Diana Stalder-Svelte Casmara Stem Cell Facial

A "SPArty" Casmara Stem Cell Facial event was held yesterdat at Svelte One Orchard Road Condominium, Eastwood City. I am thankful to be one of the first to try out this new skin regimen .
Casmara Stem Cell Facial is a self-rejuvenating, anti-aging treatment that stimulates the skin's stem cells. It awakens your skin's stem cells by providing essential energy that improves the function of the stem cells. Chondricare, a potent ingredient, is a protein that protects the skin's stem cell from harmful free radicals.

It consists of seven phases:
Phase 1 elixir mask 8 minutes
Phase 2 rejuvenating mask
Phase 3 active hidrogel
Phase 4 self-reju firming and hydrating cream
Phase 5 dermo protective nourishing cream 10 mins
Phase 6 c-40 biphase soya mask 20 mins
Phase 7 - hydrating protective cream 1 minute

Bloggers, friends and family of Diana Stalder were there to support the Casmara Stem Cell Facial launch.  Food and drinks were served.
Cha Sy, Alyssa Martinez, Leizel Martinez, Dina Stalder and Yayo Aguila

Diana Stalder Ambassador, Yayo Aguila with Diana Stalder Marketing Director, Francis
Diana Stalder-Svelte Casmara Stem Cell Facial only costs 3299.00

Why settle for substandard skin regimens and creams when this Antiaging Facial guarantees to make you look 5 or more years younger with fewer sags, fine lines, and wrinkles?   Casmara Stem Cell Facial is safe since all facial products used are all natural and fragrance-free.  With continued use,  your friends will be noticing that you look younger.

Check out the other skin care services that they offer-
Casmara Lift and Firm Facial 2499.00
Casmara Botox Alternative Facial 1699.00
Botox per unit 350.00
Syringoma Removal 1500.00
Painless Warts Removal 1500.00
Ultimate Power Peel 1200.00
Absolute Power Peel 1500
    3 session Power Peel package 3500

So head off to Diana Stalder branches now to get ready for the holidays and get savings of up to 30% on select whitening treatments with their promo "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS WHITE".

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