Uratex Monoblock kicks off its #BawalAngMarupok campaign as it celebrates 30th Anniversary

This 2023 commemorates Uratex Monoblock's 30 strong years of unwavering service to the Filipino people – providing quality and durable products to each and every home. And to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Uratex Monoblock is rolling off its "Bawal ang Marupok" digital media campaign and TVC in partnership with DTI and BPS.


While monoblock chair variants are nearly similar, the differentiating factor lies in the use of high-grade materials that guarantees product durability and sturdy construction. Uratex Monoblock seeks to educate and equip the market on making informed choices in purchasing plastic chairs.

In the media event held at the Elements, Eton Centris earlier today, DOST-FPRDI Deputy Director Dr. Rico J. Cabangon explained the varied monoblock testings done to ensure the quality, safety, durability of furniture. A mandatory standard set by Department of Trade and Industry’s Bureau of Product Standards requires all monoblock furniture to pass specified quality requirements to obtain the Philippine Standard (PS) Quality Certification and the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) mark. And the brand put a mock up testing facility that showcased the actual fatigue testing machine that Uratex uses to test  the quality of their monoblock chairs.

Media invitees were given a short walk-through of how Uratex Monoblock chairs are being tested before they go out to the market. They also got to participate in various strength tests that ensure the durability of Uratex Monoblock chairs.

Invited mom celebrities Camille Prats-Yambao and Rica Paralejo-Bonifacio also shared how important it is for homemakers to choose furniture pieces that are safe and durable at home, especially when you have young kids.

“For me, my family’s safety always comes first,” Rica shared. “Whenever I purchase items for our home, I always consider how the item can serve our family. Is it safe? Is it durable? Can it last for a long time?

“Monobloc chairs have been a Filipino household staple, but I agree that not all are made the same,” Camille said. “I really agree with Uratex Monoblock’s campaign, bawal talaga ang marupok. It’s really an invitation for every Filipino home to give importance to products that are safe and durable.”

Both love that the maintenance of Uratex plastic chairs is simple and quick.  Not only  are they long lasting and durable, Uratex Monoblock Chairs have modern pieces that complements one's home design.

Uratex Monoblock is durable and safe. "Sumasabay ito sa panahon," according to Camille Prats - Yambao.

Uratex Monoblock has BPS and ISO level 5 certifications. These guarantee that plastic chair products are safe for regular use, durable, and have sturdy construction to withstand up to 200 kilos!

Also present in the event were BPS Assistant Director Ferdinand L. Manfoster, DOST-FPRDI Engr. Victor G. Revilleza, Engr. Edward S. Marasigan and Alvin F. Vardelleon.

Visit https://uratex.com.ph/collections/monoblocks to find out more about their full line of monoblock products.