ZomatoPH holds its First Restaurant Summit

In line with Zomato Philippines' aim to become a thought leader in the restaurant industry, the people behind Zomato held its first ever Zomato Restaurant Summit to benefit those hungry for trends and knowledge to further hone their craft.

Themed “Conquering the Digital Age”, the inaugural Zomato Restaurant Summit held May 19th at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel gathered restaurateurs, food entrepreneurs, industry experts, suppliers and foodies all together to share knowledge and expertise in taking advantage of technology, and using social media marketing to their advantage.

The business world changes faster than ever due to digital technology. With the steady rise of the digital world, its impact on customer service had revolutionalized the markets and the way customer service is delivered.

The increasing use of digital channels like social media has created an online society with more knowledgeable and emotionally-aware customers. Filipinos are becoming more open to giving their restaurant feedback based on their own experiences through blogs and social media accounts, where people can post and other individuals can comment. Hence, netizens have become more reliant on the internet when it comes to dining choices and options. Potential customers increasingly trust reviews from their peers and so tapping on this potential may do a great job at building the right brand image.

The massive internet can help businesses get more visibility in the digital space. With the right channel for the right interaction with your targetted customers, businesses can win in the digital world. Fusing social media and the Filipino people do create a powerful marketing force.

The summit was divided into 4 plenary sessions tackled by competent speakers :

• Restaurants in the Digital Age: Building Brand Love and Managing Crises in the Age of Social Media
• Investment Opportunities in the Philippine Restaurant Industry
• Service Excellence: Crafting Rewards, Incentives for Loyal Customers
• Integrating Technology in Your Restaurant Business: Role of Technology in Restaurant Operations

Margot Torres, Marketing VP of Golden Arches Dev. Corp. talked about Building Brand Love. She shared that the principles of brand love are the same whether offline or online. Products do answer needs, but it should also address the customers' yearning for something of value. If a brand is expected to engage the 5 senses before, now it has to engage the whole person.

Service Excellence points out to connection with customers. Communication is a vital part of keeping customers satisfied. Customer retention equates to great customer service.

Modern people know how to get the best deal these days and will be happy to pop off to a competitor if you don't give them what they need. It then becomes necessary to nurture a loyal customer base. Rewarding your loyal customers will reap you increasing business.‬ ‪ Keeping customers will put a business way ahead of the competition in the long run.

The venue was packed with over 500 participants after the registration opened at 9AM. Veteran and amateur entrepreneurs and businessmen learned how technology can help them integrate their business and how Social Media can help make their business agile.

The well-attended Zomato Summit not only validates that bringing the summit here in the Philippines is a hit for the brands, but for benefit of the restaurant industry as well. With the summit, Zomato hopes to let the industry know that it is here to lead the sector and help them take their businesses to a whole new level.