Iconic Dance Groups reunite for Neurobion®'s Neuropathy Awareness Campaign

Neurobion® reunited iconic dance groups Universal Motion Dancers, Sex Bomb Dancers and The Maneouvers at the Neuropathy Awareness Movement launch at the Trinoma Atrium yesterday.

The reunion concert featured dance icons Wowie de Guzman, Joshua and Jopay Paguia, who know all too well the importance of being able to move freely without the threat of pain. They rocked Trinoma as they performed demanding routines they were known for in the 1990's and early 2000.

Dancing is one of the greatest expressions of the joy of living. And since dancers operate in a very competitive environment, there is a higher incidence of overuse injuries among them given the numerous repetitive dance movements. As such, some experience nagging discomforts such as numbness, tingling sensations and body pains.

Pain in the hand, arms and legs caused by nerve damage is called Neuropathy. This medical condition can leave you feeling numb, making it difficult for you to function properly. Neuropathy afflicts many Filipinos as early as their mid-20’s, and so Neurobion® aims to raise awareness on the symptoms and effects of nerve damage through one graceful move, the Neuropathy Awareness Movement.
It is clinically proven that Neurobion® balanced formulation of nerve nourishing vitamins acts at the root of these problems (Tong HI, Influence of neurotropic vitamins on the nerve conduction velocity. Ann Add Med Singapore, 1980 Jan; 9(1) 65-70).

Each tablet of Neurobion® can help maintain healthy nerves, promote efficient nerve function, and reduce pain in the hands, arms and legs caused by Neuropathy.

With Neurobion®, you can keep these symptoms at bay so you can move freely, perform at your best, and feel the joy of living again.