Fundamental Coffee Cafe opens at the Park Terraces

Specialty Coffee shops seems to be the in thing today. These third wave coffee shops take pride in handcrafting their drinks and have changed the way we drink caffeine. These roasters will be more than happy to tell you what’s in their brew and what flavor notes to look for when they serve up your cup.

Fundamental Coffee Cafe joins in the third wave coffee movement in its bid to penetrate in Manila. It has minimalist interiors balanced with a green wall. This 80-sqm cafe will soon have a mini-library on one side according to its owner, Andre. Its 360-degree working station encourages endless talk about plantations, elevation, variety, and roasting for coffee enthusiasts.

Roasters and coffee shops who roast beans in-house, represent third-wave coffee shops. The third wave of coffee is a movement focused on high quality, specialty coffee. It is all about being involved in the entire lifecycle of the beans to how they are roasted and brewed. produce high-quality coffee.

The first wave was about getting coffee into the homes of people around the world. It dates back to the 1800s and was experienced on worldwide consumption of Folgers and Maxwell House that became household names.

The second wave came about because of the consumers' desire for a better product. This gave rise to the barista-style coffee.

Fundamental Coffee also offers good food to pair with your cup of coffee.  Here are some:

Seared Tuna Avocado (P 295) is something refreshing to the pallete. The sushi-grade tuna sandwich is served with avocado slices.

Wild Mushroom Toast  (P 295 ) is something new to me. A mix of mushrooms oyster, chanterelles, shiitake is spread warm over toasted sour dough and sprinkled with cheese. It makes a meaty yet vegetarian mixed mushroom toast.

Pasta Pomodoro  (P 225) is a true classic of Italian ccuisine. This pasta is refreshingly good tossed with garlic, and tomatoes plus topped with Iberico ham. It is the perfect midweek meal for anyone on the go.

While they are still under the work of progress beautifying their interiors, do drop by Fundamental Coffee, where you will find a good selection of coffee under one roof.

Park Terraces
Ayala Center
Makati City


  1. I love specialty coffee. I'll definitely try this when I'm near the area.

  2. wow, I would want to try this wild mushroom , it looks to tempting :)

  3. I would love to try the coffees at Fundamental Coffee!


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