Anti-Bullying Program at Reedley International School

Bullying or hurting someone is is becoming a social problem nowadays. Rude behaviours such as namecalling, discrimination, verbal tirades or physical abuses may be exhibited by children or adolescents in any situation or social setting to keep someone out of a group. Bullying contributes to child stress, hinders them from learning and from having healthy peer relationships.

Even in schools, these acts often goes too far despite having a set of school discipline policy. Hence, parents need to choose schools well so that their children's rights are enforced. After all, kids need to be safe and happy at school.

Middle School Teacher, Nico Villanueva, discusses Reedley's Anti-Bullying tactics
At Reedley International School, Life Skills Curriculum is being enforced to ensure students are free from bullying and intimidation. Their anti-bullying policies in place to deal with bullying promptly and effectively by involving mediation, disciplinary action, warnings, social skills programs, counselling and parental involvement.

Reedley International School focuses on raising student morale and self-esteem so that they show more initiative and greater disposition to learning.  Reedley and Reedley parents make a formidable team in making happy, better learners.  The school helps make children confidently handle more of life's tough challenges.

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