What I LIKE and what I can SHARE this Xmas

I believe in the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword and so I desire gadgets which would help me make an imprint in the blogging world:

1) A light-weight, robust-built laptop I could carry around to help me disseminate information fast and easy 

2) A wifi-enabled, digital camera to document and share precious moments as it unfolds

3) Andriod phone to keep me connected online 24/7
4) Portable back-up power device to power up all the gadgets I use wherever I go.

In return, here is what I will share this Christmas:

I will move beyond boundaries and constraints to dispense wisdom and experience to the next generation. 

Alll information that I post online will be self-regulated. I will take responsibility and hold myself accountable for using social media such that my networks and access will work for the benefit of a broader community.

I will take the time to be selective. Checking untrustworthy data and confirming the validity of whatever I am exposed to before uploading such topics to public collaborative sites should be my responsibility.

I will offer solace to the needy and search ways to contribute more to making the world a better place for children. I will make significant contribution in molding future generations through leading by example. 

I pledge to create waves that impact society with the parenting choices I make. I will be an active voice who is willing to help shape a new legacy and who will speak out against rigidities and injustices of society.

I will not be silenced. This is the path I choose to take. I pledge to make a difference even when the rug is pulled out on me.