Blanco Family Museum

Today, the Blanco Family Museum in Angono remains vibrant, celebrating artifacts and artwork created over three generations.

Established by Jose “Pitok” V. Blanco (1932 - 2008), the Blanco Family Museum houses a collection of paintings by his family of artists from Angono, Rizal. 

Sitting in the original ancestral home, it houses the art collection of by prominent painter Jose “Pitok” V. Blanco, his wife and their 7 children---children Glenn, Noel, Michael, Joy, Jan, Gay and Peter Paul.

Prestige and Status

Angono folk muralist and National Artist nominee Jose V. Blanco, is known for his regional  paintings of the Tagalog pastorale. His paintings depict the culture, history and traditions of the Philippines as their livelihood was then dependent on farming and fishing.

His creativity is so contagious that in time, his wife, Loreto Perez, started to pick up the brush and followed suit. 

Thus began an organic progression of the couple’s and their children's passion for visual art. well as an expansion of their  impressive art collection – that embodies their changing influences and appreciations. 

They say that every artist was first an amateur. Jose's seven children have long taken after him and continued the folk art tradition. On the museum walls, you'll be taken a trip down memory lane to witness how each one metamorphosed from an amateur to an artist finding his own identity. You'll get to see the individual painting styles of each member of the Blanco family.

Blanco's most notable work is Risen Christ, a rich Eastern mural that can be viewed at the Holy Cross Parish in Valenzuela, Metro Manila.

Minefield of Gold

Lemuel Blanco and his family (dad Jan, mom Jaz, and brother Justine) personally toured us around their museum.  It was interesting to learn the family's passion for art, and their rich history. 


The Blanco Family Museum is definitely a must-see! 

Take inspiration in the history and artwork of the Blanco Family as you learn the story behind each masterpiece. 

312-B A IbaƱez St, Angono, Rizal 
Open Tue-Sun  | 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM  
Entrance Fee is P150 | Student  discount available