Rendezvous at Uncle Cheffy

Uncle Cheffy is a restaurant well-known for its brick oven specialties. Their signature dishes include barbecued meat and panizza.

The Chicken Combo was served first. It tasted like asado. It came with a bowl of hot rice and a pitcher of iced tea.
Meat Platter is priced at 890 pesos

The Meat Platter came in next. Though the tender meat was served with romaine salad and marble potatoes, I was disappointed that it was served cold. The dish could be better appreciated if our order was served fresh and hot from the kitchen. It was supposed to be a combination of Chicken Leg, Lamb Breast, Beef and Pork Ribs served with BBQ sauce but we were told that they run out of beef and lamb.
All Meat Barbequed Panizza at 450 pesos

Last came in the Barbeque Panizza. I like the thin and crisp pizza crust. Though the pizza is crisp, it does not break when you roll it. It does not have much toppings so make sure to add arugula, salsa and alfalfa. Putting the vegetables in and rolling the crisp dough makes eating panizza fun.

Uncle Cheffy
Ali Mall, P. Tuazon Boulevard
Cubao, Quezon City
Telephone 709-4104 to 05