Good Ideas Workshop at Robinsons Place

Good Housekeeping Philippines recently held its final leg of the Good Ideas Workshop at Robinsons Place Ermita last August 18th with Tisha and Ms. JackieLou Blanco as hosts.

Good Housekeeping's Niña gave an informative talk on clutter.

Here is a run down of what I learned at the workshop:
A. Organize
  - put things where they should belong. Avoid a mess of things left lying about in your abode.
B. Editing
  - let go of items that no longer serve you even if it is still in good condition and generally useful.  Avoid the words 'for now'. Delaying or postponing decisions on what to do with stuffs only leads to clutter build up. You need to keep only what works best for you. And give away products you haven't used in a month to someone who might be able to make use of it. If you're a beauty junkie and have a lot of makeup clutter, it works best if you read reviews online to see if it's worth buying the latest product. This saves you the trouble of throwing away beauty products that have already expired in your possession.

C. Re-arrange - make sense to place things

D. Containerize
  - choose clear containers that are uniform in color and style. Bring measuring tape when buying containers to ensure that your purchase fits the shelves.

In the last part of the seminar, John Paul dela Rosa gave a short talk on home decorating and
cleanliness. He showed that wall decorating is possible with 3M Hooks and Hangers with Command Adhesive without entailing surface damage.
As housekeepers, we can make a difference in how we manage our homes to provide clean, comfortable living spaces for our family members.