Mother’s Day tribute from Downy®

Scents remind us of precious moments we can never forget-–fond memories more lucid than any other sense. Most of us will agree that these sweet moments were shared with our mother, who has always been by our side.

Downy understands the power of scents, and helps mothers create even more memories with their children. As the partner of mothers every day, Downy joins in the tribute to the mothers who work tirelessly day in and out for their family and whose love for their families is timeless.

In a gathering of mothers hosted by Downy® and Procter & Gamble, it introduced a classic akin to a mother’s unwavering love and care--–Timeless from the Parfum Collection just in time for Mother’s Day.

Event host Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi shares, “They say that you will only begin to understand how it is to be a parent, or in this case, a mother, once you have become one yourself. As a new mom, I had to figure out many things, and my mom was there to help me along the way. They say that you will only begin to understand how it is to be a mother once you become one yourself. Truly, how my mom raised me made me the mom I am today.”

This Mother’s Day, the best gift is creating new memories with your mother, celebrating the love that never goes out of style. The power of Timeless scent is here to complement each sweet, loving moment.

Downy® Timeless 900ml retails at P194.50 while a 1.8L bottle costs P410.60

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