at the amazing blue bay from your window. It's a living art to have access to hard-to-beat views and Manila's finest harbor.

Golden Empire Tower embodies  most things you'd like in highrise residential condo living. This 57-storey residential skyscraper located along 1322 Roxas Boulevard, is the tallest building in the City of Manila, standing at 666 feet!

You will love the harbour bay views from your elegant 3-bedroom (average floor size of 188 sqm with price ranging from 18M to 21M), 4-bedroom unit (average floor size of 257 sqm with price ranging from 25M to 30M) or special 4-bedroom suite (average floor size of 333 sqm with price ranging from 39M to 40M). Having skylights in your luxury condo unit would be exciting. You can just look out on the city and watch these shows from the cool comfort of home!

Watching downtown yearend fireworks and 4th of July fireworks displays would be pretty amazing!

While skyscrapers are traditionally used for offices, people today are keen on living in a skyscraper. Other than the spectacular view, central location plus strong security, residents get to enjoy the remoteness from the traffic noise as well. If you can’t stay away from the noise then living above it would be a good alternative.

Golden Empire Tower boast of a fully equipped fitness center, sauna and private massage room, greens and mini-gardens, swimming pools, 832 parking slots plus roof deck has a night-rated helipad. Moreover, this Moldex Realty's flagship skycraper development is equipped with high-speed elevators with control panels that prevent changes to floor destinations in mid-ascent or descent.

Now if you like the idea of city centre living and would be happy to live in a high rise block for the amazing view, Golden Empire Tower would definitely be the best match!

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Golden Empire Tower
1322 Roxas Boulevard
Ermita, Manila


  1. They have spacious areas for their units. It would definitely be great living in a skyscraper.

  2. With the amenities included in the tower, residents would not need to travel far to be fit and relax all the long. I love that there's sauna and the fitness center available. I just wonder how much they charge for the private massage.

  3. the rooms are wonderfully spacey and they all look really luxurious... since it is located in Roxas blvd.. i bet you'll also get a nice view of the manila bay right?

  4. I think as long as you get more facility. A unit in a skyscraper can be as good as a regular house.

  5. For sure owning a unit in this kind of condo would cost a lot of money, especially that this particular building is the tallest in Manila.


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