Is Debt Settlement Worth the Risks?



Many have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are facing financial crisis. Those struggling to make ends meet are now underemployed. Cash-strapped, a lot of individuals saw their income disappear over the last eighteen months. Most are worried about losing their home or vehicle.  It now becomes a struggle for  debtors to make monthly payments especially in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Debt is a complex mess to understand. Debt creates stress and cause people to worry about money. When installments are missed and you don't pay it down quickly, it gets bigger over time due to accumulating late fees and interest.  You pay a lot more in the long run. Keeping up with delinquent loans and credit card payments can be very difficult from underneath.

You find it hard to work your way through when you’re struggling with overdue loan. It feels like a heavy weight that hangs around your neck.  As you begin to drown in debt, the hounding collection calls step in.  In addition to harassing debt collection phone calls, many debt collectors will escalate their pursuit by filing a repayment lawsuit against you.

Take a Break from Debt 

You can  get out of debt no matter how much money you owe. There is a way to get this huge weight off your shoulders! 

Knowing what causes your bankruptcy will help you identify financial problems early and take control of your debts before they take control of you. 

Coronavirus appears to be here to stay for a long time and your creditors know it too.   Try to consolidate debts if you can. Some lenders may work with you and suspend your payments for a short time if they believe you're acting in good faith. 

Car finance companies will offer loan deferment if you're lagging behind. You may be asked to pay the interest rather than the principal for the time being, with the missing payments placed at the end of the loan. If you are behind on home mortgage, you can apply for loan modification or refinancing.

Scoring better repayment terms depends on your type of debt. Commit to what  you can pay at this time,   until all you owe have been paid down one payment at a time.

How Debt Settlement Works

Debt consolidation

When working out a repayment plan with your creditors on your own isn't possible, do consider hiring professional debt relief services here.  Debt settlement is still an option when debt consolidation, balance transfers and debt management plans fail to put a dent on your loan debt total.

Debt settlement can help you resolve your debts for less than the full balance. As your last line of defense, debt settlement companies can help wipe away completely or some of your owed balance. These debt professionals may be able to get a better financial relief for you. They will  contact your creditors and get them to accept full payment on a lower total.  They will try to negotiate with your lender to agree on a lower amount to settle the loan balance. It is the cheapest way to emerge from debt when all goes well.

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  1. Thankfully we have not had a financial issue with the pandemic but they actually increased my pay as a substitute teacher since they are desperate to have people filling positions at the school right now. It's always good to know your options, though, and it never hurts to ask if you can defer your debt. If you don't ask, it's always going to be "no".

  2. Very true, it's hard to settle debts especially this pandemic, so it's important to be wise of your spendings.

  3. Thanks for sharing, this was really helpful.


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